Amner Fort

#8 of 9 things to do in Chikhaldara

Situated at the conjunction of Tapti, Sipna and Gadga streams, Amner Fort is situated beyond the town of Kalamkhar and close to Zilpi village which is 10 kilometers of Dharni, on Burhanpur Road. The highest point of the fortification gives a radiant perspective view on the environment. It is a minimized looking quadrangular structure of block and mud pointed with mortar. The dividers are flanked by four bastions of a similar material and encase about a large portion of a hectare (a section of land) of the ground. In present, the stronghold is in the midst of ruins and the dividers are disintegrating down. Surrounding the Fort there is a thick and wild forest which totally shrouds the view of the fort from the outside world.

Amner Fort Photos

Captured by <a href="">Nikhil Gotmare</a>
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