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Bhedaghat Tourism

Bhedaghat is a town which falls in the Jabalpur district. It is situated at a distance of around 20 km from Jabalpur. The main attractions of the town are the Marble Rocks, Dhuandar Falls and the Chausath Yogini Temple. It is a very small town which has a population of 1,840 and is also known as the “Grand Canyon of India”. There are various bollywod movies that have been shot at the Marble Rocks of Bhedaghat. There is a debate regarding the origin of the name of the town. Some believe that it was named after the Rishi, Bhrigu Rishi, who used to live on the banks of the Narmada River. Some also believe that Bhedaghat is the modern name of “Bhairavi Ghat”, where Shakti Pooja used to take place. Further it is also believed by some that the name came from the term “Bhada”, which means ‘meeting’, as it is the point of confluence of Narmada and Pavananga.

Things to do in Bhedaghat

1.Shopping in Bhedaghat

0 kilometres from city centre

There is not much to shop from Bhedaghat, however the place is famous for the marble ar...

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2.Chausath Yogini Temple

0 kilometres from city centre

Chausath Yogini Temple was built by the Kalachuri kingdomand is one of the oldest sites...

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3.Dhuandhar Falls

1 kilometres from city centre

Dhuandar Falls is located in Bhedaghat, which falls in the Jabalpur district and is of ...

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4.Marble Rocks

0 kilometres from city centre

Marble Rocks is located in Bhedaghat in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The river is 8 km lon...

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Bhedaghat Photos

Madhya Pradesh tourism
Madhya Pradesh tourism
Madhya Pradesh tourism
Madhya Pradesh tourism
Madhya Pradesh tourism
Madhya Pradesh tourism

Food and Stay

The place does not have a lot to offer for food. Bhedaghat is mostly visited for the waterfalls and for few other tourist attractions. However there are stalls that provide snacks, both north and south Indian food, and the local food is not too spicy. Motel Marble Rocks is a pocket-friendly hotel in Bhedaghat which faces the Marble Rocks and is located near the Dhuandhar fall. V Resorts Vrindavan Gopala is also another hotel near the Dhuandhar Fall. However there are not many properties at Bhedaghat, so staying at Jabalpur is a better option.

How to reach

Bhedaghat does not have an airport or a railway junction of its own. It is just 28km away from the city of Jabalpur. Bhedaghat can be reached by road as Jabalpur, being one of the important cities in the country, has well connected roads to other places.

How to Reach by Flight

Bhedaghat does not have an airport of its own; the nearest airport is Jabalpur Airport which is around 30km away from the town. There are taxis or auto-rickshaws available outside the airport which can be used to reach Bhedaghat from the airport.

How to Reach by Train

Bhedaghat does not have a railway station of its own; the closest one is the Jabalpur Junction which is around 30km away from Bhedaghat. Many trains stop at Jabalpur Station as it is an important city. Taxi services are available outside the station which helps people to reach Bhedaghat.

How to Reach by Bus

Bhedaghat is also accessible by road. State-run buses as well as those owned by private agencies are available to reach Bhedaghat. Shared auto-rickshaws can also be taken from the city of Jabalpur to reach Bhedaghat.

How to Reach by Road

Bhedaghat is at a distance of around 296km from Nagpur and can be reached by taking a bus from Nagpur to Jabalpur and then taking a car or a bus from Jabalpur to Bhedaghat. The village is around 842km away from Delhi and by road will take around 15 hours. Bhedaghat can also be reached by taking a motorboat from the Panchvati Ghat, which is around a 50 minutes boat ride along the river Narmada.

How to travel within

People can walk and explore the beauty of the place.


The place celebrates Sharad Purnima on full moon night, when the light of the moon falls on the rocks and gives it a silver appearance and the rocks look beautiful.

Bhedaghat Itinerary

 The entire town can be explored in a day. After reaching Jabalpur, leave for Bhedaghat. On reaching the hotel, proceed towards Dhuandar Falls and Marble Rocks. After that you can visit the local stores for shopping and then visit the Chausath Yogini Temple.

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