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Hindi, English (Bengali, Telugu and Sri Lankan Tamil are also used in some areas. )

6 Days

November to May

Vir Savarkar International Airport
27℃ to 28℃

Andaman & Nicobar Tourism

The swaying palm trees lining the white sandy beaches along a clear blue sea is any travelers dream site. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal is a perfect embodiment of that dream. Thick virgin evergreen forests and indigenous tribes that have never come in contact with the modern world and unexplored coral reefs lining the shores make this place extremely unique. Not all Islands are open to tourists here, but there is still a very vast set of adventures and destinations to explore. Watersports like scuba diving, snorkeling, sea walks, jet skiing and many more fun events await any spirited traveler. Treks, caves, waterfalls and mangrove creeks are also part of this adventure destination. Not all islands here are inhabited but the ones that are accessible to tourists are equipped with required facilities. A visit to these tropical Islands can give you the memories for a lifetime.

When to visit...?

Andaman is a year-round tourist attraction except for the months of strong monsoon when tides can be strong. November to May is ideal to visit these tropical islands.

The summer here starts in April and continues till June. Andaman having the tropical monsoon climate experience a pleasant summer, making this the perfect time to enjoy basking in sun in the beaches and for other fun adventures.

July marks the beginning of monsoon on the Islands and it is recommended to avoid visits till the beginning of September since monsoon here can be harsh enough to spoil the fun.

The Winter here is also a well recommended period for the tourists since the cool breeze and chilly nights can make this tropic destination a romantic haven. 


Top things do in Andaman & Nicobar

1. Rutland Island

34 kilometres from city centre

2. Ross Island & Smith Island

13 kilometres from city centre

3. Havelock Island

44 kilometres from city centre

4. Neil Island

44 kilometres from city centre

5. Cellular Jail

12 kilometres from city centre

6. Little Andaman

112 kilometres from city centre

7. Scuba Diving In Andaman

49 kilometres from city centre

8. Wandoor Beach

17 kilometres from city centre

9. Long Island

79 kilometres from city centre

10. Baratang Island

55 kilometres from city centre

11. Chatham Saw Mill

9 kilometres from city centre

12. Viper Island

10 kilometres from city centre

13. Corbyn's Cove

14 kilometres from city centre

14. Snorkeling in Andamans

12 kilometres from city centre

15. Barren Island

144 kilometres from city centre

16. City Shopping

1649 kilometres from city centre

How to reach

The only available modes of transportation to these Islands are either by air or by water. It takes about 2 to 5 hours by flight depending on from where you board. And by ship, its a voyage of 60 to 70 hours. Although there is a sea route it is not highly recommended as a tourist unless you are into sailing and would like to have the whole experience. If you are up to it then there are three to four sailings every month from Chennai Vizhak and Kolkatta.

How to Reach by Flight

Flights are the best mode t get to Andaman and are available from Chennai, Kolkatta, Mumbai, and Delhi. from Mumbai and Delhi it is a 5 hr journey, while from Chennai and Kolkatta it takes only 2 hrs.

How to Reach by Train

How to Reach by Bus

How to Reach by Road

How to travel within

There are cabs and rickshaws (called Tuk-Tuks here) for traveling within islands and ferries, speedboats, seaplanes for inter-Island travels.

Drink & Dine...

The cuisine in Andaman is not that can be called authentic but definitely vibrant and innovative. due to the presence of a multicultural population, the food here is also inspired by a variety of dishes from different parts of India. The highlight is with no doubt the seafood. But you can try varieties like:

Punjabi dishes from the Dhabhas

South Indian items like Idly, Kerala meals

Homemade Fish curry 

seafood dishes of crab, prawns, lobster & squid (might be a bit expensive)

Some Islands may not have restaurants so make sure you carry enough snacks on the trip.

Andaman & Nicobar Itinerary

Day 1: Port Blair

Visit the Cellular Jail (Kala Pani)

Visit the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and Wandoor beach, enjoy water sports like snorkeling sea walk etc,

A trip to Ross Island to explore the colonial ruins (if you get time after Wandoor).

The Light and Sound show at Kala Pani 

Enjoy the seafood and nightlife in Port Blair.


Day 2: Havelock Island

Suba dive snorkel or just enjoy one of the best beaches in India.

Day 3: Havelock Island

A trip to the Elephant Beach 

Day 4: Havelock Island

Visit the Neil Island by ferry, enjoy the Bharatpur and Laxampur beaches.

Day 5: A trip to the Bartang Island

Day 6: Enjoy the day shopping in Port Blair before returning home.