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Anantnag Tourism

Anantnag is a standout amongst the most excellent regions of the Kashmir Valley, with spouting streams and sights and sounds that make Kashmir the paradise that it genuinely is. It is a result of its reviving atmosphere, the motivating glory, its elevated mountains, the pleasant progression of sweet waters of its springs and streams, rich soil, fragrant blooms, and heavenly natural products that the region has come to be synonymous with significance. Anantnag is a city in Jammu and Kashmir and viewed as the business and money-related capital of the Kashmir valley. It is a huge business and exchanging focal point of the valley. Close to Anantnag exists the intersection of three streams, Arapath, Brengi, and Sandran, and the subsequent river is named as Veth or Jhelum. There are a few bigger streams, for example, Brengi. Another stream Lidder joins the waterway somewhat downstream and starting there the river ends up safe. In the old times, Jhelum was the fundamental wellspring of transportation amongst Anantnag and different towns downstream. The vast excellence and grandness of Kashmir Valley are so appealing and charming that since ages, this land has been presented to the unexpected transformation of its religious and political status. As a vital piece of this valley, Anantnag was likewise, observer to change of rulers and routines a few times in its history. The historical backdrop of this spot is additionally very captivating in light of its reality going back to the ancient period. It discovers its notice in the antiquated legends and narratives that display the importance of this land in Indian history.

Things to do in Anantnag

1.Masjid Baba Dawood Khaki

52 kilometres from city centre

Masjid Baba Dawood Khaki worked around 600 years back, is tallied among the most season...

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2.Aishmuqam Shrine

19 kilometres from city centre

Aishmuqam Shrine is a standout amongst the most unmistakable places of interest in Anan...

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3.Martand Sun Temple

7 kilometres from city centre

Martand Sun Temple, a tremendous altar committed to Surya lies at a separation of more ...

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4.Amarnath Ji's cave

35 kilometres from city centre

Situated in Jammu and Kashmir, the Amarnath Cave is a Hindu Shrine and is visited by la...

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5.Wular Lake

89 kilometres from city centre

One of the biggest freshwater lakes in Asia, the immaculate excellence of Wular Lake is...

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6.Market Park

0 kilometres from city centre

It is the most logical option to get your hands on one of the world's best apples. Addi...

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7.Lal Chowk

0 kilometres from city centre

The memorable and key significance of Lal Chowk has been ever-present in Indian history...

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Jammu & Kashmir tourism
Jammu & Kashmir tourism
Jammu & Kashmir tourism
Jammu & Kashmir tourism
Jammu & Kashmir tourism
Jammu & Kashmir tourism
Jammu & Kashmir tourism
Jammu & Kashmir tourism
Jammu & Kashmir tourism


Anantnag is an excellent destination in South Kashmir Valley. It is known for its normal abundance, flavorful cooking styles, and affable Kashmiri people. The area of Anantnag has dependably been a centre of business and exchange. It additionally has probably the most heavenly chronicled memories of its former times. With all these joined, it comes up as a spot where one can locate an ideal mix of culture, cordiality, craftsmanship, traditions, and food. Kashmir has an irritated history which is very affected by the different occupants of this spot. The district has various populace of different rank, religion, and causes. Since the old times, its way of life is to a great extent influenced because of this assorted variety. In Anantnag too, this assorted variety delightfully exists together with concordance to set a model. The way of life of Anantnag is reflected in its kin and their convictions which are as energetic and fanatical as this whole valley seems to be.

How to reach

The closest railroad station is Anantnag Railway Station which is 5 km away and is all around associated with Kashmir Railway that keeps running from Baramulla to Qazigund. Anantnag is associated with a couple of vital urban communities by incessant trains. The closest air terminal is the Srinagar Airport, which is additionally 62 km away and is known as Sheik Ul Alam Airport. Anantnag is very much associated with other significant urban areas of the nation by means of ordinary transports.

How to Reach by Flight

The closest air terminal is Srinagar Airport and Satwari Airport, situated at a separation of around 62 km and 118 km separately from Anantnag. Air India, Vistara, Spicejet works for a few flights from Delhi to Srinagar. In any case, administrations are sporadic, and costs may shift according to the regular rates. You can contract a taxi to go to Anantnag from the air terminal or take transport which every now and again works on this course.

How to Reach by Train

The closest railroad station is Banihal and Srinagar Kashmir. There is no immediate train between New Delhi and Anantnag. On the other hand, you can take the train with train number 04066 from New Delhi to Jammu then take JKSRTC Bus administration from Jammu to Anantnag.

How to Reach by Bus

There is no immediate bus between New Delhi and Anantnag. You can take Go Air from New Delhi to Jammu then take State Transport Bus from Jammu to Anantnag which is at the separation of around 242 km.

How to Reach by Road

You can procure a taxi to venture out to Anantnag, in the wake of ensuring that the driver has involvement in driving in the sloping district. Anantnag is all around associated by street with many real urban communities.

How to travel within

To get around this city, the best methods of transport are auto rickshaws and cabs. The auto rickshaws don't handle on meters and subsequently, the costs are debatable, in the interim, the cabs are somewhat costlier than the auto rickshaws.


This area of Kashmir still portrays the flavour of its antiquated rulers who were Hindus and Buddhist. Later on, with a rise of Muslim rulers here, its cooking experience changed with the consideration of Persian and Central Asian flavours in it. There is one regular factor of nourishment in Anantnag region that is the adoration for non-vegetarian people. Both the Muslim people group and Kashmiri intellectuals are enamoured with non-veg nourishment. This adoration has been so, since ancient times. The extravagance and sweet-smelling kind of food in Anantnag are appreciated by the guests also. The nourishment here is cooked gradually so as to improve its flavour. With a mix of dry leafy food flavours, they are spruced up in their taste. Restaurants in Anantnag serve these flavorful assortments that are savoured by each taste bud. Muslims structure a noteworthy piece of its populace and in their nourishment, they evade the utilization of Asafoetida and curd while Kashmiri savants living here forgo the utilization of garlic and onions.

Anantnag Itinerary

Day 1: Start your journey early in the morning from Srinagar to Anantnag. You can reach the town until 10 am. Visit Aishmuqam Shrine and scout the place. Then visit Amarnath Ji’s Cave at noon. Spend a pleasant evening at Wular Lake. Enjoy shopping at Market Park in The evening. Pay a visit at Masjid Baba Dawood Khaki while your way back to the hotel.

Day 2: Pay your respect at Martand Sun Temple early in the morning. Then head to visit Lal Chowk. Hit the road back to Srinagar after lunch. You can reach home by evening.

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