The Blue city of East Rajasthan
( 3.8 )
Hindi, Rajasthani (five regional dialects), English
1 Days
October to March
Jaipur International Airport
24℃ to 30℃

Bundi Tourism

Nestled into a narrow valley of Aravalli ranges, Bundi is a captivating town with beautiful blue houses, palaces, forts, lakes, hills, bazaars and a temple at every turn. Located at a distance of 286 kms from the city of Rajasthan, Bundi was the capital of a major princely state during the reign of the Rajputs. Also known as the Blue city of East Rajasthan, Bundi is a charming city. With its massive size and elegant style, Bundi is like an undiscovered green emerald in the fold of Aravalli hills. Alongside the numerous forts and picturesque landscape, Bundi is famous for its exquisite Rajput and colourful Rajasthani architecture. Bundi is a beautiful, yet delicate contrast against the fiery landscape of the Rajasthani desert.

Landscapes of Bundi are dominated by numerous forts. The grandest of all being the Taragarh Fort which has witnessed the legacy of Rajput in all its glory, making it one of the major tourist attractions in the city. Closer to Taragarh fort is the Bundi fort, which offers an excellent view to the entire cityscape of Bundi. Other major tourist attractions of Bundi includes the Moti Mahal, Nawal Sagar Lake, Phool Mahal, Step wells – which form the heart and life of the city attracting thousands of tourists to explore and enjoy the place.

Top things do in Bundi

1. Step Wells

30 kilometres from city centre

2. Shikar Burj

5 kilometres from city centre

3. Badal Mahal

210 kilometres from city centre

4. Taragarh Fort

3 kilometres from city centre

5. Sukh Mahal

3 kilometres from city centre

6. Phool Mahal

3 kilometres from city centre

7. Chhattra Mahal

3 kilometres from city centre

8. Chaurasi Khambon ki Chattri

0 kilometres from city centre

9. Garh Palace

2 kilometres from city centre

10. Moti Mahal

2 kilometres from city centre

11. Nawal Sagar Lake

2 kilometres from city centre

How to reach

Bundi is well connected to major cities Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Kota and Agra by road and rail.

How to Reach by Flight

Bundi can be easily reached by making use of the Jaipur airport. This airport is located 220 kilometres from Bundi.

How to Reach by Train

Bundi has a small railway station in its southern part situated 36 kms from Bundi. Well connected by trains to Kota and Agra. Tourists can also make use of the Kota railway station as well. This station is also connected by a number of trains to Jaipur, Chittorgarh, Benaras etc.

How to Reach by Bus

Bundi is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular buses. The local bus to Kota runs every 15 mins and takes 50 mins.

How to Reach by Road

The wide network of roads connects Bundi to a number of places like Jaipur, Ajmer, Kota and other cities. If you prefer to drive via road then the distances are: - Kota to Bundi - 40.7 Km (55 min via RJ SH 70) - Ajmer To Bundi - 174 Km (3h 14 min via Kota Rd and NH12) - Jaipur to Bundi - 210 Km (3h 56 min via NH12) - Agra to Bundi - 352 Km (6h 20 min via RJ SH 1) - Delhi to Bundi - 471 Km (8h via NH8 and NH12)

How to travel within

Most of Bundi is very accessible by walking. The only mode of public transportation is the auto rickshaw. You can also hire bikes for Rs 300/ day to travel around in Bundi.

Local cuisine

Bundi is a paradise for foodies. It offers a wide range of dishes and delicacies prepared with a traditional touch. You can enjoy the Marwari influence in both the delicious vegetarian and non-veg Rajasthani dishes. Dishes prepared using milk are served exclusively here along with all the delicacies.

Some of the good restaurants in Bundi are:

·        Rainbow Restaurant
·        Food and Fun Shisha Restaurant
·        Lakha Restaurant
·        Lake view Garden Restaurant
·        A & R Café
·        Tom and Jerry Restaurant
·        Sawan Café
·        Energy
·        Café Romeo


Bundi Itinerary

Day 1:

Start to Bundi after an early breakfast. On reaching Bundi head on towards the Bundi Palace. After a late lunch, you can head out to explore the Taragarh Fort and Later on the Taragarh Palace. Spent the evening enjoying the city and stay the night.

Day 2:

After an early breakfast head towards the Jait Sagar Lake and later on to the Sukh Mahal. After the lunch, you can head out explore the Chitrasala in Ummed Mahal. Then proceed to Raniji-ki-Baori where you will be left awestruck by the exquisitely carved borewells. You can spend your evening enjoying the Nawal Sagar Lake. You can spend the night in Bundi and then head back the next day.