Kailasanatha and other temples, Ellora

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A megalith carved out a single rock, the Kailasanatha temple is one of the ancient and largest rock-cut temples of the world. Located within the Ellora caves, it is considered to be one of the finest rock-cut temples in the country. The Kailasa temple (cave 16) is one among the 34 caves open to the public in Ellora caves. The architecture style of the temple shows strong influences of Pallava and Chalukya styles of construction.  Dedicated to Shiva, the central shrine housing Shiva features a flat-roofed mandapam supported by 16 pillars and a Dravidian Shikara. The temple was built by digging out from the sloping basalt hill two massive tranches, each 90 m long and joined with a connecting trench 53 m in length. The temple was then carved from the remaining central portion. This resulted in a 32-metre high structure that seems to come out of the ground. The temple has a three-storey vimana (tower) with an octagonal dome and two huge free-standing columns (dhvajastambhas) flanking the mandapa entrance hall which has 16 columns set in groups of four. Build in 2 stories the temple has exquisite carvings and embellishments all throughout its walls, pillar and ceilings.  

Visvakarma Cave Temple: One of the other famous temples in Ellora caves is the Visvakarma cave temple. Cut in 650 CE, these caves have the largest Buddha figurines. The ground floor has a four-column facade while above is a veranda with a large central caitya window. On either side of this window, which leads to an interior barrel-vaulted gallery, is a deep and richly carved niche and relief panels.

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