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Bomdila Tourism

The little hamlet of Bomdila is roosted between the pictorial backgrounds of the exalted mountains of the eastern Himalayas. It is a secluded destination and like several different Indian cities, it has jumped the implicit traveller intrusion in contemporary events. Bomdila is remembered for its spectacular suburbs accompanying with its Buddhist monasteries and apple orchids. It additionally excites the adventure seeker with its infinite trekking traces. Bomdila is positioned in the northwestern belt of the state of Arunachal Pradesh, in the northeastern area of India. It is installed in the vicinity to the all-powerful Himalayas at an elevation of 2,530 m above sea level. The climate in Bomdila is alpine and thus summertime (April-June) remains short-lived and mild, while wintertimes are freezing (November-February). It undergoes precipitation between July and September. Bomdila is the base of the West Kameng district of the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Bomdila extends to the sightseer picturesque glimpse of the formidable Himalayan territory with its snow-clad peaks. It is renowned for its apple orchids and adventurers can steer a walk into them. It also houses a few Buddhist monasteries or gompas. The expanse around Bomdila has an abundance of trekking and hiking trails that captivates the adventure seeker. This petite town has a culture of fewer than 10,000 people, the town is the home to the Monpa, Aka, Miji, Sherdukpen, and Bogun tribes. 

Things to do in Bomdila

1.Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary

167 kilometres from city centre

Traverse the perfection of mysterious nature at Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary establishe...

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2.R.R Hill

0 kilometres from city centre

One of the most tempting attractions in Bomdila is RR Hills, which also chances to be t...

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3.Lower Gompa

1 kilometres from city centre

Lower Gompa resides at the finish of the main market square in Bomdila. The monastery i...

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4.Upper Gompa

1 kilometres from city centre

Upper Gompa, also kenned as the Gontse Gaden Rabgyel Lling monastery is the most belove...

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5.Bomdila Monastery

1 kilometres from city centre

Bombdila monastery was established in 1965 by the twelfth incarnation of the TsonaGonts...

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6.Tipi Orchid Reserve

32 kilometres from city centre

Witness several varieties of orchids at the famous Tipi Orchid. The spot is also recogn...

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Bomdila Photos

Bomdila tourism
Bomdila tourism
Bomdila tourism
Bomdila tourism
Bomdila tourism
Bomdila tourism
Bomdila tourism
Bomdila tourism
Bomdila tourism

A City Lost in Time

The spring of Bomdila is misplaced in time. It was a member of the state of Tibet in medieval ages. Regional tribular leaders and rulers from Bhutan usually governed it from time to time. The Ahom kings of Assam did not interfere with the local tribes except for retaliatory raids into the tribal territory. In 1873 the British declared this area of Arunachal Pradesh as off-limits. The district has outlived a matter of feud among India and China following India earned freedom in 1947. China attacked the city neighbouring Bomdila in 1962 but withdrew its troops from the area subsequently. Losar, Nechidow, and Khan are the most commonly noted festivities in Bomdila. Monpas, who obey the Buddhist calendar, commemorate Losar as their New Year in the month of February. Bomdila is famous for its exquisite Tibetan carpets, fabulous masks, pictures and thangkas, whose elaborate carvings, exotic themes, and vivid patterns make them unique souvenir objects and mementoes.

How to reach

Bomdila is a lovely and humble hamlet found in Arunachal Pradesh. Bomdila is a preeminent traveller destination and the only way to strike here is by road. However, one can also reach here by flight and rail.

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest airport is Tezpur Airport positioned around 150 kilometres from Bomdila. Tezpur supports regional Air India flights from Kolkata and Guwahati.

How to Reach by Train

Rangapara North Railway Station is the nearest station to Bomdila at a located at a distance of 145 kilometres. One can reach Bomdila after reaching the station via taxi or a cab

How to Reach by Bus

Bomdila can be quickly reached via roadways from either Tezpur or Guwahati. Bomdila is situated at a range of 150 kilometres from Tezpur and you can travel via national highway 15 and 13. ASTC bus service is also available from Guwahati and Tezpur.

How to Reach by Road

Bomdila is positioned at a range of 150 kilometres from Tezpur and you can travel via national highway 15, 13. Whereas Bomdila is found at a span of 330 kilometres from Guwahati and you can arrive the address via national highway 15, 27, 715 joining with 13. You can hire any prepaid taxis from the airport terminal or the railway station. Private taxis and cab also ply.

How to travel within

Taxis and cabs are available in the city. However, travelling on one's own feet can be a good option to witness the true essence of the town's grace. 

Toothsome Momos coupled with a breathtaking view

Eating in Bomdila: The Bomdila market area has different alternatives for regional food like momos, Thukpa, soups and noodles. One must also try out the roadside stalls and Dhabas. Some of the larger establishments cover Tsepal Yongjam, Dragon and Silver Oaks. Bomdila is similarly popular for its street food, especially in West Kemeng. Massively inspired by Tibetan culture, Bomdila restaurants serve multiple treats including momos, which are dumplings rammed with cabbage, diced chicken or pork, and are each steamed or fried, and Thukpa, light and nutritious noodle soup supplemented by eggs and chicken.

Hotels: There is an availability of hotels such as Hotel Sweet, Circuit House, Hotel La and Tourist Lodge which charge approximate  Rs 800 to Rs 2500 tariff for one night. One can easily find great deals on hotels on a number of apps and sites. 

Cash/Card: The city being a small hamlet, it is advisable to carry a certain amount of money with yourself. The ATMs such as SBI, Central bank, ICICI Bank are available in the town


Bomdila Itinerary

DAY 1: After arriving at the place have rest at the respective hotels and then after freshening up head to Bomdila Monastery. The Bomdila Monastery is the prominent sightseer appeal here besides the diverse Buddhist temples that dot the hamlet. Further head to the R.R Hill in Bomdila which is the highest spot to entreat yourself with breathtaking panoramas of Tibet and Bhutan. Following that head towards Dirang Valley Return to respective hotels

DAY 2: Head to a significant attraction of Bomdila Eaglenest Sanctuary, which is home to hundreds of varieties of birds and animals and extends a spectacle of a waterfall created by the Kameng river. After that head towards the apple orchards that are welcoming and pleasing. Following that head towards Bomdila viewpoint. After that proceed to see Craft centre and ethnographic museum. Return to hotels and checkout in the morning. 

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