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Located 13 kms from the city of Aurangabad, Khuldabad is a small town known for its religious and historic importance. It is said that in the 14th century, Khuldabad was known as Rauzaa (the garden of paradise) as it was home to several Sufi saints of that time. Adorned with Mughal architecture, Khuldabad is a beautiful spot to visit away from the hustle of the city. Not too far from Khuldabad is the valley of saints, where bodies of more than 1500 Sufi saints were buried. Once the city was captured by Aurangzeb he built a wall as a protection around the city. Out of all the monuments built during the reign of Aurangzeb the tomb of Aurangzeb is one the most beautiful and famous ones in Khuldabad. The ruins of Mughal Era can be still seen vividly in here through the structure like Bani Begum ka maqbara, Khan Jahan's Lal Bagh, tombs of Asaf Shah and Nazir Jung.

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