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Chikhaldara Tourism

Located in the district of Amravati, the town of Chikhaldara is best known for its Wildlife Sanctuary. The region is around 1120 m above ocean level and is the sole coffee estate zone in Maharashtra. The place plays host to numerous species of rare birds, animals, and plants that will excite any nature or adventure lover. The Melghat Tiger Project is home to around 82 of the few remaining tigers in India. The all-encompassing view of Chikhaldara can be seen from one of the numerous viewpoints accessible in the region like the Devi Point, the Prospect Point, and the Hurricane Point. On the off chance that you are an art and history enthusiast, remember to make a trek to the Narnala Fort and the Gavilgarh Fort. Both the posts are old and were constructed hundreds of years prior, however they are additionally a window into India's rich social history. The region of Chikhaldara is a flat out treat to the eye amid the monsoon season. The downpours appear to magically affect the encompassing region. The winter acts like a decent time for touring as the cool climate adds to your nature trails and outings.

Things to do in Chikhaldara

1.Narnala Fort

36 kilometres from city centre

Located on the slopes of Satpuda, this fortress is of extraordinary authentic significa...

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25 kilometres from city centre

Situated in the Satpuda Mountain range, in the midst of delightful vegetation-Muktagiri...

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1555 kilometres from city centre

Chikhaldara has two historical museums for visitor interests. One of them is identified...

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4.Melghat Tiger project

18 kilometres from city centre

Melghat Tiger Reserve is a significant habitat for tigers and a popular tourist attract...

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2 kilometres from city centre

Situated close to the Alladoh village, the Bhim Kund is near 3,500 ft deep. Legend has ...

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1 kilometres from city centre

There are countless viewpoints all around the plateau of Chikhaldara. To be specific, s...

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7.Gwaligarh Fort

2 kilometres from city centre

The Gawilgarh Fort is situated on the Chikhladhara Plateau and was set up in the era of...

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8.Kalapani Lake

1 kilometres from city centre

Towards the side where you move to the upper level, is a little road that promptly lead...

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9.Amner Fort

2 kilometres from city centre

Situated at the conjunction of Tapti, Sipna and Gadga streams, Amner Fort is situated b...

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Chikhaldara Photos

Chikhaldara tourism
Chikhaldara tourism
Chikhaldara tourism
Chikhaldara tourism
Chikhaldara tourism
Chikhaldara tourism
Chikhaldara tourism
Chikhaldara tourism


Chikhaldara is said to have been found in 1823 by a specific Captain Robinson who had a place with the Hyderabad Regiment. Situated on a high level, Chikhaldara has an intriguing story behind its name. Hindu Mythology asserts that the district of Chikhaldara was governed by the Demon King Kichak who was in the end executed by the relentless Bheema – the strongest sibling among the Pandavas. This is the manner by which Chikhaldara came to get its name, where Chikhal is a nearby replication of the word Kichak and Dara implies the profound valley. This is likewise the same place where Lord Krishna brought Rukminee. Chikhaldara tourism bargains of brimming with social and recreational activities like food festival, display on biodiversity of the region, cultural programmes, tribal dances and show of their Kiosks exhibiting tribal art, a Melghat marathon and kite festival.

How to reach

Chikhaldara is well accessible via air, railway, and road. The blustery breeze that blows consistently, joined with the closeness of the place to a few noteworthy cities makes it an appealing tourist destination to visit.

How to Reach by Flight

There is no airport in Chikhaldara. The closest air terminal is in Nagpur – Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, which is 230 kilometer from Chikhaldara. The terminal gets standard flights from all major cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, etc.

How to Reach by Train

Most tourists wants to travel via train as it is the most agreeable method of transport. The closest railroad station to Chikhaldara is in Amravati which is 100 kilometers away. A few intercity and out-station trains reach Amravati normally from all major town and cities inside and outside Maharashtra.

How to Reach by Bus

Numerous towns and cities in Maharashtra are connected to this hill station by means of regular transports and daily buses. These transports are either state-oversaw or private tour types. There are normal MSRTC and private deluxe buses from Amravati and Akola to Chikhaldara. Many luxury air-conditioned buses can be seen plying on the Mumbai – Aurangabad – Nagpur expressway for the convenience of tourist.

How to Reach by Road

There are numerous roadways by which we can reach this alluring place of Chikhaldara. On the off chance that going from North Maharashtra, the distance will be in excess of 700 kilometers; which implies that you should break your adventure in two days. To go to Chikhaldara from Mumbai by road head towards Nashik – Malegaon – Dhule highway.

How to travel within

Personal Car or hired local taxis is recommended as there is no neighborhood transport accessible other than the Auto-rickshaw for traveling within Chikhaldara.


There are numerous local dhabas that sell hygienic and delicious food. The greater part of the city offers a number of restaurants that serve great food as well. Arranged all through the city, extravagance and a couple of budget hotels offer some stunning multi-feasting choices. Accommodating eateries in Chikhaldara, serve foods from all around the world and excellent local cuisines. Satpura Retreat has small cottages spread on a 6-acre natural camp. While it is over 10 years of age, the retreat is all around kept up in high maintenance with a great administration. They serve great local food including Jowar Bhakri which is vastly improved than wheat chapatis. They don't have a bar. There is one close-by a KM away called Gawilgadh Bar. Notwithstanding serving superb food and refreshments, they additionally ensure that visitors are engaged with relieving music, exhibitions, and so forth.

Chikhaldara Itinerary

Day 1: Reaching Nagpur Airport, take a cab /bus directly to Chikhaldara which will take around 4 – 5 hours for you to reach. Get checked in at the pre-booked hotel of your choice and get freshen up to enjoy your trip to this fascinating nature town. Spend your first evening visiting any of the viewing points, advisably the Panchbol point to see the breathtaking sunset and the serene beauty offered by the town. Later get back to the town and enjoy the local cuisine and have an early night.

Day 2: Finish breakfast and head start your journey to the sanctuary of Melghat Tiger project, to visit the famous museums and the tiger reserve exploring and viewing the flora and fauna found in the region. While getting back to the town, stop at Bhimkund to see the historical lake and valley related to the era of Mahabharata. After finishing lunch, hire a cab to take you to Amner Fort and Gwaligarh Fort to see the fabulous architectures of the past and breathtaking surroundings shows the glorious beauty of Chikhaldara. Spend the night roaming around the city and knowing the culture of this old town.

Day 3: Since it’s the last day of your trip, wake up early to hire a cab and visit Muktagiri and explore the fabulous temples and viewing the marvelous waterfall. Later take a detour to the renowned Narnala Fort, because without visiting it, your trip to Chikhaldara won’t be worthwhile. Stay overnight and start your journey the next day to back home.

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