Trek to double decker living root bridge in Cherrapunjee

Navaneeth PK | April 09, 2019 |

Cherrapunjee is known for receiving the highest rainfall in the world. Along with numerous waterfalls and caves, double-decker living root bridge is a major attraction of Cherrapunjee. The double-decker root bridge is a 100-year-old bridge constructed by the local tribe using the living roots of a tree. This moderately difficult trek will take a whole day.

It is fairly easy to get a local taxi from Cherrapunjee, it takes about 40 minutes to reach the starting point of the trek. If you are staying in Shillong, it will take about 3 hours. Cherrapunjee is very close to Bangladesh border, you will get an amazing view of the plains on Bangladesh on your journey. Taxi drivers charge about Rs 1500 and they will wait until you come back. I hired an alto and the journey was very bumpy due to the bad condition of the road. 


Once you reach the starting point, you might need to get a local guide as the route can be pretty confusing. They will charge Rs 600.  Onward journey is pretty easy as you just need to climb 3600 steps down (around 3km). It takes about 2 hours to reach the root bridge. 


The steps are made of concrete, which makes it easier to climb. There are few streams on the way and the one-person-wide metal bridges across them are beautiful.

The journey is through the forest area, there will be very few houses on the way.

After walking for about 2 hours, you will reach the Nongriat village. Walk for 10-15 mins and you will reach the double-decker living root bridge. You have to pay an entry fee of Rs 10 per person at the tiny shop near the root bridge. 

They are building a third bridge on top of these two bridges, it will take about 30-40 more years for the bridge to be able to handle the weight of people.


The water here is crystal clear, you can get a free fish pedicure if you keep your legs in this stream. You can swim here but the water might be very cold.

There are a handful of homestays in this village if you wish to stay, I enquired at a few places and the prices were Rs 300 to Rs 600 per night. There is good network coverage here for reliance jio. The lush green views from most of the homestays are breathtaking. checkout Serene Homestay on trip advisor. 

Do not forget to try the local lemon juice on your journey back to your car, it costs Rs 10 per glass and has a very distinctive taste, you can find a lot of small shops which serves this local lemon juice on the way. 

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