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Darang Tourism

One can encounter the best of everything in Darang, from entrancing nature to a rich past and exceptional culture to legacy. The spot discovers its underlying foundations going back to the sixteenth century with a mention in the Mahabharata. One can observe relics of the past displayed everywhere. Aside from that, Darang is additionally known for its out-worldly viewpoint and is home to a few mainstream religious focuses including Bar Masjid, Satras, and Thaans. With a lovely climate consistently, this delightful region of Assam is additionally enhanced with an expansive assortment of greenery, painstakingly reserved in National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries. The spot with such a great amount to offer is unquestionably worth a visit! In the sixteenth century, Darrang was liable to the Narayan Dynasty's Lord of Kamata, Nara Narayan, and on the division of his domains among his beneficiaries its reign went to a free line of Rajas. Right in the beginning of the seventeenth century, the Raja Bali Narayan summoned the guide of the Ahoms of Upper Assam against the Muslim trespassers; after his defeat and demise in 1637, the Ahoms ruled over the entire region; whose presence can be seen by the beautiful architectures of some of the buildings inspired by the Ahom culture.

Things to do in Darang

1.Bar Masjid

1626 kilometres from city centre

Situated in the core of Darang district, the Bar Masjid is one of the most established ...

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2.Baladev Pukhuri

1627 kilometres from city centre

Made amid the standard of King Dharma Narayana, today Baladev Pukhuri covers a region o...

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3.Orang National Park

1660 kilometres from city centre

With one of the most seasoned diversion stores of the district, The Orang National park...

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4366 kilometres from city centre

In the event that you are visiting Darang, do visit Satras to observe the novel and ric...

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5.Gandhi Smriti Park

1638 kilometres from city centre

Darrang has a few religious spots and the widely varied vegetation of the area are addi...

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Darang Photos

Darang tourism
Darang tourism
Darang tourism
Darang tourism
Darang tourism

Culture and Art

Darrang has a populace speaking of assorted ethnic, religious and etymological networks which have a rich social legacy and social traditions. A portion of the unmistakable works of art of the Darrang is Bardhuliya, Byah Ojapali, Dhepa Dhuliya. Ojapali is one of the novel types of crafts of Darrang which includes three works of art - Song, Dance, and Drama. It is performed by a gathering of 4 or 5 men of whom the central entertainer is called Oja who is bolstered by 3 to 4 Palis, and subsequently the name Ojapali. The main instrument played by Ojapali is Khutitaal. From recent times, the entertainers have started wearing sleeved white outfits, silver adornments, and so forth and Nupur. Ojapali can be partitioned into 2 shapes based on the event and style: Byah and Sukananni. As history goes, there were two capable artists named Barbyahu and Sarubyahu amid the Koch Kingdom. They were frequently welcomed by Kings to sing different fanciful and religious rhymes. With time, their singing got well known among individuals of the territory.

How to reach

Darrang has various vacation spots, and in this manner, many individuals visit the region. So as to reach Darrang, one needs to reach Guwahati first. There is no railroad network with the region of Darrang, however, road correspondence is very developed. Additionally, there is water transport as the area is close to the Brahmaputra River.

How to Reach by Flight

The closest air terminal to Darang is Azara in Guwahati (77 km) with the airplane terminal at Saloni, Tezpur being the other alternative situated at a separation of 110 km. You can without much of a stretch contract taxis from outside the airplane terminal to the required goal.

How to Reach by Train

Darang is itself not associated by means of rail but rather can be approached from Guwahati which fills in as the closest railway head. Tangla is the closest railroad station. You can enlist a taxi or transport from Guwahati till Darang.

How to Reach by Bus

With National Highway 52 going through Darang District, it is associated with different neighbouring urban areas by means of bus transport administrations. In any case, on the off chance that you are going from outside Assam, you need to reach Guwahati by means of air, rail or street from where further you can profit by taking the State Bus Transport.

How to Reach by Road

Darang is all around associated with the NH27 and NH715. So on the off chance that you travel via vehicle or a bike to Darang from Guwahati, it will roughly take you around 2 hours.

How to travel within

Getting around the area of Darang is very simple. You have a lot of alternatives with regards to transportation as auto-rickshaws, taxis, rickshaws are frequently available.


The name Darrang appears to have begun from the Sanskrit word 'Dwaram' which implies a 'Duar' or a pass. Before, there were some fixed duars on the northern side of the locale from which the different hill clans, slipped to the fields from the Himalayan extents. A portion of the territories still have a postfix 'Duar' to their names and one of the six passes on the northern side of the present locale is called 'Khaling Duar'. Another conceivable source of the name is the word 'Devaranga' which implies the play area of Devas. There are various places in the region like Athrikhat, Khalingduar, Dhwalpur, Markandasram, and so forth that demonstrate their old relationship with the mythic sages like Markedeya, Kaulinya, Atri, Yagyabalka, and so on. A part of the district is Mangaldoi, which is reserved for the high caste. The name, Mangaldai is, be that as it may, followed to Mangola Devi, the little girl of Koch ruler Lakshminarayana, who was hitched to the Ahom lord Pratapsingha. In Yogini Tantra, notice is likewise made of the stream Mangala which is again alluded to as Su-Mangala in the Kalikapurana.

Darang Itinerary

Day 1: Start your journey from Guwahati to Darang. The journey will be of 2 hours. Visit Orang National Park and scout the place. Then head to visit Bar masjid and pay your respects. Spend the evening at Baladev Pukhuri and the return back to the hotel.

Day 2: Start your venture of the day by visiting Gandhi Smriti Park. Then head to Satras and explore the spot. Hit the road back to Guwahati. You can reach home by evening.

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