Navagraha Temple

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The Navagraha Temple, or the sanctuary of the nine heavenly bodies, is located on a slope named Chitrachal in the southeastern part of the city of Dispur. It is otherwise called the dwelling place a standout amongst the most significant divine bodies, the sun. In the temple, there are 9 phallic insignias of Lord Shiva, each clad in an alternate hued fabric speaking to Surya, Chandra, Mangala, Budha, Brihaspati, Shukra, Shani, Rahu and Ketu. In the meantime, the temple is additionally an examination focal point of both crystals gazing and stargazing. The temple which is in presence at present was worked by the King Rajesvar Singha in 1752 A.D.

Navagraha Temple Photos

Captured by <a href="">JITENDRA BARMAN</a>