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Dharamsala Tourism

Dharamsala, formerly known as Bhagsu, is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It falls in the Kangra district. The city has been selected as one of the hundred smart cities under the Smart Cities Mission, by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Dharamsala is the second capital of Himachal Pradesh along with Shimla. The population of the town is 53,543. The place is surrounded by dense forest and the Dhauladhar Mountains. And is e of the main tourist attractions. The suburbs include Mcleodganj, Dharamkot, Bhagsunath, Naddi, Dari etc. The place has beautiful tea gardens and produce teas like black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, Kashmiri Kahwa and Masala chai. The term Dharamsala mean rest house for spiritual pilgrims. The place was the residence of Dalai Lama, the Tibetan monk in exile. The city is devided in upper and lower division, the lower division is the Dharamsala town and the upper division is known as Mcleodganj. The most favourable season for visiting the place is during summer as during winters, the temperature rises enormously however the place looks most beautiful at that time. It is filled with bungalows, churches, monasteries, cantonments and has beautiful scenic view. The place never fails to impress its tourists as it is one of the most tranquil destinations of North India which has a mixture of both natural scenic beauty and culture. The most popular attractions of the place are St. John Church, Dal Lake, Headquarters of Dalai Lama, Tibetan Museum, War Memorial, Dharamsala Cricket Stadium etc.


Tibet museum, Mcleodganj

1.Tibet museum, Mcleodganj

3 kilometres from city centre

Tibet Museum, initially known as Tibetan National Commemoration and Documentation Center, is located in Mcleodgnj and is the official museum of the...

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Gyuto Monastery

2.Gyuto Monastery

6 kilometres from city centre

Gyuto Monastery was established for the promotion and preservation of the Tantric teachings of Tsongkhapa. It is a religious community in Tibet. It...

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Tsuglagkhang, Mcleodganj

3.Tsuglagkhang, Mcleodganj

1 kilometres from city centre

Tsuglagkhang is the place where Dalai Lama resides. It is one of the most important places of worship for the people and is visited by a large numb...

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Bhagsu falls

4.Bhagsu falls

3 kilometres from city centre

Bhagsu falls is located at a distance of around 11 km from Dharmasala. There is an old temple of Lord Shiva named Bhagsunag temple located close to...

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Jwalamukhi Devi Temple

5.Jwalamukhi Devi Temple

38 kilometres from city centre

Jwalamukhi Devi Temple is devoted to goddess Jwalamukhi, the deity of flaming face. The temple was built by Raja Bhumi Chand Katoch. The temple doe...

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Dharamshala Cricket Stadium

6.Dharamshala Cricket Stadium

2 kilometres from city centre

Dharamsala Cricket Stadium, also known as Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, is one of the most attractive stadiums in the world because...

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Tea gardens

7.Tea gardens

23 kilometres from city centre

Dharamsala has the smallest tea region and has beautiful tea gardens. There is good quality tea available which are in demand throughout the countr...

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St. John in the Wilderness Church

8.St. John in the Wilderness Church

3 kilometres from city centre

St. John in the Wilderness Church is a church located near Dharamsala. It is dedicated to John the Baptist and was built in the year 1852. It is bu...

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Namgyal Monastery, Mcleodganj

9.Namgyal Monastery, Mcleodganj

2 kilometres from city centre

Namgyal Monastery, also known as Dalai Lama’s Temple, is located in Mcleodganj. It is the home of the Tibetan spiritual leader, Dalai Lama and is t...

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War Memorial

10.War Memorial

2 kilometres from city centre

War Memorial is located at the entry point of Dharamsala to honour all those who fought for their country and motherland. It is made up of three hu...

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3 kilometres from city centre

Triund is a hill station in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is located in the Kangra district. The hill station is a part of Dharamkot and has an...

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1533 kilometres from city centre

There are many trekking trails that start from Dharamsala. The trekkers have to cross through deodar, pine, oak and other forests, streams and rive...

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Bhagsu nath temple

13.Bhagsu nath temple

2 kilometres from city centre

Bhagsunath Temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located at a distance of around 3 km from Mcleodganj. This place is considered to be a...

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Dal lake and Nadi

14.Dal lake and Nadi

3 kilometres from city centre

Dal Lake is located around 11 km away from Dharamsala. The lake is covered with trees and hills and most of the trekking starts from this area. The...

