The confluence of Two Rivers

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Devprayag Tourism

Set apart by the conjunction of streams Alaknanda and Bhagirathi, Devprayag is a religious centre point and is very prominent among vacationers desiring a holiday or looking for some isolation near nature. Arranged in the midst of rolling Himalayan ranges, Devprayag is a famous pilgrim community for Hindus. Spotted with old temples and icons in the midst of the lavish green environment, this spot is a wonderful and tranquil destination. It determines a lot of its religious essentialness from the dynamic and lively regular components that encompass it, for example, the waterways. Dasharathachal Peak, Chandrabadani temple and Raghunathji temple are among a portion of the famous attractions here. All urban areas of Uttarakhand have a history in their own way, however, Devprayag has its own one of a kind history. This town is a residence of Pandits who has a place with Badrinath Dham. The flawless and perfect excellence of this town draws in a great deal for vacationers here and it is likewise trusted that Lord Rama and King Dasaratha did contemplation here. For the vacationers who have a commitment to confidence in their heart, the old and extraordinary temple of Raghunathji is professed to have been raised somewhere in the range of ten thousand years back and it is worked of enormous uncemented stones. It remains upon a porch in the upper piece of the town and comprises of a sporadic pyramid topped by a white vault with a brilliant dome and tower.

Things to do in Devprayag

1.Confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda

0 kilometres from city centre

This spot is acclaimed for the confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi. After the join o...

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Devprayag Photos

Devprayag tourism
Devprayag tourism
Devprayag tourism
Devprayag tourism
Devprayag tourism
Devprayag tourism
Devprayag tourism
Devprayag tourism
Devprayag tourism


Despite the fact that with the authentic confirmations, the general population of Devprayag followed Adi Shankaracharya, that is the reason the greater part of the works and conventions are enlivened on the example of southern India. In any case, we can see solidarity and indecent variety in the way of life of Devprayag. The adaptability is found in the way of life in here; from north to south, and east to west culture of entire India, it can be seen in their way for their customs, dressing sense, sustenance style, and so forth. This is fundamentally a pilgrim spot for devotees and Brahmins people community, so a portion of the customs progressed toward becoming propensity, for the general population of Devprayag. The greater part of the women used to go to Sangam for a sacred shower every day promptly toward the beginning of the day, at that point they do Darshana of Shree Raghunath Ji after it they began the daily schedule of their life. A portion of the Hindu occasions is praised here with more devotion, such as the marriage of a young woman. Guardians of the woman don't think the woman to be a burden, rather, have the conviction that kanyadaan is the fairest deeds. Along these lines, they attempt to commence this event with more excitement, provide the girl with all the necessary things and goods that will help the girl to begin her new life.

How to reach

The closest railroad station is situated at Rishikesh which is at a separation of 72 km from Devprayag. The closest air terminal is the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. Devprayag is very much associated with motorable streets with the air terminal, just as from the railroad station. Devprayag lies on the National Highway 58 making it simpler to reach from numerous noticeable urban areas.

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest air terminal is the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. There are many regular flights to Dehradun from Delhi. Taxis are effectively accessible outside the airplane terminal which you can contract to reach Devprayag at ostensible charges. Be that as it may, for the present, you may observe flights, to be somewhat costly.

How to Reach by Train

Devprayag does not have a railway station but rather the closest railway station is situated at Rishikesh which is at a separation of 72 km before Devprayag. Numerous trains keep running on this course once a day like Hemkunt Express, Srinagar Rishikesh Express, Delhi Rishikesh Passenger, Haridwar Rishikesh traveller, and so on. It is arranged on a noteworthy New-Delhi-Dehradun railroad line and is connected with conspicuous urban areas like Lucknow, Kathgodam, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Patna, and Gaya.

How to Reach by Bus

Bus transports to Devprayag and Rishikesh are accessible from ISBT Kashmiri Gate in New Delhi. The city lies on NH 58 which is one the most widely recognized roadway to different northern urban areas here. Transports and Taxis are effectively accessible from numerous goals of Uttarakhand like Dehradun, Rishikesh, Srinagar, Tehri, Rudraprayag, and so forth.

How to Reach by Road

Going by road is viewed as the most proper method of transport to reach Devprayag. Devprayag has well-associated roads with real destinations of Uttarakhand and other northern areas of India.

How to travel within

The town is quite small and is advisable to travel on foot. In any case, you can always public transports and local taxis.


The nourishment here is mainly vegetarian with only a bunch of spots serving non-vegetarian sustenance. You will discover the eateries serving North Indian, Chinese, Italian and Continental cooking. The little eating joints here do have some hot and delectable Indian nourishment to offer that you need to attempt. Do attempt the beats and paneer sauce with Tandoori Rotis here. Remember to request prodding and spicy pickles alongside your feast. Eating choices are very restricted at Devprayag as it is difficult to discover extravagant eateries serving continental foods. Albeit, one can discover many roadside sustenances such as Dhabas and diners which serve North Indian cooking and prominent Chinese dishes.

Devprayag Itinerary

Day 1: Travel from Dehradun to Devprayag early in the morning. You can reach the town by noon. Visit Confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi and explore the spot. Spend the evening by visiting the town and local market. Head back to Dehradun in the evening. You can reach home by midnight.

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