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Cooch Behar Tourism

Cooch Behar, also known as Koch Bihar, is a city in the state of West Bengal. It falls in the Cooch Behar district. The place has been declared as a heritage city and is the maternal home of Maharani Gayatri Devi, the Maharani of Jaipur. The name Cooch Behar has been derived from the name of the Koch or Rajbongshi tribes that are indigenous to this place. The district does not have extreme climate at any time of the year so almost the entire year is suitable for visiting this place. The town has a well-archived North Bengal State Library for all the book lovers. The main attraction of the town is the palace of the Koch king Maharaja Nripendra Narayan. Cooch Behar also has a lot of large water bodies like Rasik Bill which is beautified by the migratory birds that come to this place every year. There are also places for accommodation at this site built by the Forest Department.  The trekkers can also go for a trail in the Chilapata Forest Range. There are a whole lot of temples in the town and the deities that are worshipped are mainly Lord Madanmohan, Ma Kali, Ma Tara, Ma Bhavani and Katyayani. The various places of attraction of the place are Baneswar Siva Temple, Kamteswari Temple, Cooch Behar Palace, Madan Mohan Bari, Madhupur Dham Temple, Sagar dighi, Rasik beel, Siddheswari Kali bari, Torsha River Bed, Dangar Ayee Temple, Gosanimari Rajpat, Keshob Ashram and Brahmo Mandir, Eco Heritage Park, Victoria Palace and Sal Bagan.  

Things to do in Cooch Behar

1.Baneswar Siva Temple

9 kilometres from city centre

Baneswar Siva Temple is a temple in Baneswar, a small town in Cooch Behar. There is a p...

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2.Madan Mohan Temple

421 kilometres from city centre

Madan Mohan temple was built by Maharaja Nripendra Narayan on 8th july 1889. It is a fo...

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2 kilometres from city centre

Sagardighi is one of the ponds in Cooch Behar. The term Sagardighi means ocean-like pon...

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1 kilometres from city centre

Cooch Behar Palace, also known as the Victor Jubilee Palace, is one of the main attract...

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Cooch Behar Photos

Cooch Behar trip
Cooch Behar trip
Cooch Behar trip
Cooch Behar trip
Cooch Behar trip
Cooch Behar trip
Cooch Behar trip
Cooch Behar trip


The authentic food of Cooch Behar is the Bengali cuisine. Fish curry, rice, vegetables and lentils are the common dishes. They mainly prefer non-vegetarian dish, however vegetarian food is also available. Bhuna Khichuri and Labra is  popular dish of the place. Among the street foods, egg roll, phuchka, momo, ghatigaram and jhalmuri are the popular dishes. Mustard oil, chilli, bay leaves, cardamom and cumin are the main ingredients of the food. Parathas and poori, commonly known as Luchi, and aloor dam is a very popular dish of this place. A full meal includes fries, rice, a lentil preparation, a spicy dish of fish, chicken or mutton. Aloo posto, chinri malaikari, kasha mangsho, shukto and pulao are among the Bengali dishes. Misti doi, rosogolla, sandesh, rabri and sweet pan are the main sweet dishes that West Bengal is famous for.      

How to reach

Cooch Behar does not have an airport of its own. There is a railway station and the place is also connected by road.

How to Reach by Flight

Cooch Behar does not have any airport of its own. The nearest airport is in Bagdogra Airport, which is in Siliguri and is located at a distance of around 120 km. There are taxi services or rental cars available outside the airport to reach Cooch Behar.

How to Reach by Train

New Cooch Behar is the station that is located closest to the place. This station is around 5 km away from the main town. People can take taxis and even rickshaws to reach the place.

How to Reach by Bus

There are state-run as well as private buses that connect the place to nearby area. There are buses that connect Cooch Behar to other nearby cities.

How to Reach by Road

People can also take their cars from the nearby areas to reach this place. Those who want to go for a long journey can also avail the highways to reach this place from other states. Cooch Behar is at a distance of around 710 km away, Guwahati is at a distance of around 230 km.

How to travel within

There are buses, rickshaws and taxis available to go from ne destination to the other within the city. People can also walk and explore the place as it is a small place. 


Cooch Behar celebrates Raas Mela, which occurs in the month of November- December, Rath Yatra, which is celebrated in the month of June-July, Baradebi Mela, it is a four day long mela celebrating Sri Sri Baradebi. Durga Puja is one of the most celebrated festivals f West Bengal and people celebrate it with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.Sri Panchami Mela, Dol Purnima, Annapurna Puja, Hujur Saheb Mela, Muharram, Shibaratri Mela, Astami Snan Mela, Baruni Mela, Agricultural fair, Book Fair and various Flower and Fruit Shows are also held at Cooch Behar.

Cooch Behar Itinerary

Day 1- After reaching Bagdogra Airport, leave for Cooch Behar. Visit Baneswar Siva Temple and Madan Mohan Temple.

Day 2- After breakfast, leave for Rajbari and Sagardihi.

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