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6 Days

April - June

Bagdogra Airport
3℃ to 10℃

Darjeeling Tourism

The mighty Himalayas are a haven for the adventurers from around the world. But from up-close when the piercing cold is all you can feel, it’s resilient beauty is indistinct. And Darjeeling- the city of hill stations gives you a glance at the serene sides of Himalayas. Located in the Lesser Himalayas at an elevation of 6,700 ft in West Bengal, India is this lovely town. Darjeeling has a lot to offer from adventures, breathtaking sceneries, local delicacies and a dynamic culture.

Things to do in Darjeeling

1.Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

19 kilometres from city centre

The Darjeeling Himalayan railway is a heritage ride that is equally fun and spectacular...

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2.Rock Garden

1984 kilometres from city centre

The rock garden near the Chunnu summer falls is yet another experience to enjoy in Darj...

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3.Observatory Hill

2 kilometres from city centre

The greenery on both sides of the road, the ice caped peaks along the horizon and the m...

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4.Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

3 kilometres from city centre

  Are you a true adventurer at heart? Would you like to develop your skills? Then one o...

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5.Singalila National Park & Sandakphu Trek

18 kilometres from city centre

The Singalila is the highest national park in west Bengal; the hill range stretching ac...

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6.Japanese Peace Pagoda

1 kilometres from city centre

  Darjeeling with its proximity to Nepal and Bhutan has a strong Buddhist background an...

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7.Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

3 kilometres from city centre

The zoo is located near the Jawahar Parbat. A steep pedestrian road leads you to the ga...

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8.Batasia Loop

3 kilometres from city centre

The Batasia loop is a Himalayan railway loop that passes through the pristine hills, bu...

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9.Nightingale Park

2 kilometres from city centre

This is a shrubbery which was initially a private property until it was opened for the ...

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10.Monastries in Darjeeling

3 kilometres from city centre

Monasteries are significant in Darjeeling’s traditions and culture. Ghoom monastery, Bh...

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11.Sandakphu Trek

26 kilometres from city centre

One of the scenic and adventurous treks in India, the Sandakphu Trek is of moderate dif...

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12.City Shopping

1928 kilometres from city centre

Apart from all the adventure and sight-seeing, shopping is also a highlight in Darjeeli...

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1789 kilometres from city centre

A Darjeeling trip is incomplete without a trek through the famous trails of Himalayan r...

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14.Tiger Hill

2116 kilometres from city centre

  The snow covered Himalayan ranges set afire by sun in a blazing orange is a rare spec...

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Darjeeling Photos

Darjeeling tourism
Darjeeling tourism
Darjeeling tourism
Darjeeling tourism
Darjeeling tourism
Darjeeling tourism
Darjeeling tourism
Darjeeling tourism
Darjeeling tourism


Darjeeling being a high range destination has a distinct seasonal variation around the year, and each season comes with its own ups and downs. But summer is the most preferred season since the climate is moderate and the hill ranges are covered with greenery and flowers.

April to June: summer is a pleasant season here and lets you enjoy Darjeeling in its full fledge. Temperature goes only up to around 25 degree Celsius. Basking in the sun while enjoying a cool breeze on hilltops makes for a great vacation in Darjeeling with the scenic settings.

July to September: Monsoon starts here by the month of July and is not a high-time to visit. Roadblocks and landslides are common in this hilly terrain and can spoil your fun. However, if you love rains, and enjoy the lush-green environ drenched in the water this is your time.

October to March: October marks the end of the monsoon season. From mid-November to January; the average temperature ranges between 7 and 5 degree Celsius with the onset of winter. The lack of snowfall reduces the charm of Darjeeling as compared to other tourist destinations around in winter.

How to reach

This beautiful hill station could be accessed by air, by rail or by road, it's all up to you to choose. The Bagdogra airport about 100 km from the city is the most prefered option as it is the only airport that connects other major cities to Darjeeling. If you are to take the heritage path then the Himalayan Railway is the best pick. The city can also be accessed by road from Gangtok which is about 100 km ride, from Kalimpong around 50 km or from Kolkatta itself covering about 650 km.

How to Reach by Flight

Bagdogra is the nearest airport to Darjeeling which is about 3 hrs from the city and can be reached by cabs. Bagdogra has direct flights to cities like Kolkatta, Delhi and Guwahati. Other major cities can also be accessed through connection flights.

How to Reach by Train

The Himalayan Railways are a heritage path and a famous tourist route. The narrow gauges y are an experience to enjoy. The Jalpaiguri Station is the nearest station to Darjeeling and is well connected to the major cities of India. There are trains to and from Kolkatta, Mumbai, Delhi, Kochi and other major destinations. Cabs can be arranged to reach Darjeeling from the station.

How to Reach by Bus

Public bus services are available to Darjeeling from the nearby cities like Gangtok, Kolkatta and Kalimpong. And buses can be hired from other parts of the country to Darjeeling through these routes.

How to Reach by Road

Darjeeling has a well connected and managed road network, it can be accessed from Gangtok (100 km) and Kalimpong (50 km) and Kolkatta (650 km). It can also be accessed from Kathmandu, Nepal by road covering a distance of around 310 km.

How to travel within

To get around Darjeeling one can hire a cab or rent out two-wheelers or even bicycles. There are some public buses that take you around connecting major tourist destinations. The Himalayan Railway is another option one should definitely try as it is a part of the heritage tourism in Darjeeling.


Darjeeling has a vibrant culture and lifestyle which is reflected in its cuisine as well. The food and drinks here have a history and a lineage leading back to the neighbouring states or nations and are equally mouth-watering. If you have set foot on this part of India, do not return without tasting these delicacies.

MOMOS: A type of dumplings that are either steamed or fried, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Momos are available.

THUKPA: A Tibetan noodle soup

NEPALI TALI: A complete meal consisting of boiled rice, daal, vegetable curries, curd and a sweet

DALLI: A traditional pickle

CHURPEE: A snack0 made of milk

ALU DUM: A Nepali snack made of boiled potatoes and gravy

DARJEELING TEA: The famous and authentic tea made from the tea plantations in Darjeeling, known for its special flavour and colour.

TIBETAN TEA: A salty tea

TONGBA: A locally brewed beer

DARJEELING ORANGE: The orange grown in the local orchards known for their sweetness.

Darjeeling Itinerary

Day 1: Get acclimatized, Chowrashtra mall, Observatory Hill, Mahakal Temple, Nehru Road Shopping.

Day 2: Darjeeling Zoo, Ropeway, Happy Valley Tea Estate, Rock Garden. 

Day 3: Tiger Hill, Ghoom Monastery, Batasia Loop, Himalayan Train Ride. 

Day 4: Trip to Mirik, Sandakphu.

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