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Dhanushkodi Tourism

Dhanushkodi is an uninhabited town at the south of Pampan Island in Rameshwaram district of Tamil Nadu. The town was destroyed during the Rameshwaram Cyclone in 1964 since then the government of Tamil Nadu is slowly rebuilding this beautiful beach town to become a prominent tourist destination. Although it might be a bit hard to reach the destination, this untouched beauty is one of the unique and unusual beach towns of India. The journey to this town is filled with mesmerizing views of Palk Strait accompanied by several fishing villages in its wake. Dhanushkodi is flanked by the Indian Ocean on one side and the Bay of Bengal on the other. Once a trading post between Sri Lanka and India, Dhanushkodi was home to all kinds of facilities for travelers and pilgrims alike. It's amazing to know that Sri Lanka is located just 31 km from this town. The picturesque town, now in ruins has an eeriness signifying the old culture and history of once a prosperous town. 

Things to do in Dhanushkodi

1.The Dhanushkodi Beach

8 kilometres from city centre

The town of Dhanushkodi lies in the Sothern tip of Rameshwaram and is bordered by the B...

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2.Pamban island

17 kilometres from city centre

Around 21 km away from Dhanushkodi falls the beautiful island of Pamban that is full of...

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3.Adam's Bridge

19 kilometres from city centre

Adam’s Bridge also known as Ram Setu or Rama’s Bridge is the major tourist attraction o...

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4.Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park

8 kilometres from city centre

Just 5 km away from Dhanushkodi is the beautiful picturesque attraction of Gulf of Mann...

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5.Ramar Patham temple

19 kilometres from city centre

At a distance of 30 minutes from Dhanushkodi, there is a sandy hillock name Gandha Madh...

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Tamil Nadu tourism
Tamil Nadu tourism
Tamil Nadu tourism
Tamil Nadu tourism
Tamil Nadu tourism
Tamil Nadu tourism
Tamil Nadu tourism
Tamil Nadu tourism


During the British era, Dhanushkodi was a very important town for trading important goods and spices from Sri Lanka to India. There were ferries available between Dhanushkodi and Talaimannar, a town in Sri Lanka and all kinds of facilities like Dharamshala, textile shops, church, temple, post office, and houses were available for the travelers, traders, and pilgrims making it a prosperous town. Now though it is abandoned and in ruins, Dhanushkodi still has its uniqueness and coastal charm attached with mysteries from mythological history epic Ramayana. Folklores have that, Dhanushkodi is the town where Lord Rama instructed Lord Hanuman to build a bridge which would carry his army across the Indian Ocean to Sri Lanka to defeat the Demon King Ravana. As instructed, Lord Hanuman build the Ram Setu Bridge with an army of Vanars. The best time to visit Dhanushkodi will be during the winter season from October to February.

How to reach

Dhanushkodi doesn’t have any direct transport facilities. To reach the beach town you have to first get to the nearest township of Rameshwaram. Buses and Cabs facilitate tourist to reach the town of Dhanushkodi.

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest Airport to Dhanushkodi is Madurai at a distance of 188 km, which might take an approx. of 4 hours to reach. It is suitable for people who are traveling from long distances. The airport is connected with the major cities of our country.

How to Reach by Train

At a distance of 18 km, Rameshwaram Railway Station is the closest train station for Dhanushkodi. Rameshwaram Station receives a horde of the train from all the nearby cities in and around Tamil Nadu as well as, few major cities are connected with its train lines.

How to Reach by Bus

There might be no regular Buses to Dhanushkodi, but Rameshwaram is just 19 km away and receives regular bus services from all the neighboring cities of Tamil Nadu.

How to Reach by Road

Reaching Dhanushkodi through Car is a very relaxing and enjoyable trip. The best option will be to take the NH48 from Madurai via Rameshwaram to Dhanushkodi.

How to travel within

The city can be explored by Personal or Hired Cabs, along with a special type of Auto known as Tuk Tuk that seats 6 passengers at a time, can be found within the city for the convenience of tourist.


Restaurant options in Dhanushkodi have very limited options. One might find few vendors and shacks selling seafood, snacks and a few common locals items. The best option would be to travel in the nearby city of Rameshwaram and taste the extreme foods of Tamil Cuisine along with a variety of Indian and Multi cuisine options.

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Dhanushkodi Itinerary

Day 1: The trip to Dhanushkodi starts from the point when you land in Madurai, take a cab to the beach town which will take 4 hours to reach. The drive itself has picturesque views to capture. Reaching there you will be welcomed with spectacular high tides of the blue sea. Explore the shore walking or by bike rides. Get rejuvenate experience by playing or taking baths on the calm side of the sea. View the remnants of the Ghost town and Ram Setu along with the merging point. Staying the night in Dhanushkodi town is prohibited, so you need to get back to the town of Rameshwaram for the night stay.

Day 2: Have your breakfast in this beautiful pilgrimage town of Rameshwaram, and head first to spend a few marvelous hours exploring the Gulf of Mannar National Park watching the exquisite marine life of the ocean. Next, visit the Rama Pratham Temple and Pamban Island to spend your last few hours of this marvelous trip. Get back to Madurai before nightfall to catch a flight back to your destination.

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