A City built by the Gods

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Hindi, Awadhi, Braj, Urdu

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Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport
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Ayodhya Tourism

Ayodhya is situated in the heart of the province of Uttar Pradesh, in the northern region of India. It is a part of the extraordinary northern plains and is situated on the south bank of river Saryu. Being the origin of Lord Rama, Ayodhya is mentioned in legends and stories including the epic Ramayana and was known Saket in ancient times. Hinduism isn't the main religion that thrived here, Jainism, Buddhism, and Islam prospered here too and their influences can be seen around the town. Ayodhya is additionally the birthplace of five Jain Tirthankars including Adinath. Ayodhya gloats of a range of tourist attraction spots that are scattered everywhere in the city. A majority of them are religious attractions. Scores of pilgrims visit these Tourist Attractions in Ayodhya consistently. Hanuman Garhi, a temple located at the center of the city is an absolute stoppage during your Ayodhya Tour. The Jain temples of Ayodhya are another huge fascination for the sightseers. You can likewise visit Kanak Bhawan, the temple that is additionally called Sone-ka-Ghar. Nageshwarnath Temple is another great spot to visit. The Monuments in Ayodhya are another intriguing choice to visit. The greater part of these landmarks have some history joined to them and you would be most likely charmed once you come to know about them. The best time to visit Ayodhya is between October to December, both for its climate and the celebrations.

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The ancient city of Ayodhya was known to be established by the Hindu divinity Manu and is accepted to be 9000 years old. It is a standout amongst the most frequented pilgrim visited spots and is acclaimed for its different temples which are visited by individuals of different Indian religion. It is one of the seven holiest cities of India. Babur, the founder of the Mughal Empire in India, built a mosque in Ayodhya which turned into the part of the incomparable Mughal Empire and was controlled by them for a long time. People in the city communicate in Hindi, Urdu, Awadh, and English. The most popular celebrations in the city are Diwali, Ram Navami, Shivratri, Dussehra, Ramzan, Mahavir Jayanthi, Eid etc. Ayodhya, the blessed city of religion and culture for Hindus plays host to the Ram Navami Festival in the period of April. Along with it the city also celebrates the renowned Ramayan Fair with aarti and puja on the bank of River Saryu in the long stretches of November - December.

Ayodhya Itinerary

Day 1: Arriving at Lucknow Airport you can directly get into a cab or a pre-book one and start your road journey to Ayodhya which will take around 3 hours to reach the city. Reaching there we can get check-in into the hotel and get refreshed and have a light lunch and start our day by exploring the temples and the historically famous Hanuman Garhi. Getting back at night and having dinner early, will restore our energy for the next day.

Day 2: Have to breakfast and head start your day by visiting the sacred Ramjanma Bhoomi. Later on from there, go ahead to visit the mesmerizing the Gulab Bari to see the beautiful Rose gardens. Back in the city, have lunch and get rested in the home for a few hours. Go ahead in the evening to visit the Nageshwarnath Temple and the Kanak Bhawan to see the glorious temples and idols of Ayodhya. Stay overnight and start up your journey back home the next day.


Alternatives for food in the city can be very limited since the cuisine here is strictly made up of vegetarian food and there aren't many extravagant eating places found in the community. Non-vegetarian food and alcohols are disallowed here. The bunch of nearby eateries and Dhabas here offer Punjabi, North-Indian and Chinese cuisines for the convenience of tourists. Few of the good restaurants found in the area are Shri Ram Hotel, Abha Hotel, Ram Shyam Hotel, and Gokul Restaurant. The state is known for the flavors and variety of its Chaat, which incorporates Aloo Tikki, Pani Puri, Kachori, Papri Chaat, Samosa and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Ayodhya has a lot of small dhabbas that serve delightful North Indian Thalis (dinners). These Thalis are loaded up with an assortment of staple North Indian dishes alongside Roti (bread) and rice.

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