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Bhilai Tourism

Bhilai, the steel City of Chattisgarh lies in the Durg district and can be undoubtedly called the heart of it. It is an industrial town, courtesy Bhilai Steel Plant, which comes under SAIL(Steel Authority of India Limited). Bhilai has several accomplishments, one of them being the sole supplier of the country's longest rail tracks, which measure 260 metres. It is the second biggest city in Chattisgarh after the state capital Raipur. Lately, it has also emerged as an educational hub, owing to the awareness among people about education. It has become a prime factor in development as well. 

Bhilai is not just about steel production, every city has a soul and so does Bhilai. Its soul lies in the people who have been a part of its culture since forever. As it became an industrial city, it attracted people from a lot of places, especially nearby cities for employment purposes, this led to a fusion of many different cultures and thus today in Bhilai you can find people not just from Chattisgarh, but Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal and Orissa. Thus, festivals of kinds are celebrated here with great enthusiasm and zeal. It makes living here worthwhile as it also teaches you to respect as well as embrace diversity!

Industrialization Of Bhilai

Bhilai saw a change of fate when it was selected for the construction of a steel plant. Before the significant industrialization, in the 18th century, it was a small village more or less under the rule of Haihaivanshi Kingdom. Then in 1740, it was taken over by Marathas. Furthermore, it was under the British administration from 1853-1947. Its fate changed in 1955 when the Indian Government took the decision of setting up a steel plant. It was a historic decision as then India wasn't as developed technologically as it is today, so it took help from USSR(Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) to set it up. This decision was made keeping in mind easy availability of resources including iron ore, water and power supply. This set up gave a boost to the Indian manufacturing industry and led the foundation of the industrial force India is today. 

Top things do in Bhilai

1. Tandula

16 kilometres from city centre

2. Dhamdha

6 kilometres from city centre

3. Bhilai Steel Plant

4 kilometres from city centre

4. Civic Center

2 kilometres from city centre

5. Ganga Maiya Temple

54 kilometres from city centre

6. Maitri Bagh-Zoo

3 kilometres from city centre

7. Siyadevi

64 kilometres from city centre

8. Shopping in Bhilai

4 kilometres from city centre

9. Hajra

81 kilometres from city centre

10. Bambleshwari Temple

2 kilometres from city centre

How to reach

Bhilai is a developed city by Indian parameters and there are multiple ways to reach here. One can choose rail, road or air according to his/her wish. It is quite accessible. Bhilai doesn't have an airport of its own, but there are a railway station and a bus stand. 

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest airport is in Raipur, about 42 kms away. From there you can take a car, taxi, or cab according to your preference. 

How to Reach by Train

Bhilai has a well-connected rail network from different places of the country. It falls under the South East Central Railway zone. 

How to Reach by Bus

Several buses are available from different cities of Chattisgarh to reach Bhilai. A lot of neighbouring cities of different states too have regular buses to and from Bhilai. Government-run, as well as private buses, are available. 


How to Reach by Road

Bhilai has an excellent connection of roads. One can easily reach here by driving from any part of the country. It lies on NH6 and can also be reached by NH53.


How to travel within

There are multiple options available, including city buses, autos, rickshaws etc. Private cabs are also available easily. The city buses are considered to be the cheapest option of all. Also, for those who want to explore the city at their own pace, cars are also available for self-driving. 


Fooding and Lodging

Being an industrial township, Bhilai receives a lot of guests for all kinds of reasons, it gets a lot of business-related guests, some guests for travel purposes and some to visit their families and friends. Also, as it has developed into an educational hub recently a lo of students also look for accommodation. There is the right kind of accommodation for everybody as there are multiple hotels, guest houses, PGs and OYO rooms available for staying. 

Since Bhilai has a mixed population from multiple states, the culture here is an integration of all good things possible. And when there is such a diverse culture, there is bound to be amazing food. There are many good restaurants, cafes and dine out eateries in the city where you can enjoy a good meal. Also, street food id really good here and cannot be missed at any cost! Bhilai definitely is a unique place as there might not be a place elsewhere where you can enjoy all the good things about multiple states in a single city. 

Bhilai Itinerary

  • Give a kickstart to your day by visiting the place Bhilai is known for, Bhilai Steel Plant. Let the geek in you soak as much knowledge as possible, as what practical knowledge can teach is way more effective than theoretical knowledge. 
  • Visit the Maitri Bagh and understand the diversity of nature closely.
  • Visit Ganga Maiya temple and revitalize our soul.
  • Visit the Tandula. There, enjoy some time with the magic that is water. Do relax near water but make sure you practice all the precautionary measures, as playing with water might turn out to be dangerous.  
  • Enjoy the regional delicacies and let your taste buds have some fun.
  • Visit the Civic Center and collect some souvenirs for your trip.

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