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Dhamtari Tourism

Dhamtari is a small town situated in the province of Chhattisgarh and was authoritatively shaped in the year 1998, after the amalgamation of Dhamma and Tarai. The region of Dhamtari covers an absolute region of 2029 square kilometers and is found 305 meters above sea level. Dhamtari is encompassed by the Satpura range in the eastern part, which is prevalently known by the name of Sihawa Pahad. In the west is Kanker region and north is Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh. The major river of the locale is 'Mahanadi', which is known by various names in the bordering zone like Jairath, Chitrotpala, Neelotpala, Kankanaddi, Mandvahini, and so on. It has tributaries by the name of Sondur, Sendur, Shivnath, Pairy, Joan, and Kharun. It is a result of the nearness of these waterways that Dhamtari comprises of prolific terrains ideal for paddy development. The Dhamtari region still jams its ancestral history and culture in various customary works of art like music, nearby cooking styles, and dance. The inborn villas present in the area speak to the antiquated ancestral culture that was common before. A portion of the real vacationer’s attractions in Dhamtari incorporates real dams situated here like Sivah Dam, which is a colossal dam and the Gangrel dam. Different spots of attractions here incorporate Dantheswari Cave, Hathi Kot, and Amrit Kund.

Things to do in Dhamtari

1.Bilai Mata Mandir

1 kilometres from city centre

Bilai Mata Mandir is an ancient temple of Bilai Mata. The gates of the temple are beaut...

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4 kilometres from city centre

Rudri is one of the well-known visitor areas in Dhamtari District. It is accepted that ...

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3.Gangrel Dam

9 kilometres from city centre

It is a prominent place of interest of Dhamtari region around 15 km from Dhamtari and a...

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1 kilometres from city centre

Sihava is one of the main journeys focuses of Chhattisgarh which is situated in the vic...

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Chattisgarh tourism
Chattisgarh tourism
Chattisgarh tourism
Chattisgarh tourism
Chattisgarh tourism


Dhamtari is a combination of the two spots "Dhamma"+"Tarai". The District is situated in the prolific fields of Chhattisgarh Region. This District is situated between 20° 42′ 36″ N Latitude and 81° 33′ 0″ E Longitude. Dhamtari region is authoritatively shaped on sixth July 1998 isolating the Raipur locale at present the capital of Chhattisgarh alongside Mahasamund. Subsequently, the limits of the Raipur locale is changed over into the regions e.g. Dhamtari, Raipur, and Mahasamund. Dhamtari, Kurud, Magarlod, and Nagri are incorporated into Dhamtari region as Tehsils and Dhamtari, Kurud, Magarlod, and Nagri are incorporated as squares. The complete territory of the locale is 4084 Sq.Km. furthermore, 457 Meter over the mean sea level. The District is encompassed by District Raipur in North and District Kanker just as Bastar in South, some portion of Orissa state in East and District Durg, Balod and Kanker in West. Mahanadi is the foremost stream of this region and Mahanadi is so far named as Kankannadi, Chitrotpala, Neelotpala, Mandvahini, Jairath, and so on.


How to reach

Dhamtari, being a significant point in Chalukyan history and culture, is all around associated with the remainder of India by means of rail and road. Standard rail and transport administrations employ back and forth the city of Dhamtari, transports being worked both by private and government proprietors, particularly the Chattisgarh State Road Transport Corporation.

How to Reach by Flight

The closest airbase to Dhamtari is Raipur which is situated 16 km from Dhamtari. You have to travel to the destination via bus or cab.

How to Reach by Train

Trains are legitimately accessible straightforwardly to the town of Dhamtari as the spot has a railroad station. Trains are accessible normally to different parts of India also.

How to Reach by Bus

Standard bus transport administrations, regardless of whether express or sleeper based, reach the city of Dhamtari. They work once a day, through a well-associated system of national interstates, for example, NH 30 and a few other state roadways from spots like Raipur, Bhilai, and so forth.

How to Reach by Road

The town of Dhamtari is situated along the National Highway 43 and NH 30. You can either head out to Dhamtari straightforwardly or visit the town through Raipur. The city of Raipur is situated at a distance of seventy-six kilometers toward the north of Dhamtari.

How to travel within

The best way to explore the town is on feet. Although, you can also access local autos to travel across the town. It's better to take your own car if you are from a nearby town.


Favored with captivating normal excellence and a huge hold of wild creatures, Dhamtari is known for its conventional society culture, which adds to the uniqueness of the district. Dhamtari has various vacation spots. The well-known Ravishankar Water Dam, likewise called Gangrel Dam, is renowned for dusk that draws in many excursion darlings yearly. It gets voyagers from all spots over Chhattisgarh and different states, particularly during the rainy seasons. Sitanadi Wild Life haven; which is likewise a tiger save is a prominent vacation destination. The Satpura scope of mountains, famously known as Sihawa Pahad is a noteworthy vacation spot. The Bilai Mata Temple is a venerated sanctum committed to Goddess Durga. The town of Dhamtri gives an extraordinary incentive to workmanship and culture. The Vindhyavasini and Angarmoti temples are acclaimed for their specialty and social convictions, trailed by numerous individuals of Dhamtari. In the midst of the pleasant scene of Dhamtari, the unbelievable design landmarks stand tall with their monumental monster structures mirroring the masterful bore, building aptitudes, and inventive creative mind of the general population of Dhamtari.

Dhamtari Itinerary

Day 1:

Start your venture to explore the hill station Dhamatri from Raipur. You will reach the destination after a drive of 3 hours. Head to visit the Gangrel Dam. Spend some time there and enjoy the grace of water sports. Then head to pay the visit to Shiava. You can have a picnic if you pack your lunch there. Pay your respect to Bilai Mata Mandir while your way back to Raipur. Try to visit Rudri and explore the magnificent temples and landscapes. You can reach home by midnight.

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