Experience the world famous rain showers of Cherrapunjee

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Khasi and English

3 Days

September- May

Shillong Airport
18℃ to 21℃

Cherrapunjee Tourism

Cherrapunjee, locally known as Sohra, is a hill station in the state of Meghalaya. The town was riginnaly known as Sohara, which was pronounced as “Churra” by the British, which then came to be pronounced as Cherrapunjee which means the “land of oranges”. It falls in the East Khasi Hills district. It has held the record for the highest rainfall for many years. The town has a population of 14,816 and an elevation of 1,484m. The town has been said to be the wettest place on Earth, the place still holds the all-time record for the most rainfall in a calendar month and in a year. It holds the Guinness world record for receiving the maximum amount of rainfall in a single year. The soils on the plateau are poor due to deforestation and washout caused by heavy rainfall. The place has a matrilineal culture and it is popular for its living bridges, in which the growing roots of the trees are used as large bridges. Since the town is located at a very high altitude, the plains of Bangladesh can be seen from the cliffs of Cherrapunjee. 


Since Cherrapunjee has tourists from all over India as well as all over the world, it has a large variety of food options including North Indian, Bengali, Punjabi, South-Indian, Chinese as well as Khasi food. The local food of the area is pork momo, Jadoh, tungri bai, fermented soya beans, rice cooked with pork blood, Sohra pulao, prepared only with vegetable and oil, and certain other dishes are the famous delicacies of the town. Rice beer is one of the most popular drinks that is used in celebrations and ceremonies. The place has a variety of tamarind, berries, fruits, bamboo pickle and other options.

Top things do in Cherrapunjee

1. The Eco Park

3 kilometres from city centre

2. Nongsawlia

0 kilometres from city centre

3. Mawsynram

17 kilometres from city centre

4. Double Decker Living Root Bridge

8 kilometres from city centre

5. Nohkalikai Waterfalls

5 kilometres from city centre

6. Krem Mawsmai Cave

3 kilometres from city centre

7. Mawsmai Falls

4 kilometres from city centre

8. Dainthlen waterfall

5 kilometres from city centre

9. The Mawkdok Dympep Valley View

3 kilometres from city centre

10. Thangkharang Park and Ka Khoh Ramhah

6 kilometres from city centre

11. Nokrek National Park

132 kilometres from city centre

12. Khasi monoliths

3 kilometres from city centre

13. Mawlynnong

38 kilometres from city centre

How to reach

Cherrapunjee does not have an airport or a railway station of its own. People have to reach Shillong or Guwahati and then take a taxi or helicopter services to reach the hill station.

How to Reach by Flight

Cherrapunjee does not have an airport of its own; the nearest airport is Umroi Airport in Shillong, which is at a distance of around 55 km from the town. The airport however does not receive a lot of flights. The nearest major airport is Guwahati Airport, which is located at a distance of around 150 km from the town. There are taxi services available outside the airport.

How to Reach by Train

Cherrapunjee does not have a railway station of its own. The nearest railway station is the Guwahati Railway Station; located at a distance of around 150 km. Bus services and taxis are available outside the station to reach the hill station.

How to Reach by Bus

State-run buses as well as those owned by private agencies are available from the Sohra Bus Stand of Shillong. There are regular and frequent buses available to the town. Buses from Guwahati are also available from the Paltan Bazaar.

How to Reach by Road

People can also reach the town of Cherrapunjee by taking a cab or a taxi from Shillong or Guwahati to the hill station.

How to travel within

The best transport option in Cherrapunjee is to hire a cab


The two main festivals of the place are Nongkrem Dance, it is a dance festival celebrated for five days every year in the month of October and November, and Shad-Suk Mynsiem, it is also a dance festival. Nongkrem Dance is performed by the tribal people in the traditional attire with pomp and gaiety for peace and prosperity. During Shad-Suk Mynsiem, people thank the almighty for the year that passed. 

Cherrapunjee Itinerary

Day 1- After reaching Shillong airport, go to Cherrapunjee. Then move towards Dainthlen waterfall, Double Decker Living Root Bridge and Khasi monolithis. After this, rest for the day

Day 2- After breakfast, leave for Mawlynnong, Mawsmai Falls, Krem  Mawsmai Cave and Mawsynram.

Day 3- After breakfast leave for Nongsawlia, Nokrek National Park and Nohkalikai Waterfalls.