Narnala Fort

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Located on the slopes of Satpuda, this fortress is of extraordinary authentic significance, as it has seen numerous wars. This huge stronghold is made out of three smaller fortifications, namely the Zafarabad on the east, Narnala in the center and Teligarh towards the west. It was initially built by the Gond Dynasty in 10 A.D. and was named after the renowned Rajput King, Narnal Singh, however, it was taken over by the Mughals in the fifteenth century. The fortification has in excess of 20 entryways and around 300 watch towers. The doors are with work of intricate art and Arabic engravings. Encompassed by a cover of green and with a setting of the brilliant blue sky, the entrancing greatness of the fort is really famous among tourist.

Narnala Fort Photos

Captured by <a href="">Nilesh Warake</a>
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Captured by <a href="">Nilesh Warake</a>
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Captured by <a href="">Nilesh Warake</a>
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