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Dispur Tourism

Dispur is a town in Guwahati just as well as the capital city of the Indian territory of Assam. In the year 1973, Dispur was authoritatively proclaimed as the capital city after subdivision of Assam that was brought forth from Meghalaya. This modest town remains in the midst of the littlest capitals on the planet and is known as a famous traveller goal. Specked with a few Hindu temples, one can observe the particular culture of the state. Dispur is additionally well known as a tea auction market and is located on the external skirts of Guwahati at a minor distance of around 10 km. Improved in widely varied flora and fauna along with embellished with lovely climate consistently, Dispur is an ideal get-away. The main government structures like the Assam Secretariat and the Assam Assembly House are situated in Dispur. It likewise has a couple of spots of visitor significance like the Shilpagram and the Vashistha Ashram. Despite the fact that it is the capital city, Dispur still stays under the shadow of its neighbouring city Guwahati. Beside Dispur is the antiquated township of Jatia. Dispur encounters warm summers while the winters in the city are very cool. Periodic precipitation throughout the winter season cuts down the temperature by a couple of degrees. The months between March-June would be the best season to visit Dispur as the climate during these months are wonderful and mellow.


Things to do in Dispur

1.Uma Nanda Temple

7 kilometres from city centre

In the River Brahmaputra, the Peacock Island is found just in the centre; here stands t...

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2.Kamakhya Temple

9 kilometres from city centre

A standout amongst the most popular religious destinations in Guwahati is the Kamakhya ...

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3.Basistha Ashram

5 kilometres from city centre

The Basistha Temple in Guwahati is situated in the southeastern corner of the city. Thi...

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4.Navagraha Temple

10 kilometres from city centre

The Navagraha Temple, or the sanctuary of the nine heavenly bodies, is located on a slo...

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5.Evening cruise on Brahmaputra River

7 kilometres from city centre

At a distance of 2 km from Guwahati Railway Station, Brahmaputra River Cruise is a jour...

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6.Regional Science Centre and Museum

4 kilometres from city centre

Set up in the year 1994, Regional Science Museum is situated in Khanapara, Guwahati. In...

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7.Srimanta Shankardev Kalashetra, Punjabari Road

4 kilometres from city centre

In the Panjabari region of Guwahati, there is a social foundation known as the Srimanta...

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8.Guwahati Planetarium

7 kilometres from city centre

Being the focal point of present-day logical improvements of the district, it is regula...

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9.Assam State Zoo and Botanical Gardens

2 kilometres from city centre

The Assam State Zoo and Botanical Garden are one of a kind and biggest in its associati...

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1 kilometres from city centre

Sualkuchi is endearingly alluded to as the Manchester of the East. Arranged on the nort...

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11.Shopping in Dispur

1 kilometres from city centre

The two well-known markets in Dispur are the Ganeshguri and Beltola. Ganeshguri is an e...

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Assam tourism
Assam tourism
Assam tourism
Assam tourism
Assam tourism


The cultural decent variety of this state is wealthy in old style religions just as well as in innate tribal heritage. The distinction in the local culture, language and cooking can be experienced over the state, while it can likewise be noticed that the advanced Assamese culture is to great extent incorporation of different kingdoms that have ruled the land effectively over the ages. Dispur is the capital of Assam and is a suburb of Guwahati, the biggest city in the area that interfaces territory India toward the northeastern outskirts. The occupants of Dispur incorporate individuals of Aryan, Tibetan and Burman inception. They emphatically have faith in their way of life and legacy. Celebrations like Bihu are commended here with extraordinary loftiness. In spite of the fact that Assamese is the official language of the city, English and Hindi are additionally spoken normally. From wild habitats to antiquated temples of supernatural quality, hallowed places and one of a kind monastical practices, villages of all around protected indigenous cultures, bright celebrations and a huge friendly populace, Dispur in Assam is a regent touristy goal with a lot of attractions and baffling. The incredible nobleman and teacher Swami Vivekananda once have legitimately said: "Next just to Kashmir, Assam is the most delightful spot in India."


How to reach

Dispur is all around connected to different towns and major cities through Guwahati. Air and rail benefits appropriately associate it however not freely. Dispur does not have its own aeroplane terminal or railroad station.


How to Reach by Flight

The closest air terminal to Dispur is the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati which lies at a distance of 18 km from Dispur from where flights are accessible to every significant city in India and noticeable abroad goals as well.


How to Reach by Train

Guwahati fills in as the closest railroad station to Dispur. Truth be told, aside from being a noteworthy station, it is additionally the central command of North East Frontier Railways associated with all the major cities of the nation through standard superfast, mails and express trains.


How to Reach by Bus

State transport buses of Assam Government, just as well as the private transport buses, run routinely inside the state along with all the significant cities and towns of the entire Northeast region.


How to Reach by Road

On the off chance that you are heading out to Dispur from some other state, the city is all around associated by means of numerous National Highways. You can either go by your own vehicle or hire a taxi or transport bus. All the major cities in Assam are associated with Dispur by NH 31, 37, 40 and 52.


How to travel within

Dispur being the capital of Assam possesses a generally excellent intracity transportation framework. You can hire an auto-rickshaw, a transport bus or a taxi to drive starting with one spot then onto the next.



The cuisine in Dispur offers a plate brimming with an assortment of genuine Assamese cooking styles to flavorfully enticing Chinese dishes. In spite of the fact that rice is the staple eating routine of the general population of Dispur, yet the creative and different dishes recipes never leave an escape clause in its taste and flavour and one could treat its taste buds with some awe-inspiring rarities. Other than being the staple ingredient, rice is additionally used to make an assortment of Assamese bites, desserts and also the local beer. A customary dinner in Dispur starts with a khar, which is pursued with some well-known fundamental course like Meat, Masor Tenga (Sour fish curry), Greens and vegetables, and so forth. Tamul (betel nut, for the most part, crude) and paan, for the most part, finishes up the supper. The conventional food of Dispur is firmly affected by the nearby fixings. Dispur is a bustling city where explorers will discover many stunning cafés, pubs and bars. From mouthwatering street food stalls to tasty Assamese food, the city of Dispur serves practically all the cooking alongside liquor.


Dispur Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Guwahati Airport, get hold of a cab that will take you to Dispur in less than an hour’s time. Reaching the city, get checked in at the pre-booked hotel of your choice and get freshen up to start your day. Feeling refreshed, head out first to visit the Navagraha Temple known for its astronomical uniqueness. From there head out to explore the Assam State Zoo and Botanical Gardens which shows the beautiful flora and fauna of the region. Later head towards the Basistha Ashram to get a spiritual and religious uplift. End your night with a beautiful River cruise in the mighty Brahmaputra River where you can engulf in a beautiful cultural night along with tasting the delicious Assamese cuisine that will be served abroad.

Day 2: Finishing breakfast, head out first to have a joyful day in the mystic Guwahati planetarium where you can see the cosmic shows and displays. Later visit the Regional Science Museum to view the technology along with fun things that are shown here. Visit the Kamakhya Temple to get the blessing of the divine, along the route, go ahead to shop in the antiquated silk village of Sualkuchi. Late at evening visit the Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra Museum where you can find the displays and shows of the ethnic culture of Assam. Before finishing the day, take a trip to Peacock Island to visit the ancient temple of Umananda. Stay overnight in Dispur, before heading back the next day to board your flight back home.


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