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Bankura Tourism

With much authentic noteworthiness, Bankura is a town well known for its slopes and temples and a treat for adventure sports lovers, for example, trekkers and climbers. The locale can genuinely invest heavily in having a wide scope of spots drawing in sightseers for an assortment of reasons extending from arts and architecture, terracotta temples, thick virgin backwoods, slopes and the grand spots at Mukutmonipur and so forth. Since antiquated occasions, it is prominently known as Rarh region in Bengal. Toward the west, one can visit the regular hot spring at Susunia Hill which is around 50 km from Bankura. Likewise, toward the west is the Beharinath Hill which is the tallest in the Bankura region and a significant spot for Jainism. Quite a bit of Bankura travel industry's prosperity is likewise ascribed to the enormous dam at Mukutmanipur, which is around 55 km from Bankura. Aside from these Bankura additionally includes a lot more temples and mosques around the city, each with its own little verifiable significance. It is fundamentally a town with amazing picturesque landscapes. The sedating impact of Nature in Bankura has been recognized by every one of the travellers who had visited the spot. October to March are the best months to visit Bankura when the climate is generally agreeable when contrasted with the late spring months.

Things to do in Bankura

1.Other Temples in Bankura

5 kilometres from city centre

Being a religious spot, there are a ton of significant ancient temples that you should ...

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2.Gokul Chand Temple

43 kilometres from city centre

Found just a couple of kilometre from the terracotta temples of Bishnupur, Gokulchand T...

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3.Biharinath Hill

47 kilometres from city centre

Biharinath Hill, situated on the northern part of the Saltora Block, has the most astou...

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4.Susunia Hill

27 kilometres from city centre

Susunia is a 1500 ft high slope of southern West Bengal, situated at the north-western ...

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58 kilometres from city centre

Located only 70 kilometres from the Bankura town, the Jhilmili region is an area of thi...

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49 kilometres from city centre

Situated on the banks of the Bodai River, the twin towns of Hadal-Narayanpur is well kn...

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62 kilometres from city centre

Jairambati Math is famous for different religious and social functions that are compose...

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28 kilometres from city centre

Bishnupur is a town in the Bankura District of West Bengal and situated at around 132 k...

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36 kilometres from city centre

Mukutmanipur itself is where the dam is the fundamental tourist destination. In the rou...

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Bankura tourism
Bankura tourism
Bankura tourism
Bankura tourism
Bankura tourism
Bankura tourism
Bankura tourism
Bankura tourism


For right around a thousand years, Bankura was the capital of the Malla dynasty of Mallabhum and has a reference in Mahabharata. The support of the Malla ruler Bir Hambir and his successors Raja Raghunath Singha and Bir Singha made Bankura one of the central focuses of culture in Bengal. Aside from the special architecture of the period, Bankura is likewise renowned for its terracotta artworks and its Baluchari sarees woven in unadulterated silk with themes speaking of Indian folklore. Bankura tourism is likewise supported by the nearness of Bengali painting, music and different types of local craftsmanship. Illustrious royal support additionally offered to ascend to the Bishnupuri Gharana of Hindustani traditional music and the Bishnupur School of painting. Bankura is so impacted by music that two or three local engineering school groups have really figured out how to become wildly successful in talent shows. Fairs and celebrations happen consistently in this ancient town. The administration organized Bishnupur Mela is held in December consistently, while religious celebration and driven fairs incorporate the Ras Utsav of Bishnupur, the Chaitra Gajan of Ekteshwar, Dharmarajer Gajan and so forth are not many of numerous festivals held in Bankura. The Shiva Gajans and the Jhapan celebration can be likewise considered the famous celebrations devoted to Lord Shiva and snake goddess Manasha that is commended with much ceremony and gleam in Bankura.

How to reach

Bankura can be reached by cabs or by transport buses from Kolkata which is only 170 km. Kolkata has the closest air terminal. Durgapur is additionally only 45 km away and transport buses and taxis are accessible on this course. Transport Buses are additionally accessible from other close-by towns like Tatanagar, Ranchi, Kharagpur, and so on. There are additionally various trains which stop at Bankura and associates Bankura to major cities of North India.

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest aeroplane terminal to Bankura is Kolkata's Netaji Subhashchandra Bose International air terminal with associations with major cities of India and numerous abroad destinations.

How to Reach by Train

Bankura has its very own railroad station. In any case, it is associated with Kolkata and Bhubaneshwar as it were. The closest significant railhead is at Kolkata. From that point, you can take a taxi or transport to Bankura.

How to Reach by Bus

Transport buses are accessible from most close-by major cities and towns to Bankura. Going to a transport bus is one of the approaches to reach Bankura from Durgapur or Kolkata. State-run transports and a number of private transport buses are accessible from every adjacent city to Bankura.

How to Reach by Road

Bankura can be gotten to by well-maintained roads, mainly the State Highway 2 from Kolkata which is 170 kilometres from the capital.

How to travel within

You can procure rickshaws and auto rickshaws for circumventing the town. Rental vehicles can likewise be procured for a similar reason.


Bengali cooking is one of the best mixes of non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. The wide assortments of Bengal Cuisine in celebrations, events and seasons are a basic part of Bengali Culture. The sizable chunk dishes with hotness and pastries with syrupiness from the buffet of Bengal just remains a foodgaze to each explorer venturing in Bengal. Bankura is well known for its sweet treasure which is locally known as Mecha Sandesh. Another local sweet, Pera is exceptionally acclaimed. Among beverages, Mahua is a local drink which is prevalent and all around effectively accessible. There are no extravagant cafés here, however, there are some eating joints which could offer an unassuming assortment, for example, North Indian and Bengali cooking.

Bankura Itinerary

Day 1: Landing at Kolkata airport, hire a cab that will take you to the city of Bankura that lies in a distance of fewer than five hours of road drive. Reaching the city get checked in at the pre-booked hotel of your choice and freshen up to start your trip. Getting some lunch, head first to Gokul Chand Temple located close to the main city and a renowned temple of the town of Bankura. Visit the Hadal-Narayanpur lying close to the city which reduces time and energy and gives us the experience of viewing one of the marvellous and unique structures of Bankura. End your first night of the trip while relishing the local Bankura cuisine that is influenced by the state flavours.

Day 2: Finishing breakfast, start your day by heading to the Biharinath Hills known for its unique flora and fauna, later visit the famous pilgrimage destination of the region known as Bishnupur where you can spend your time exploring the terracotta temples along with shopping the renowned silks and handicrafts. From there go ahead towards the Jhimili Hills which is an awesome place to view extraordinary sites. Spending some time here, go forward to visit the Joyrambatti Math which is secured as the Ramakrishna Mission Sarada Sevashrama Yogashrama and the home of the Holy Mother. Have lunch, and then leave for the Mukutmonipur which is renowned for its dam and beautiful landscapes.  Later visit the more few famous temples of Bankura before getting back to town. Spend your last night on this trip by shopping in Bankura to take its beautiful handcrafted artefacts back home. Stay overnight and head back to Kolkata the next day to board your flight back home.

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