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November to February

Dibrugarh Airport
15℃ to 25℃

Dhemaji Tourism

Dhemaji originated from two Assamese words, dhal which means flood and dhemali means play. This is a beautiful small district yet an important place in Assam. The town perched near the two conjoining rivers which flow down to Brahmaputra river which moreover branches into many tributaries. This place is a quiet getaway from the noises, troubles, and tensions of the urban areas. It gives you an aura of serenity where you could simply relax and enjoy the picturesque beauty of nature. Dhemaji is also known by the name green valley in the laps of Brahmaputra because of its location, and the tranquil fields and places are surrounded with. Though it is a small district it is an important one in terms of history, culture, and traditions. Not only natural beauty resides at this place instead a diverse culture can be observed as this place is home to many Assamese tribes inclusive of Ahoms, Koches, Kalitas, Chutia, and many more. This place justifies what a diversified yet a united nation, India is. A trip to this place is an experience itself.

Things to do in Dhemaji

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Dhemaji Photos

Dhemaji tour
Dhemaji tour
Dhemaji tour
Dhemaji tour
Dhemaji tour
Dhemaji tour
Dhemaji tour
Dhemaji tour

How to reach

Dhemaji is a beautiful town situated in the state of Assam and therefore, it is very well connected with the cities from around the subcontinent. There are convenient railways and road lines, as well as flight services, are also available. This makes an easy and comfortable journey for the travelers and the local residents also. 

How to Reach by Flight

Flights are always a comfortable option for the people traveling from far and hence, there are developed flight services available for the visitors. The nearby airport to Dhemaji Chabua Airport in Assam. The distance between the town and the airport is not much and one can take a cab or a bus to reach down to the district.

How to Reach by Train

Dibrugarh Railway station is the closest station to reach Dhemaji. The place is connected to all the main metropolitan cities allowing the pocket-friendly and a comfortable visit.

How to Reach by Bus

Bus services are available to travel from the nearby spots to Dhemaji though it would not be convenient enough to take bus for far off destinations.

How to Reach by Road

Dhemaji is a small district yet there are well-developed roads which allow the nearby visitors to travel by car or hire a taxi and this even makes the local commute easy.

How to travel within

You could travel the place using your car or your hired cab. You could also use the bus services available. Moreover by foot is also a healthy option.

Dhemaji Itinerary

One day visit to this serene town would be sufficient enough to lay off the burden from your shoulders and giving you a relaxed vibe. You should begin your day by visiting Gerukamukh as it is quite far accounting to 44km from Dhemaji and then take the blessings of Goddess Malini by visiting Malini Than.
If there is still time left you could explore the place and indulge yourself into the cultures of indigenous tribes residing at Dhemaji.

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