the historic city of Harrapa

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Bhuj Airport
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How to reach Dholavira

In spite of the fact that being a significant historical site, Dholavira is only connected with the remainder of India just by roadways. Reachable by road and associated through the Gandhidham air terminal and Samakhiali railroad station, Dholavira is an intriguing site to visit.

How to Reach Dholavira by Flight

The closest air terminal to Dholavira is in Bhuj, the Shyamji Krishna Verma, Bhuj Airport at a distance of 167kms. All domestic flights of Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, and Kingfisher Airlines are accessible to this airport from significant major cities of India.

How to Reach Dholavira by Train

The closest stations are the Bhachau Railway Station at a distance of 92.4kms and the Samakhiali Railway Station at a distance of 91.2kms. Numerous trains from all major cities going through the Kutch territory stop in these stations.

How to Reach Dholavira by Bus

Tourist can find regular transport buses utilize forward and backward from the city of Dholavira, buses being operated both by private and government services, particularly the Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation. You can get transports from Bhuj to Rapar, which is the closest significant town to Dholavira and takes around five hours to reach. From Rapar, you can get government-run and private transport buses to Dholavira which takes an additional three hours. The transports are accessible from early morning to late at night.

How to Reach Dholavira by Road

The most helpful approach to reach Dholavira is by road as they are in a phenomenal condition. Dholavira lies at a distance of 250 km from Bhuj from where you can enlist taxis. It very well can be reached to by means of highway linked from Bhachau and Rapar.

How to travel within Dholavira

The best option to move within this archaeological heritage site is by hiring a local cab or taking your own personal car.