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Ananthagiri Tourism

Ananthagiri Hills is located 10 km away from Vikarabad, in the state of Telangana, India. The primary source of water is from Osmansagar and Himayathsagar. It is acknowledged as one of the thick woods in Telangana district. During sunlight, charming coffee ranches influence the complete hill and make it appear coloured in colours of light and shadowy green and the breathtaking sight is gathered with the mists and cloud dangling over the valley. Ananthagiri has a celebrated temple located in this forested area, which is additionally the origination of Musi River. It is positioned at a range of approximately 90 km from Hyderabad City and a popular purpose for trekking and for the individuals who relish the experience. It is additionally observed as one of the initial human territories dwelled in South India. Old-fashioned caverns, medieval fortress-like constructions and old temples show the historical backdrop of the place. The entire Anantagiri Hills is splattered with excellent panoramas that will catch your heart. Among the variety of vegetation in the timberlands of Anantagiri are copious therapeutic plants and herbs. 

Things to do in Ananthagiri


1439 kilometres from city centre

Ananthagiri Hills is a beautiful end of the week retreat loaded up with lush slopes, ba...

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2.Lord Anantha Padmanabha Temple

0 kilometres from city centre

One of the most renowned Hindu temples called the Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy ...

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3.The Borra Hills and Caves


The Borra Caves, called Borra Guhalu in the local language of the region are situated i...

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4.Musi River


Located around 6 km far from Vikarabad of the Rangareddy District, the Ananthagiri Hill...

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5.Katiki Waterfalls


Katiki or Katika Waterfall is a glorious cascade located close to Borra Caves in Visakh...

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6.Araku Tribal Museum

543 kilometres from city centre

The Innate Tribal Museum exhibition hall at Araku Valley has been set up with the p...

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507 kilometres from city centre

The Breathtaking snail-trails of Ananthagiri enhance the feeling of the dash which just...

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8.Padmapuram Gardens

543 kilometres from city centre

Padmapuram Gardens is a famous botanical garden settled in Araku. The garden was constr...

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Ananthagiri Photos

Ananthagiri tourism
Ananthagiri tourism
Ananthagiri tourism
Ananthagiri tourism
Ananthagiri tourism
Ananthagiri tourism

Historical background

With backwoods elongating for miles, arresting viewpoints and plentiful areas for trekking and adventure sports, Ananthagiri Hills is a standout amongst the most prevailing goals in the state for day trippers from Hyderabad. Usually, Ananthagiri was one of the chasing grounds of the Nizams. It is believed that the backwoods here have infinite therapeutic herbs that supply the air a recuperating touch. As betokened by early stories, Rajarshi Muchikunda, consequent to having battled with demons for quite a lengthy time, stayed at Anathagiri and before long go into an intense meditation. After Kalayavana, a wicked spirit seized Dwarka and pursued Lord Krishna to Ananthagiri, he unexpectedly provokes Muchikunda and was quickly lessened to flaming remains. At that point, Padmanabha showed up before Muchikunda and honoured him by giving him a form of the river – the Musi that rises in Ananthagiri and flows through Hyderabad city. In the middle of the verdant slopes of Ananthagiri, there is a temple bound to Anantha Padmanabha Swamy, a manifestation of Lord Vishnu where followers crowd the temple to honour various festivities, especially on full moon nights. The timberlands on Ananthagiri Hills are a leading place for trekking and encounter sports too.

How to reach

Visitors rate it as one of the best points for an end of the week make cuts in the opposite way from Hyderabad. The roadways are in excellent condition, which draws you into the thick timberlands of this field with pleasing trees and streams up and down the way. Ananthagiri has been located 90 km from Hyderabad and 6 km from Vikarabad. The nearest air terminal is located in Hyderabad, and the approaching railroad station is found in Vikarabad.

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest air terminal to the town of Ananthagiri is Hyderabad which is located around 100 km from the ideal goal. The air terminal is very much connected with several important cities of the nation including Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi and so on.

How to Reach by Train

Srikakulam fills in as the nearest railroad station to Ananthagiri reclining at a trivial distance of 3 km. This railroad passing through the Eastern Ghats extending stunning panoramas is one of the most remarkable wide signs on the planet. The other significant railroad station is located in Vikarabad, very approximately 6 km far from Ananthagiri.

How to Reach by Bus

Ananthagiri is connected with Hyderabad through some private transport buses. Internet booking agencies are additionally accessible. The smooth streets regularly make for a delightful journey from Hyderabad for the tourist's convenience.

How to Reach by Road

Bikers from Hyderabad frequently take these streets for the delight of a different class and halting where their heart tells them to. Hyderabad is connected with Vikarabad by State Highway 4 up to Ananthagiri. Visitors on family holidays commonly take this route and admire the shimmering appearance in transit.

How to travel within

Ananthagiri is a pleasant town where replacement between the spots is an important modest undertaking. Auto rickshaw is a method of transportation. Taxi anyway is the most favourable and expeditious method to travel within the city.

Know before you go

CUISINE: Telangana cooking is a subsistence lifestyle unique to Telangana area and Jowar and Bajra combine unmistakably in most of their dishes. In Ananthagiri, there is an extraordinary place for roti's produced using millets, for example, Jonna Rotte (sorghum), Sajja Rotte (Pennisetum), or Sarva Pindi" and Uppudi Pindi (broken rice). The restaurants in the city serve a curry which is famously identified as Koora and Pulusu (Sour) and is secondary to Tamarind. A deep deep fry conversion of the dish is called Vepudu which is also another dish found usually in the eateries across the town. Kodi Pulusu and Mamsam (meat) Vepudu are well-known dishes in meat. Gutthi Vankaya (Brinjal), Aloogadda (potato) Koora and sear are a part of the various varieties of vegetable dishes that can be found in Ananthagiri.

AVAILABILITY OF ATM: ATMs such as IndusInd Bank, the central bank of India, Andhra Bank, SBI Bank, Bank of Baroda and so forth are available in the town.

HOTELS: Hotels such as Haritha Resort, Hills and valley adventure resort, the grass walk Vikarabad, Anantha Delux Resort, Prince Delux Resort etc offer a comfortable stay. Bookings can be made online and one can also avail the benefits of discounts and offers these sites allow.

Ananthagiri Itinerary


Day 1: After freshening up, go to visit the Araku Tribal Museum which houses the rare artefacts and sculptures showing the life of tribals and their culture of the region. From there move to the renowned temple of Lord Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple to seek his graces and see the ancient temple. Spend the nightfall touring in the banks of the Musi River that is connected with the history and savouring the pristine air of this hill station enjoying some authentic Telangana meals for dinner.

Day 2: Get up early and after finishing breakfast, go ahead to seek one of the trekking trails that will guide you in this enchanting valley loaded with infinite flora and fauna. From there leave for the Borra Caves sprawling a few kilometres away from the principal town and recognised to be one of the deepest caves found in India. Exploring some time there walk towards the grand Padmapuram Botanical Gardens that houses some rare plants and flowers also appreciating the toy train and unwinding in the tree houses established for tourist enjoyment. Stay overnight and travel back to Hyderabad the next day to board your flight back home.

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