#6 of 10 things to do in Bhilai

Siyadevi is truly nature's abode which is known for a temple dedicated to Goddess Sita. Near the temple is a waterfall so beautiful that it seems like Sita Maiya had herself blessed and curated the place. The water doesn't fall from a great height but is beautifully wide. The place though is evergreen, it would be great to visit it in the monsoons as then the volume of water increases a lot. There are a lot of rocks behind the waterfall, making it very picturesque. Also, there is a canal which is equally beautiful. 

The temple is very old, but there is good connectivity of roads, which helps in commuting easily. A great spot for weekends, it is ideal to spend time with your family and friends. It definitely helps you to re-connect with nature. 

Siyadevi Photos

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Captured by <a href="">Vinod Shahu</a>