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Bongaigaon Tourism

Bongaigaon is the name of a city and a major area in Assam. The city offers a rich legacy of verifiable structures, old sanctuaries, and timberlands for the sightseers. Bongaigaon is additionally outstanding for its petrochemical industry. It is associated with the remainder of the state through the National Highway 37. There is no airplane terminal and the closest air terminal is at Guwahati, which is 156 km away. There are two railroad stations in the town named, Bongaigaon station, and New Bongaigaon Junction. Bongaigaon falls into the lower Assam region. The area was made in 1989 taking some parts from the Goalpara and Kokrajhar Districts. A significant city of Assam, it was the last capital of the Kamatapur Kingdom and home to numerous recorded landmarks of Assamese culture. Halfway situated inside the express, the city portrays a lively Assamese township and culture. The picturesque excellence of Bongaigaon is all around protected. Some acclaimed spots of attractions are Bagheswari sanctuary, Rock Cut Cave and numerous different spots. Despite the fact that the city is still undergoing development, the common territory remains to a great extent immaculate. Bongaigaon city is likewise the section point for the Manas National Park which is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site.

Things to do in Bongaigaon

1.Jogighopa and Pancharatna

30 kilometres from city centre

Jogighopa and Pancharatna are both considered as a real part of the conspicuous notable...

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2.Bagheswari Hill

5 kilometres from city centre

The Bagheswari Hill is well known for lodging the antiquated sanctuary of Lord Shiva, w...

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3.Manas National Park

55 kilometres from city centre

Manas National Park is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site, a Project Tiger Reserve, a...

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4.Sri Surjya Pahar

47 kilometres from city centre

Sri Surjya Pahar, a prominent archaeological site arranged at the banks of Brahmaputra,...

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5.Birjhora Tea Estate

6 kilometres from city centre

Birjhora Tea Garden is one of the greatest tea gardens. It is likewise excellent on acc...

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6.Bagheswari Temple

5 kilometres from city centre

Bagheshwari Temple is one of the most seasoned temples of Assam. As indicated by Hindu ...

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Bongaigaon Photos

Bongaigaon tourism
Bongaigaon tourism
Bongaigaon tourism
Bongaigaon tourism
Bongaigaon tourism
Bongaigaon tourism
Bongaigaon tourism
Bongaigaon tourism
Bongaigaon tourism


The name is said to have gotten from Bon Gai and Gao. The close-by woodlands had an enormous populace of wild bovines which would go to the town and wreck the harvests. Therefore this territory came to have its name of Bon-Gai-Gaon. The territory was ruled since the fifteenth century by regional medieval rulers hailing from the Koch-Rajbonshies having a place with Indo-Mongoloid ethnic gathering. The lords of this zone had their ancestry back to the "Kiratees" of the pre-Vedic age. Ravas, Garos, Yogis, Kalitas, Kayasthas, and Muslims are additionally indigenous to the region. During the British period, another term Bodo/Boro was begat by European researchers of history. Bodo/Boro alludes to the clans, for example, the Kocharies, Koches, Rabhas, Garos, Lalungs, Hajongs and Chutiyas. Assamese, Bengali, and Hindi are the basic dialects spoken by the regional populace.

How to reach

Being a noteworthy social and natural life interfacing centre of Assam, Bongaigaon is very much connected to the remainder of India by rail and roadways. There is no non-stop flight network, to Bongaigaon. Around 170 km away is the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport in Guwahati which is the closest aeroplane terminal that interfaces Bongaigaon to the remainder of India. You can generally take a taxi or train from Guwahati when you land at the air terminal.

How to Reach by Flight

Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, situated in Guwahati, is the closest airplane terminal. This airplane terminal is situated at a separation of around 100 kilometres from Bongaigaon. There are successive flights from urban cities like Chennai, Jaipur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Dibrugarh, Tawang, and so forth. Taxicabs are effectively accessible outside the airplane terminal to go to Bongaigaon.

How to Reach by Train

There are two stations in Bongaigaon - New Bongaigaon railroad station which is the second biggest rail line intersection of Assam state and Bongaigaon Junction station. It gets trains from all the principal stations.

How to Reach by Bus

There are many Bus Terminal like - ASTC Bongaigaon, Barpara Private, Chapaguri Bus Stand, etc. There are numerous buses available which associate Bongaigaon with real urban areas of Assam like Mangaldai Dhubri, Barpeta, Tezpur, Siliguri and Guwahati, and so on.

How to Reach by Road

The town is well connected with the roadways. The national highways connect many major cities and states in the neighbourhood to Bongaigaon.

How to travel within

The local transports are available like taxies and cabs readily and on demand. The local autos are preferable while exploring the town. You can always try to explore the town on feet as well.


Being a major piece of Assam, the sustenance of Bongaigaon comprises of customary Assamese food. A portion of the neighbourhood sustenance of the territory are Maasor tenga comprised of spicy fish curry, aloo pitika made up of potato mash, khar, murgir manxor jool resembles chicken curry, dal, xaak bhaji made up of green leaves broil, chutney, pickle, and curd. After having a hearty meal, it is very nearly a propensity for the general population of Assam to have paan and betel nut, and offering it is a sign of regard. Its social amalgamation, its monetary transforms, and above all, the sustenance prevailing, at any rate, is its culinary splendour. It has seen the ascent and fall of numerous and incredible domain since the sixteenth century, however, what remains its heritage today and will, maybe, forever be the sole leftover of its radiant past, is the gathering of cooking related with it.

Bongaigaon Itinerary

Day 1: Start your journey from Guwahati early in the morning to Bongaigaon. You will reach by afternoon. Start exploring the town by paying a visit to Bagheswari Hills. Then head to visit the Jogighopa and Pancharatna and scout the place. Spend a peaceful evening at Birjhora Tea Estate. Pay your respect to the Bagheswari Temple while your way back to the hotel.

Day 2: Start your day by visiting the Manas National Park and exploring the spot and nature. Then head to pay the visit to Sri Surjya Pahar. Hit the back to Guwahati. You will reach the home by midnight.

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