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Bakkhali Tourism

Enclosed by the bustle of West Bengal but then a world in itself, Bakkhali is a little shoreline town situated on the West Bengal coast. Bakkhali is located on one of the many deltaic islands spread across the southern part of Bengal. A large portion of the islands is a part of the Sundarbans, excepting a couple at the edges. A portion of these is combined with extensions over thin rivulets. This little island sticks out into the huge field of the Bay of Bengal. The south-bound bow molded shoreline of Bakkhali is one of the uncommon ones on the planet that offer extraordinary perspectives on both dawn and dusk. Bakkhali tourism has a ton to owe to the vessel ride on boats called Bhutbhutis, which take voyagers to Jambhu Dwip, a close-by island. The touring is done from these boats itself since sightseers are not permitted on the island, yet it is totally justified, despite all the trouble. At Henry Island, one can appreciate the picturesque magnificence taking care of business with Kankru, palm, Sundari, and many different types of trees. Mangroves additionally overwhelm numerous beachfront regions of the island. Bakkhali is for the most part favored by explorers. The go-to spot for kinds of explorers, be it family, children, and couples, Bakkhali is, be that as it may, generally full with fun for everyone.

Things to do in Bakkhali

1.Henry's Island

5 kilometres from city centre

Henry's Island gets its name from a European, who in the nineteenth century reviewed th...

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2.Bakkhali Beach

1 kilometres from city centre

The wide shoreline of Bakkhali extends from Bakkhali to Frazergunj. The water and the s...

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3.Fraserganj Wind Park

1 kilometres from city centre

The region of Fraserganj is unmistakable because of some old history. Ruler Fraser, a B...

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4.Jambu Dwip

8 kilometres from city centre

Jambu Dwip is a disengaged island situated in the Bay of Bengal. It is located at a dis...

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Bakkhali trip
Bakkhali trip
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Bakkhali trip
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Bakkhali trip
Bakkhali trip
Bakkhali trip


With regards to sustenance, Bakkhali is a most loved frequent for the fish-cherishing Bengali vacationer. Pabda, Pomfret, Ilish, and Bethki, alongside prawns and crabs, are accessible at a pocket-friendly cost at the roadside diners. These restaurants additionally cook the naturally gotten fish bought from the ocean shoreline. Try the seafood and different dish of fishes at the Sagar Kanya, a little restaurant out and about interfacing Bakkhali Bus, remain to the shoreline. There are a lot of shacks and joints by the shoreline however just fly a couple of offer veggie lover alternatives. Be that as it may, every lodging has its very own cafés, so the further you are from the ocean, the more veggie lover alternatives you will discover. Fish is something to do here to appreciate around Kolkata. Bakkhali is a run of the mill shoreline town with regards to cuisine. The nonvegetarian food is scrumptious and you may wind up finding a few dishes, you have never tasted.

How to reach

Not many prime cities are connected to this small town. Although, there are few cities which are connected with the town, such as Kolkata, Kharagpur, and few more.

How to Reach by Flight

The closest aeroplane terminal is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose global Airport at Dum, Kolkata. One can reach there by road or via train from Kolkata.

How to Reach by Train

Its closest station is Namkhana railroad. You can benefit any train rushing to Namkhan from Sealdah through Kakdwip and Lakshmikantapur to Namkhana.

How to Reach by Bus

You can take the bus till Diamond Harbor. After crossing the Diamond Harbor Kakdwip, the bus will change its course and the bus will be taken by ferry services to the Hatania-Doania then you will be taken to the destination.

How to Reach by Road

Bakkhali is all around associated by street to Kolkata. The street goes through Diamond Harbor and Kakdwip to Namkhana, where the vehicle or transport must be shipped over the Hatania-Doania brook in a unique ship to reach there.

How to travel within

A large portion of Intercity Commuting is done on rickshaws and vans. They are shoddy, open and broadly accessible. Additionally, you have to procure a vehicle just to travel long distances which aren't an excessive number of in Bakkhali.


The temperature of Bakkhali Beach stays sticky lasting throughout the year. Throughout the mid-year months beginning from March and proceeding till May, the atmosphere is incredibly hot and the warmth gets deplorable now and again. The temperature during Bakkhali Beach runs between 20⁰C to 41⁰C. Summer season is trailed by a rainstorm and the spot gets abundant precipitation during this time. The appearance of downpours brings some break from the awkward warmth. Be that as it may, the downpours upset the open air exercises at the beachside thus travelers must abstain from visiting Bakkhali Beach during this time. Winters stays in this spot from December to February. During this time the spot is tolerably cold and the climate is entirely charming. The best time to investigate the superb goal of Bakkhali Beach is from October to March.

Bakkhali Itinerary

Day 1:

Start your venture of the day from Kolkata to Bakkhali. You will reach the town after a drive of 4 hours. Visit Henry’s island and explore the spot. Then head to visit Jambu Dwip and scout the island. Pay a visit to Fraserganj Wind Park and have fun there. Spend a peaceful evening at Bakkhali Beach. Hit the road back to Kolkata. You will reach the home by midnight.

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