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Kangra art museum

15.Kangra art museum

1 kilometres from city centre

Kangra Art Museum is located at the center of Dharamsala. The museum has great collection of art that embodies various cultures, especially Tibetan...

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Dharamsala tour
Dharamsala tour
Dharamsala tour
Dharamsala tour
Dharamsala tour
Dharamsala tour
Dharamsala tour
Dharamsala tour


Dharamsala offers a wide range of dishes, ranging from Italian, Belgian, Korean, and Japanese to the local dishes which are Tibetan and Himachali. The place has several stalls that sell steam and fried momos, which are stuffed with potato, cabbage, spinach, radish, and may include chicken or pork. It is served with chilli sauce. Noodle is also a popular dish of the place. The must try dishes of the place are Thukpa, momos, locally known as Tingmo, Baklebs and Lang Phing. Honey ginger lemon tea is also a speciality of the place.


There are few places which can be visited in Dharamsala by the shopaholics. Kotwali Bazaar is one of them where people can get Buddha sculptures, handicrafts, rugs, Tibetan carpets, shawls etc. Tibetan Handicraft Center was established in 1963 and provides a livelihood to several people of that place. Green Shop is a shop which deals with eco-friendly products and is run by the Tibetan Welfare Office. Village boutique is a book shop where the bookworms can find their desired books. The place is also known for its pashmina shawls and singing bowls, known for the health benefits, woollen scarves, beds and lamps.

How to reach

Dharamsala does not have an airport or a railway station of its own. The place is however well connected by roads to Delhi and other North Indian cities.

How to Reach by Flight

Dharamsala does not have an airport of its own. The nearest airport is at Gaggal, which is located at a distance of around 13 km from the place. However the nearest International airport is at Delhi and the people can take domestic flights to reach Gaggal. There are taxi and bus services available at the airport.

How to Reach by Train

The pace does not have a railway station of its own. The nearest railway station is at Pathankot, which is located at a distance of around 85 km from Dharamsala. There are taxi and bus services available from the railway station. There is a small railway station at Kangra Mandir, which is located at a distance of around 20 km from the place however the major trains do not halt at this station and thus it cannot be availed.

How to Reach by Bus

There are state-run buses as well as those owned by private agencies. These buses help to connect the major cities of North India to Dharamsala. The place is at a distance of around 500 km from Delhi and thus can be reached by buses. There is a bus terminal in Lower Dharamsala, however the Haryana Road Transport Corporation buses go to the main square of Mcleodganj.  

How to Reach by Road

Dharamsala is well connected to several cities by the roadways. The place is located at a distance of around 500 km from Delhi, around 240 km from Shimla, around 250 km from Chandigarh, around 190 km from Jalandhar and around 200 km from Amritsar.

How to travel within

Taxis and buses are available to travel from one place to another in Dharamsala. Walking is also another good option to explore the place.


The place has a variety of cultures like Hinduism, Buddhism and Gaddis. The people of the town celebrate different kinds of festivals including Haldi festival, which involves dancing, family gathering and enjoying around the bonfire, Lohri Festival, which is celebrated in the month of January and is an agricultural festival, Losar Festival, which is the Tibetan New Year and is celebrated in the month of February and March, International Himalayan Festival, is a three day festival celebrated in December to honour Dalai Lama and several cultural programmes are performed. Saka Dawa festival is celebrated to honour Buddha. Prashar fair is celebrated on the banks of Prakash River to welcome summer. It is a two day long festival celebrated in the month of June. Dal Fair is yet another festival celebrated in the town in the month of August or September when the devotees dip in the holy Dal Lake water.

Dharamsala Itinerary

Day 1- After reaching the Jammu airport proceed towards Dharamsala. Then visit the Tea Gardens, Bhagsu Falls, Bhagsu nath Temple and Dharamshala Cricket Stadium.

Day 2- After breakfast, leave for Dal Lake and Nadi and then visit the Gyuto Monastery and Jwalamukhi Devi Temple.

Day 3- After breakfast leave for Mangyal Mnastery, St John in the Wilderness Church, Tibet museum and Tsuglagkhang at Mcleodganj.

Day 4- After breakfast leave for Kangra art museum, Triund and war memorial. After visiting these places, go for shopping.

Day 5- After breakfast leave for trekking.                 

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