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Champhai Tourism

Surrounded by the enchanting hills of Myanmar, Champai is one of the important districts of Mizoram in North East of India, strategically located at the Indo-Myanmar border town, it serves as the important commercial market for trade ways between Myanmar and other South East Asia countries. This beautiful landscape village town is an interesting tourist destination for adventure lovers and heaven for trekkers who loves exploring nature in its true form. The town serves some spectacular tourist visiting places like Mura Puk, Rih Dil Lake, the Thasiama Seno Neihna and the famous Murlen National Park and Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary. The district has a very low population density, which gives it an untouched aura of beauty, everything here from the small hamlets to hillocks, the lush greenery and the ever famous orchid flowers that grow in abundance in the valley, gives out a pure freshness that has never been spoiled. Champai experiences a moderate climate through the whole year and can be visited anytime especially from December to April, but during the rainy season from June to September it gets heavy rainfall, that might not be advisable to visit. 

Things to do in Champhai

1.Rih Dil

14 kilometres from city centre

Lying about 26 km away from Champhai is this enchanting heart-shaped Lake known as Rih ...

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2.Murlen National Park

23 kilometres from city centre

Murlen National Park is located around 50 km from Champhai district and falls under the...

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3.Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary

40 kilometres from city centre

Nestled in the second highest peak of Mizoram, Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary is located a...

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Champhai Photos

Champhai tour
Champhai tour
Champhai tour
Champhai tour
Champhai tour


The culture and history of Champhai will lead you back to hundreds of years of lost civilization. This magical place holds a treasure trove of different culture and heritage of tribes from Mizoram. One might find historical artifacts that connect tribes like Hmars, Raltes, and Sailo that has once reside in this valley and has been a part of its agriculture and fertility. Ancient relics, monuments, and memorials that have a connection with different tribes and folklores of the Mizos can be found in the store here. In the Farkwan – Champai mountain range, the archaeologist has found Menhirs that are said to be part of a lost jungle civilization. The common language spoken here is the local Mizo tawng, also English is used as a second language.

How to reach

This scarcely populated magical bowl of mesmerizing beauty can be reached through well-connected Roads, Train and even a chopper, if you are lucky to pre book a seat.

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest Airport to Champhai is Aizawl Airport that falls in a distance of 215 km and is connected with flights from Kolkata and Guwahati conveniently. There is also a helicopter service from Aizawl to Champhai, which serves according to the climate variation. 

How to Reach by Train

The nearest Railway Station is the Bairabi Railway Station in Kolasin district around 300 km from Champhai. The station is connected with some major cities of the country.

How to Reach by Bus

Champhai is well connected via Buses from major cities of North East. The Mizoram State Transport Service provides Buses from Aizawl, Guwahati, Imphal, and Shillong etc. Private Buses are also available for tourist to travel in comfort and convenience.

How to Reach by Road

The Mizoram State Government provides various private Cars, Jeeps, and Sumo for tourist to hire via road from Aizawl to Champai. The Aizawl-Seling-Champhai Road can be used by a tourist who loves driving long distances in a scenic landscape.

How to travel within

Hired Taxis or Jeeps are easily available to move around the area and visit the tourist places without any inconvenience.


Champai has a strict local cuisine and gives a very limited choice of other cuisines. However, the local dishes are ever tantalizing and much favored among tourist. Being a local Mizo Place, Rice and Fish can be called as a staple food along with other dishes made of pork and steamed vegetables known as Bai, can be found commonly. Chhangban, Jadoh, Kikpu, Tung-toh and bamboo shoor pickles are yet few local dishes found here.

  • R C Restaurant
  • BSP Restaurant
  • Khualsim Food Corner

Champhai Itinerary

Day 1: Reaching Aizawl Airport, hire a car or sumo to take the 7 hr. journey to Champhai. The road trip might be long, but the view makes it worth every hassle. Traveling the Road while having a lush green landscape on both sides is an experience to remember forever. Reaching the town get checked in the tourist lodge or hotel of your convenience. The best suggestion will be to rest for the night and explore the town eating the local cuisine, so to get up early for the next day plans. Getting the permission to visit the Rih Dil Lake from the Commissioner Office is advisable to take prior one day before your visit.

Day 2: Eating the light Mizo local breakfast will help to keep your energy boosted for the day, start your early morning trip by visiting the Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary and the Murlen National Park, which are conveniently located near to each other, plan safaris and treks with your family or friends and spend the day in the lush forest exploring the rare flora and fauna of the Valley. While getting back take detour route to Rih Dil Lake, and capture the heart-shaped beauty in its full glory. Getting back early rest for the night, to start back soon the next day to the airport.

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