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Bishnupur Tourism

Bishnupur is a town in the Bankura District of West Bengal and is situated at around 132 km from Kolkata. It is popular for its terracotta temples and Baluchari sarees. The town has a superb past that is reflected in its rich heritage, music, and crafted works, for example, stoneware and weaving. Confronting a lack of stones to fabricate temples, the Malla rulers manufactured terrific terracotta places of worship to praise their adoration for Lord Krishna. The unmistakable design fused different styles from the neighboring districts. Blocks and earthenware alongside highlights like the bent Bangla rooftop were mixed with the Muslim vaults and multi-lobed curves. The block temples at Bishnupur, built between the seventeenth and eighteenth century when earthenware had achieved its peak under the Malla lords, are situated in the ruined stronghold territory and its neighborhood. The most renowned brick temple is an inquisitively molded Rasmancha with a stretched pyramidal pinnacle encompassed by cabin formed turrets. It was built in the late sixteenth century by King Beera Hambira. The temples that the zone is known for incorporate Jorbangla temple, Rasmancha temple, Shyamrai Temple and some more. These temples find huge greatness in their way of life as bearers of noteworthy chronicles just as building wonders. Earthenware increased further force under King Raghunath Singh, son of Beera Singh, who manufactured the Pancha Ratana Temple of Shyam Rai and the Jorebangla Temple of Keshta Rai. The temple of Shyam Rai with its unrivaled dolls and flower examples was the first of its sort in Bengal. Aside from temples, Bishnupur has some appealing bandhs or huge tanks that offer great touring. Bishnupur is available to the tourist during every one of the months. Be that as it may, the best time to visit Bishnupur is the winters during the months from November-February.


Bishnupur (Vishnupur) in Bankura locale of West Bengal, gets its name from Lord Vishnu, the god of the Vaishnavite Malla Kings who ruled it. Bishnupur's brilliant past is imitated in its customary engineering and crafted works, for example, ceramics and weaving. The town thrived in the seventeenth and eighteenth century and was the capital of the Malla kingdom. The most well known fine art of Bishnupur is its earthenware work. The impeccable craftsmanship of the earthenware craftsmen is obvious in the temple dividers that are lavishly embellished with the carvings of various parts of Krishna's life-playing with Radha and different milkmaids, manifestations of Vishnu, and so forth. A standout amongst the most costly saris in India called the Baluchari saris are made by skilled workers of this spot. One sari may have a whole scene from the Mahabharata woven into its outskirt and pallu. Poush Mela, which is otherwise called the Bishnupur Mela, is held each year around December 25 close to the Madanmohana Temple. This festivity stretches more than four days and is like the Poush Mela that is held yearly in Shantiniketan at about a similar time. During the festival fair, individuals from all the adjacent towns meet up to praise the finish of the rural season. While the Bishnupur Festival exhibits expressions, artworks, and materials of Adi Malla's capital, the Bishnupur Music Festival unites probably the greatest names in Bishnupur Gharana of Hindustani Music.

Top things do in Bishnupur

1. Radha Shyam Temple

1 kilometres from city centre

2. Rasmancha

1 kilometres from city centre

3. Lalji Temple

1 kilometres from city centre

4. Jorebangla Temple

1 kilometres from city centre

5. Other Important Temples

2 kilometres from city centre

6. Madan Mohan Temple

2 kilometres from city centre

7. Susunia Hill

50 kilometres from city centre

8. Biharinath Hill

68 kilometres from city centre

9. Joyrambati

34 kilometres from city centre

10. Jhilimili

75 kilometres from city centre

11. Hadal-Narayanpur

31 kilometres from city centre

12. Mukutmonipur

55 kilometres from city centre

How to reach

Bishnupur is very much associated through aviation routes and roadways. The nearest air terminal to Bishnupur is Netaji Subhas Chandra Airport which is at a distance of 121 km. Standard trains from Howrah to Bishnupur are accessible. Panagarh is the nearest transport bus depot to Bishnupur and is located at a distance of 46 km.

How to Reach by Flight

Bishnupur doesn't have its very own airplane terminal. Netaji Subhas Chandra Airport is situated in Kolkata, and it's at a distance of 121 km from Bishnupur. The global air terminal has regular flights associations from everywhere throughout the nation and the world. From the airplane terminal take a ride on the state claimed transports or contract a taxi to cover the distance.

How to Reach by Train

Bishnupur is very much associated through the railroads, as trains from Howrah to Bishnupur leave the stations all the time. The briefest course that these trains spread to reach Bishnupur is roughly 136 km.

How to Reach by Bus

Calcutta State Transport Corporation (CSTC) and South Bengal State Transport Corporation (SBSTC) transports utilize normally between Dharmatala/Esplanade transport remain of Kolkata and Bishnupur. Local transport buses keep running in Kolkata, and the closest transport bus to Bishnupur is in Panagarh which is 46 km away. An elective choice is accessible, as you can deboard at Durgapur Bus stand which is 48 km far from Bishnupur.

How to Reach by Road

Bishnupur is well - associated by a well-maintained road network. It's exceptionally simple to achieve the city from anyplace in West Bengal. You can drive to Bishnupur all alone. Private cooled and non-cooled taxis can be benefited too.

How to travel within

As this is a community, you can without much of a stretch stroll around Bishnupur and visit the tourist places.


Bishnupur has the ideal setting to test bona fide Bengali cooking. Little lodgings, modest shacks, and anonymous shops sell the most delightful and reasonable desserts, bites and suppers. The café at Bishnupur Tourist Lodge has great feasting choices including Bengali, North Indian, and Chinese. For 'jal-khabar', as the town calls its tidbits, the little lodgings/dhabas at the transport bus stand offer a rural yet flavorful menu of luchi, ghugni, singhara, mishti, chops, kachauri, and obviously tea. Desserts of Bishnupur are acclaimed all over Bengal. Little shops selling customary sweetmeats like pantua, mihi-dana, kodapak, sondesh, cham–cham and obviously rosogulla can be found at each corner; everyone is as great, if worse than the others. Other than this one can savor the delectable Chicken slashes and Pakodas produced using potato, onion, brinjal and so on. Among beverages, Mahua is a local beverage which is well known and across the board.

Bishnupur Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Kolkatta airport, hire a cab that will take you to Bishnupur. Reaching the town, check in at your pre-book hotel and freshen up to start a trip in this fascinating place. Getting refreshed, head out first to visit the Jhilimili and spend some time in its fresh and lavish beauty. From there move towards the Hadal-Narayanpur to get a glimpse of the many other terracotta temples. Finish your day with an extraordinary Bengali cuisine served in the many restaurants that are scattered in the town.

Day 2: Finishing breakfast, head out first to visit the Biharinath Hill, later move towards Joyrambati and also visit the Jorbangla Temple. After lunch, taking a break, move out again to visit the Radha-Shyam Temple and the Laliji Temple that are much renowned here. Before finishing your day, try to visit the various more temples that Bishnupur is famous for. Stay overnight and head out the next day back to the airport, to board your flight back home.