The land of Big Ponds

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Barpeta Tourism

Barpeta is one of the most significant towns located in Western Assam. Approximately 90 kilometres north-west of Guwahati Barpeta is a majestic town well-liked by travellers. Barpeta means 'land of big ponds' and as the name suggests, in the early days of Barpeta, the spot was chock-full of such ponds. In the Traditional map of Assam, the place is marked as the 'Land of the Satras'. These Satras carry the attestation of the prominent Assamese reformer, saint, Scholar and Cultural exponent Srimanta Sankardeva and his talented pupil Shri Shri Madhabdeva who came from Upper Assam back in the 16th century to set a powerful grounds of Assamese tradition in the area through his socio-religious Vaishnava-reform movement. This reform movement had a huge impact and created a memorable legacy. The Barpeta Satra and several other Satras disbanded throughout the district to draw enthusiasts from everywhere in Assam. The gorgeous river of Brahmaputra ripples down from east to west across the Southern part of the Barpeta. 

Things to do in Barpeta

1.The Brahmaputra River

2 kilometres from city centre

In order to witness the charm of the world famous Brahmaputra river, tourists can hit B...

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2.The Barpeta Satra

2 kilometres from city centre

Barpeta Satra is a significant spiritual spot in Assam. Dating back to 500 years old, t...

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3.Beki river

18 kilometres from city centre

The beautiful river Beki flows through Barpeta radiating hopefulness. Being one of the ...

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4.Manas National Park

46 kilometres from city centre

Resting in the foothills of Himalaya in Assam, The Manas Wildlife Sanctuary or Manas Na...

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Barpeta has been a site of exceptional spiritual divinity. The place is acknowledged by several names such as Tatikuchi, Porabhita, Mathura, Vrindavan, Choukhutisthan, Nabaratna-Sabha, Icchakuchi, Pushpak Vimana, Kampur and Barpeta. Barnagar (Sorbhog) The current District constituted an essential component of the Koch-Hajo was founded by Koch King Naranarayan. From the early period, Barpeta testified the control of the Varmans, the Salasthamas, the Palas, the Kamatas and the Koches. 

The culture and history of Barpeta are dominated by the striking input of the prominent Assamese renaissance character and reformer Mahapurush Shrimanta Sankardeva who set the framework of Assamese history and culture in and around the district. 

How to reach

Barpeta is suitably connected to different towns and cities by railways. Guwahati is the most adjacent significant city, which houses the airport. 

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest airport to Barpeta is the Guwahati Airport, located at a distance of around 98-100 km from Barpeta. 

How to Reach by Train

When travelling via railways, one can get down at Guwahati station from where the train route is connected through Barpeta Road which is 18 Km from Barpeta Town. Local train service is available in between Guwahati - Barpeta road. 

How to Reach by Bus

Buses are frequently available to and from Guwahati to Barpeta.

How to Reach by Road

Small cab services known as a cruiser, are also available from Guwahati to Barpeta town.

How to travel within

Rickshaws and taxis are, the most suitable modes of intercity transport, which are readily available and that too at very cheap rates.


FOOD: Assamese cuisine is distinguished for its very light use of seasonings, limited cooking and rich flavours, due to the usage of fruits and vegetables that are either fresh, drained or fermented.  The must try are Bhaat (rice) with Dal (lentils), 'MasorJool' (fish curry), with Mangso (meat curry). Fish curries made of Rou, illish, or Chitol. Birds like ducks and pigeon are also utilised in recipes. Pork and Mutton dishes are principally widespread amongst the younger generation. 

STAY: Places such as Diya Disha, Gotel Atithya, Hotel Mayur, H B Guest House, Chitralekha, Queen's castle, Prashanti tourist lodge offer a comfortable stay at reasonable rates.

AVAILABILITY OF ATM: SBI, ICICI Bank, CBI, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, UCO Bank etc operate in the area. 

Barpeta Itinerary


Reach Barpeta early in the morning. Freshen up and get ready for the exciting day at Barpeta. First, visit the Manas National park. Later head towards Beki River. Moving forward in Barpeta, visit the Barpeta Satra and further go to witness the beauty of magnificent Brahmaputra river. Wrap up the day by some gratifying food and leave for Assam in the dusk. 

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