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Diveagar Tourism

Diveagar is one of the beautiful beachside villages along the Konkan coast in Raigad region of the state of Maharashtra, India. The entrance to the shoreline has a thick cover of Belu trees, which are generally uncommon in the region alongside various Suru trees (Casuarina), which are common to seaside areas of Maharashtra. While discussing seaside vacations, one can never pass up a major opportunity to visit one of the well-known beaches in Maharashtra which is Diveagar Beach. This beach is a blend of three shorelines of the Raigad district, one is the Diveagar beach and the other two are Harihareshwar and Shreevardhan. It is an extraordinary fascination for nature lovers and furthermore for the individuals who aim for a quiet excursion. There are numerous tourist attractions close to the beach, one of which is the Roopnarayan Temple which has a phenomenally carved statue of Vishnu. Different activities that come during the visit to this tourist destination incorporate a visit to Shrivardhan which is well known for the acclaimed Jeevaneshwar Temple and the Kusumeshwar Temple. There is a little town close to Diveagar named Devkhol which has an old temple renowned for its intricate carvings. Different spots to be visited from Diveagar includes Janjira and Padmadurg forts. This fabulous destination additionally has a one of a kind fascination for the trekkers, which is a trail to the Madagad Fort. As summers are exceptionally stuffy, the best time to appreciate the shoreline would be amid the monsoons and winters.

Things to do in Diveagar

1.Sundernayaran Temple

2 kilometres from city centre

The Sundernarayan Temple is accepted to have been built in the thirteenth century amid ...

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2.Kalbhairav Temple

31 kilometres from city centre

Devoted to Lord Shiva, this is a standout amongst the most antiquated and the most emin...

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3.Shankar Temple

1 kilometres from city centre

This old ancient Mahadev (Shankar) Mandir has devoted to Lord Shiva and his Goddess spo...

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4.Ganesh Gully

3 kilometres from city centre

The Ganesh Gully is a little culvert – a tight channel – arranged between two mountains...

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5.Diveagar Beach


Diveagar is situated at the northern end around 20 km from Shrivardhan. Diveagar beachs...

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6.Harihareshwar Beach


Graced by the temple of Lord Shiva in the northern piece of the town, Harihareshwar is ...

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7.Kondivili Beach


In the event that the shorelines along Srivardhan are grand, at that point the experien...

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Jeep-towed parasailing is a noteworthy fascination in the little beach town of Diveagar...

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9.Shri Laxminarayan Temple

1238 kilometres from city centre

For the individuals who are keen on otherworldliness as well as history, without qualms...

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10.Shopping in Diveagar


Shopping in Diveagar is restricted to beetle nuts and things produced using coconut coi...

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11.Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary


Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary has spread over a region of around 53 sq km and houses diffe...

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12.Murud Janjira

12 kilometres from city centre

Accepted to be one of the most grounded ocean strongholds in India from ancient time, M...

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13.Bankot Fort

25 kilometres from city centre

Located in Bagmandala which is near to Diveagar at around 4 km away, Bankot Fort is a p...

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5 kilometres from city centre

Diveagar brags of a spotless and unblemished shoreline dabbed with various angling vill...

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15.Peshwa Memorial

17 kilometres from city centre

Situated in Shrivardhan, 20 km from Diveagar, the town is notable as the land that is k...

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Diveagar Photos

Diveagar tourism
Diveagar tourism
Diveagar tourism
Diveagar tourism
Diveagar tourism
Diveagar tourism
Diveagar tourism


Diveagar is a prevalent beachside goal alongside close-by towns of Shrivardhan Origin of the Peshwas and Harihareshwar. This spot is flawless and clean and has an extremely sporadic population. The local's livelihood here chiefly relies upon beetle nut tree and coconut cultivation and furthermore on the travel industry. Diveagar is a prosperous town that shot up in prominence after a fortunate revelation of a brilliant golden mask of Lord Ganesha in the year 1997, despite the fact that the mask was stolen from the 'Suvarna Ganesh' temple in 2012. As per verifiable records, the Shilahara dynasty ruled Diveagar for around 450 years somewhere in the range of 800 and 1265 AD. Because of its nearness to the ocean, exchange and trade business prospered here and the town, in the end, persevered through the fury of Arab pirates who plundered the town and pulverized numerous temples. Ganesha Chaturthi and Janmashtami are the two important festivities in Diveagar, which is celebrated with much pomp and joy amid the long periods of August-September.

