Top 10 Skiing Spots in Himachal Pradesh

Top 10 Skiing Spots in Himachal Pradesh

Shriya Misra | January 05, 2020 |

Himachal Pradesh - a land of immense beauty and unmatched landscapes. What better way to experience its grandeur than skiing on its snow covered mountains? Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this place has in store numerous skiing spots that are just right for you.

Himachal has been a host to various international skiing events making it a popular tourist destination. From mid December to early February one will find the most favourable skiing conditions. Here are the top 10 skiing spots in Himachal Pradesh.


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Situated in Shimla , Kufri is synonymous to a skier’s paradise. With every inch covered in snow, it offers a wide expanse for adventure sports in the winters. With deep valleys, steep slopes and rounded edges, Kufri offers a superior skiing terrain. Here, a beginner's run, an advanced slope, and a slalom run is available and can be selected according to the skill level.

Courses, instructions and ski equipments are available for hire. Kufri is easily accessible with the nearest airport and railways station are 14 kms away in Shimla. Busses are available from Shimla. For an adventure packed euphoric experience, this is your one stop destination.

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Known to be one of the most safe and thrilling skiing experiences, it is one of the ideal skiing destinations in Himachal. At an altitude of 2708m, it gives a beautiful view of the surrounding snow-capped ranges. It also has numerous apple orchards that add to its beauty. With its slopes at an altitude of 8100 ft, the slopes are well suited to all levels of skiers.

One of the most popular ski slopes in Narkanda is the Hatu peak. With fewer people and easy access, the slope is an excellent skiing spot.  This land proves worthy of the perfect mix of a beautiful landscape with a thrilling ski experience.

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Solang Valley

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While in Himachal, Manali is a must visit. Along with its bountiful sites and interesting shopping items it is also an excellent skiing destination. Of all the winter sports on offer, skiing is the most popular one here. The slopes of the Solang Valley are an excellent terrain for beginners, while its higher spots are appropriate for professionals.

At a distance of approximately 14kms from the main town of Manali, the Solang Valley is a major tourist destination. It offers ski schools, equipment and trainers for skiing. With a picturesque setting, one will define enjoy this fun filled sport in Manali.

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Chanderkhani Pass

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Located at an height of 3660m, the Chanderkhani Pass is a passage between the two villages of Rumsu and Pulag. While the pass is a popular trekking destination, it is also popular for Heli Skiing and skiing. With helicopters provided by Himachal tourism portals, one can enjoy the thrilling winter sport. The adventurous terrain of the pass adds to the adrenaline rush.

It is advisable to have prior experience in skiing to try Heli Skiing. The pass offers an extremely scenic view which makes the skiing experience here more enjoyable. The best time is December, when the snow is powdery and hence the most suitable time for skiing. Undoubtedly, the Chanderkhani Pass is a fun filled skiing destination.


Mount Hanuman Tibba

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At Mount Hanuman Tibba of the Greater Himalayas, a thrilling skiing experience can be found. Heli Skiing is also a popular sport here. The region has a natural cover of snow that is suitable for the sport.  In Heli skiing, the key factors are wind motion and solar aspects, both of which are mostly favourable in this region.

Its highest altitude is at 5860 m where the snow is almost untouched. The terrain is enjoyably unique and the beautiful view it accompanies, is second to none. To enjoy a new, exciting and unique skiing or Heli Skiing experience, Hanuman Tibba is an ideal spot. 


Mount Deo Tibba

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At an altitude of 6200m Mount Deo Tibba is one of the most popular destinations for Heli Skiing and skiing. With an ideal terrain for beginners as well as advanced level skiers, it is another skiing spot located in the Greater Himalayas. The best time for one to visit Deo Tibba is from December to February.

With its extraordinary terrains this spot continues to challenge the adventurers from across the world. Regardless of international skiing destinations, Mount Deo Tibba has held its esteemed reputation. This destination has one of the most delightful and rewarding Heli Skiing experiences.


Rohtang Pass


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The Rohtang Pass is a spectacle on which one can enjoy skiing. Connecting Manali and Lahaul the pass is renowned for its spectacular terrain. Accessible to the masses for approximately six months, the pass makes for a unique and adventurous skiing destination.

With rough weather and sharp curves, the pass is a skiing spot for relatively experienced skiers. Professional skiers are available for training and guidance in the sport. So unleash the enthusiast in you and give the Rohtang Pass a visit and enjoy the scenic beauty with a thrilling adventure.

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Mahasu ridge


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Known to be the highest point in Kufri, the Mahasu ridge is a great spot for skiing. The region offers a great terrain for beginners to practice skiing before hitting the rougher terrain. Lined with a thick forest of deodar and spruce, the Kedarnath and Badrinath ranges can be spotted from the ridge on clear days.

A friendly and enjoyable skiing experience can be found here. To trek up till the peak, horses and mules are the only ways of transport to the spot. For budding ski enthusiasts the Mahasu ridge is the go-to destination.




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Your trip to the Himachal is incomplete without skiing in Fagu. Located around 12km north of Shimla, the terrain is ideal for all levels of skill in skiing. The popular time for skiing in here, stretches from November to February. With naturally appropriate terrains for skiing, this town, is known to be acquainted with the sport since 1930. 

Fagu houses one of the most established ski resorts in India. One can definitely achieve expertise on skiing, through various programmes here. Accompanied by marvellous beauty, the winter season also witnesses a number of ski enthusiasts. For a wholesome skiing experience one must definitely pay this land a visit.

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A short drive from Manali, Sethan is a tiny Buddhist bestowed with natural beauty.  In this region, December to March is the ideal time for winter sports. The Beas River can be seen flowing down in the valley. The location is quite off-beat due to which the human footfall is not significant enough.

The valleys here, seem to be forever laid in white, since the temperatures usually falls beyond zero even in March. For skiers looking for an peaceful location with less crowd, Sethan will not leave you disappointed.

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