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Dapoli Tourism

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Dapoli is a small town in Ratnagiri situated about 215 kms from Mumbai. A perfect spot for beach holidays, Dapoli has everything you can ask for in a vacation spot. Along with lazy beachside vacations, Dapoli has a lot of wonderful sea forts, hot springs and archaeological sites for you to explore and enjoy. Home to a number of ancient temples with caves and waves scattered around, Dapoli has something to offer everyone. Known as one of the popular tourist spots in the Konkan regions, Dapoli is also famous for its rock cut caves called Panhalekaji. These caves are a visual treat for both historians and architecture enthusiasts. With unforgettable views to the sunset from Ladghar, pristine seashore village of Anjarle, the Ganapathi temple along this beachside, the beautiful island fortress off the coast of Harnai called Suvarnadurg, the active markets and welcoming locals, Dapoli is a must visit if you are in for exploring the hidden getaway heavens in Maharastra.


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Kokum juice and seafood is popular in Dapoli. There are many restaurants which serve local cuisine.

Dapoli Itinerary

Day 1: Visit Harnai Port and Panhalakaji Caves. Explore the local markets in the evening.