The Border between cultures.

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Bengali, Nepali, Hindi, Adibasi, Mishmi, Mishing and English.

1 Days

November to February

Dibrugarh Airport
8℃ to 19℃

How to reach Changlang

The best and most convenient way to reach Changlang is by road and by hiring a private taxi. The ride can be rough because of the hilly terrain, but the views make it worthwhile.

Note: To enter the area 'Inner line permit' is required.

How to Reach Changlang by Flight

Though the nearest airport to Changlang is Mohanbari, it has extremely limited connectivity. The one major airport that is relatively close to the district is that of Kolkata. From here, you could take a bus or hire a private taxi.

How to Reach Changlang by Train

Tinsukia Railway station is the nearest railway station to Changlang and is located 95 kilometers away. There is low to moderate connectivity of railways. From there, a taxi or even a shared taxi can be hired.

How to Reach Changlang by Bus

There are decent roads and buses that connect Changlang to Miao and Tinsukia.

How to Reach Changlang by Road

The roads that lead to Changlang are decent and the best option is to hire a private taxi as it is most convenient and a safer option on the hilly terrain.

How to travel within Changlang