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Situated close to the Alladoh village, the Bhim Kund is near 3,500 ft deep. Legend has it that Bhima, the mightiest of all the Pandavas killed the demon king Kichaka and tossed his body deep into the valley. He at that point then took bath in the close-by lake and it is consequently called 'Bhimkund'. This point offers an astonishing perspective on the close-by falling cascades and the scene is particularly splendid amid the monsoon season. Delightful valley and entrancing slopes enhance the spot's fascination. The Bhim Kund – Kichakdara attraction site in Chikhaldara is of unique significance among the religious aficionados at this region.

Bhimkund Photos

Captured by <a href="">Swapnil Ganvir</a>
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Captured by <a href="">kishor bhajankar</a>