Land of Lights

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English, Tamil, French, Hindi, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese

2 Days


Chennai International Airport
27℃ to 40℃

Auroville Tourism

Auroville is one of those towns which seem to spring up appropriate out of fiction. In the association region of Pondicherry, this township keeps running on the standards of harmony, agreement, reasonable living and 'heavenly awareness' which was the rationality of the Mother of Sri Aurobindo Society, Mirra Alfassa. This all-inclusive township was initiated on 28 February 1968 with the plan that it will be a spot for individuals willing enough to make this a center point of continuous instruction and advancement, paying little heed to their rank, ideology, nationality or race. Called the city of daybreak, this spot is the exemplification of peacefulness and demonstrates as the ideal getaway for the ones looking for harmony. That equivalent nature of profound worldly immortality infests in Aurovilian Olivier Barot's photograph show, that debuted on fourth August in the new Kalinka Gallery in Pondicherry. Entitled India, Land of Light, the display is a review of photos taken by Olivier in the course of the last quarter century. It highlights scenes from sacrosanct and recorded destinations like Varanasi, Rameswaram, Khajuraho, Hampi, and Mahabalipuram. Be that as it may, these are significantly more than a traveler could snap. Through suggestive models of divine beings and artists, brilliant stream scenes, just as through the articulations and stances of the general population possessing these spots, Aurovile catches and brightens India's 'inscape'; that interminable zone of stillness, astuteness, and light that underlies the clamor and craze of present-day India.

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At present numerous societies intercede upon Auroville's domain that is rustic, set in southern India. English is heard in numerous accents - French, Italian, German, Tamil, American, Bengali, Russian, Korean, and so on; once in a while even British. One can get up at 6 am to town music and go for an artful dance class at 9. Have sambar for lunch and work on the PC till 5 pm. At night there could be a discussion on Future Poetry or the Vedas. Or then again, one could go to a jazz show, hear a musical crew from Chennai, a Dhrupad presentation, Bauls from Bengal, or Bach. There could be a throughout in the night theatre celebration in the town, Waiting for Godot at the hall, or you can go to the sanctuary, and view it lit up mysteriously with lights.

Auroville Itinerary

Day 1: Start your journey in the morning from Chennai to Auroville. You can reach the destination by afternoon. Then visit Matrimandir in noon and explore the place. In evening spend a peaceful evening by visiting Auroville beach. Head to the hotel and take rest for the day.

Day 2: Start your morning by visiting Cinema Paradiso after having a hearty brunch. Hit the road to home. You can reach home by evening in Chennai.


There are tons and huge amounts of eateries and bistros in this spot. It has plenty of extravagant eateries, not regarding the costs they charge but rather as far as the foods that they have on offer. This is remembered to oblige an expansive number of outside sightseers that Auroville gets every year. The most mainstream eateries are The Solar Kitchen and La Terrace. One can discover a wide range of cooking styles over here going from perfect Italian to conventional South Indian dishes. Auroville is genuinely a foodie's paradise.

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