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Anthargange Tourism

A place which is dwelled into the aesthetics and adventure named Anthargange is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges which is located in Shathashrunga, Karnataka. It is in Kolar District of Karnataka. This spot is a 70km drive from Bangalore which makes it an ideal getaway spot for the people living there. 

 The place depicts the nature’s art and beauty as it is a destination which comprises of volcanic formations and intensely carved caves plus the presentation of the paradox that is greenery as well as the thorny bushes up the hill. Anthargange is hill situated on the southern part of Karnataka. The name Anthargange is a Kannada word which means “The Ganges from the deep” as it is believed that a stream flows within the mountain range formed of volcanic formations and that stream is the Ganges. 

This destination is also known as the Kashi of the South because of the religious significance of the temples and the river Ganges flowing in there. Also, there are many myths regarding this hill inclusive of the tale of Lord Parasurama and Jamadagni and the river Ganges' sacredness as the stream flows from the head of Lord Shiva. Due to the fact that these myths have more weight than anything else makes it an interesting place to know about and learn. Anthargange is a religious location but with time due to its structure and formation of a range, it became a popular spot to visit and enjoy the weekend.  

Things to do in Anthargange

1.Cave Exploration

974 kilometres from city centre

Anthargange is known for its beautifully formed cave which are an intricate work of nat...

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1599 kilometres from city centre

The splendor of Anthargange is because of its rockland structure due to the volcanic fo...

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Anthargange Photos

Anthargange tourism
Anthargange tourism
Anthargange tourism
Anthargange tourism
Anthargange tourism
Anthargange tourism
Anthargange tourism

General Trivia

The mountain range in the ’Gold Town’ Kolar District, Anthargange is a mysterious cave exploration trek which will amaze you beyond your expectations.The thing which will interest you the most is the fact that there is a mysterious spring flowing within from a statue of Nandi(Bull)- This is why the name Anthargange is given which means Inner Spring. Also the difficulty level of this hiking is marked as easy, fit for amateurs. This place is an interesting deviation from the town of Kolar due to the caved in paths, flat meadows and a thing of prime importance which is the altitude range of 1662 meters above from the sea level.

Things to do

The trip is designed as a one day visit hence all the fun is squeezed into full packed all day round activities. The place is a perfect spot for trekking activities, cave exploration and visiting the temples. Starting from the night trek which will include the exploration of a variety of caves within. Moving on to a night which could be on the top of the hill feeling the cold breeze and the splendid view of Kolar town. After that, your trip could be ended by the beautiful sunrise the next day. The famous temple is visited on the starting spot itself as Dakshin Kashi Kshetra temple is the source point of the trek. 


As it is a trek inclined visit there are no fine dinings or cafes to be expected. There might be a few tea stalls and basic south Indian dishes stalls that too at the end of or the starting of the trek. Hence, coming prepared with your own eatables is what regarded as the best option. 

How to reach

Anthargange is a small mountain range in Kolar Town of Karnataka. It is the best weekend plan for the people living in Bangalore because of its minimal distance to Anthargange. 

But suppose the starting location is a far off place like, Jaipur, Rajasthan then flight is a more convenient option. Though by road and train is also an option these are costly and time-consuming ones.

How to Reach by Flight

Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore is the nearest airport to Anthargange. And from here you could take a taxi to the spot where you will have your base point of the visit. 

Many known and good airlines offer the facility of reaching to Bangalore namely, Air India, SpiceJet, Indigo and Vistara connecting from the international airports like Jaipur, Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai, etc. The fare will be according to the time and date you select. After reaching the airport you could hire a cab or a taxi or could drive yourself to the destination.

How to Reach by Train

Kolar Railway Station, Kolar is the nearest station from Anthargange with a distance of approximately 3kms. The routes of railway station are well joint with the metropolis cities inclusive of Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune. Though if not directly connected to the broad gauge of Bangalore, the train journey is a tiresome one which includes stops to reach Kolar and then a drive towards Anthargange. 

However, there may be no direct trains to Kolar Railway Station but there are directly connected rails to Bangalore Station and from there one could either opt for Kolar Station or a direct drive to Anthargane. Far off destinations will be time-consuming and may occupy many days.

How to Reach by Bus

If you are opting for a cost-efficient trip then the bus is a favorable option but it can be tiring. Coming from far off starting points will take up time and require to change quite a few buses also. But if you are a resident of Bangalore you could opt for intercity commute facilities to Kolar and then go by taxi or drive yourself there.

How to Reach by Road

Road journey is always very entertaining and according to one's needs. A drive from Bangalore to Anthargange is 70km far away but a beautiful one as roads are very smooth with beautiful views around. Coming from another point will take time according to your source point. 

How to travel within

Anthargange Itinerary

Anthargange ideally is a one day trip as it includes only the trekking and visitation of one of the famous temple over there. One of them is Vishweshwara Temple, built in the name of Lord Shiva. The extra time that will be taken up by traveling which will be defined according to the source destination. 

Basically, the trip will begin by a trek in which you could experience the mysterious caves uniquely formed at that range. After finishing the trek, you could visit the sightseeing points and then in the night enjoy the camp life. Next morning if you are a morning person you can enjoy the early bird experience of a beautiful sunrise and then can leave for the railway station or the airport or drive yourself back. 

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