How to reach

The popular tourist destination of Diveagar is well connected by all the plausible methods of transportation and is effectively open from all the major cities of the nation.

How to Reach by Flight

The closest airbase to the town of Diveagar is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai which lies at a distance of around 100 km. Being an international airplane terminal, it is very much associated with all the significant cities of India, just as abroad. Another nearby air terminal is the Pune airport which is 160 km from Diveagar.

How to Reach by Train

The town of Diveagar does not have its very own railroad station. The closest railroad head is the Madgaon Railway Station lying at a distance of around 30 km. This railway station on the Konkan railroad line is all around connected with Pune and Mumbai along with few more major cities of Maharashtra and other States.

How to Reach by Bus

In the event that you are intending to venture out to the village of Diveagar by road, at that point, buses are the most advantageous choice. Generally, AC transports run consistently from Mumbai and Pune till Srivardhan. Private air-conditioned and non- air-conditioned deluxe transports are additionally accessible from Shrivardhan to numerous cities in the State including Mumbai and Pune. From Pune, one can take a transport from Swar Gate ST Stand.

How to Reach by Road

There is a highway from Mangaon on Mumbai– Goa roadway to reach Diveagar via Car. The adventure from Mumbai takes roughly three and a half hours, while from Pune it takes around three hours. One can likewise procure a taxi from Srivardhan which is found only 6 km from Diveagar.

How to travel within

The most ideal approach to explore the town of Diveagar is on foot. Be that as it may, for a long distance having your very own vehicle is a perfect condition here or else you can likewise procure a vehicle from the car rental companies in Harishareshwar and Srivardhan to explore the tourist destinations of Diveagar.


Eating out in Diveagar is constrained to making the most of your dinners at the in-house eateries or in the hotel/resort you are staying at, as there are no independent restaurants in Diveagar. Tourist, for the most part, has dinners in the hotel or resort they set up. The in-house eatery serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. On the off chance that you need to enjoy some tasty fish dishes, at that point you should make a beeline for Mihika Bhojnalaya, an in-house restaurant in Prathamesh Holiday Resorts that serves an assortment of fish dishes and omelets for breakfast. You may likewise prefer to attempt Surmai Fry or Surmai Masala alongside rice that is served here. Relish some real north Indian cooking at Prathamesh Holiday Homes or you may appreciate some home-made Konkani coastal food at khanawals – an augmentation of nearby homes serving delightful home-made Konkani seafood.

Diveagar Itinerary

Day 1: Reaching Mumbai Airport you can directly hire a cab from the entrance of the airport and leave for Diveagar and reach it in a space of a few hours. After reaching, go for your destined hotel and get checked- in. Freshen up and rest for few hours after lunch, then a head starts for your first destination to visit the Bankot Fort which lies few kilometers from the town. Later spend the evening watching the sunset from the serene beach of Diveagar enjoying some water sports. Have dinner in the place you are staying to take an early night, preparing for an energized the next day.

Day 2: Finish Breakfast, and kick start your first morning of Diveagar by visiting the renowned ominous temple of Kalbhairav. Seeking blessing at the temple, head to the mesmerizing Harihareshwar town, for rejuvenating your soul with the peaceful environment found there in its beach. Along with it, you can also visit the fascinating temple known as Ganesh Gully. Have lunch in any of the numerous local restaurants that the city offers and rest a bit in your room. Spend the evening by while shopping in the streets of Diveagar getting artifacts and memorials for your family and friends back home.

Day 3: Start your third day of the trip by traveling to Shrivardhan town, located a few distance away from Diveagar. Visit the renowned Shankara Temple there to explore this glorious monument with intricate works in its architecture. Spending a few hours there head to the famous Peshwa Memorial located in this ancient town. Finish Lunch, then head up to Kondivili Beach to spend your evening surfing or exploring the cliffs of Srivardhan. Get back to the hotel before late at night for dinner.

Day 4: Since it will be the last day of your Diveagar trip, spend the first half of your day by visiting the famous Murud Janjira Fort, which is known as one of its kind in the state. Have lunch, and visit the Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary to see some rare species of flora and fauna along with varieties of birds. Spend your evening visiting the prominent Laxminarayan temple and the Sundernarayan Temple. Stay overnight, and take a flight back the next day from Mumbai airport to go home.

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