Top 10 places to visit in July

Top 10 places to visit in July

Sakshi Trivedi | July 02, 2019 |

While the rest of the world has already finished their holidaying in the month of May and June, some like to vacation during India’s infamous monsoon month. July has seldom seen a rise in the number of tourists, but there are places which particularly grow more attractive during this month. Right from the lush green fields of Himachal to the Western Ghats and the wonderful beaches of Goa, Pondicherry and Mumbai, travellers are found seeking solace or maybe adventuring in such places. Indian Monsoons are very unique and has arrived in more than half of the Indian states by the month of July. So, here are the top ten places where you can have a rainy-vacation instead of a summer vacation.


Valley of Flowers

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The Himalayan wonderland encloses yet another destination for trekkers in Uttrakhand. Valley of Flowers is an ideal place for the flora and fauna fanatic. July being the monsoon month gives rise to the beautiful flowers that bloom in this season amidst the valley. The splendid vicinity of nature with light showers and a cool breeze is truly a bliss. Valley of Flower is a treat to eyes of the beholder.   

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With the backdrop of Taj Mahal and mild rains, Agra is a perfect destination for the people in love and those seeking love. The grey clouds perfectly complements the stark white hue of Taj Mahal. The atmosphere is quite humid and reviving.      

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In the pink city of the country, July is the month overcast-grey sky and cool breeze. The colours of this beautiful city shines when the grey clouds play a little peek-a-boo with the Sun. A visit to Amber Fort located on the periphery gives a splendid view of the city which is full of culture and craft.  

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The weekend getaway for every Mumbaikar, Lonavala is set in the backdrop of green lush mountains. Away from the hustle-bustle of the city, Lonavala has long been a tourist spot for people of all ages. The Sahyadris are covered under a thick blanket of the green forest is also an ideal spot for monsoon trekking. Heavy showers and mountains is a perfect combination for attaining some serenity, far from the city that never sleeps.    

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Jog Falls

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A famous outing spot in the state of Karnataka, Jog Falls is truly magnificent. The frothy watercourse is unstoppable and the view is breathtaking. The showers of July adds up to the water flow and tourist enjoy the incessant falling of water from the Sharavathi river.The temperature varies between 25 to 30 degree Celcius and the atmosphere is quite humid during July. 

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Munnar is alleged to give one of the best monsoon holiday experience, famously known as ‘The Kashmir of South India’. Very likely to the title given, Munnar has an array of breathtaking views. Tea gardens, dams, lakes, waterfalls and forest-like environment are the major attractions. Munnar experiences heavy rainfalls in July which makes its environs captivating.  

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After the scorching summers of the central Indian-state, Panchmarhi provides a perfect escape into the lap of nature. The valleys, hills, waterfalls, caves have a lot of pacification to offer and alleviates the heat stress. Situated around Saputara hills, the access is easier and the experience is like a breath of fresh air.  

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Mandarmani Beach


One of the safest beaches in monsoon, Mandarmani Beach has a 13kilometers of coastline. Located just 180kilometers away from Kolkata, it is a famous coastal weekend getaway for the people of the Bengal. Famous of the sea’s calm nature and crawling of Red Crabs, the beach is also unarguably motorable during all the season. So, if you’re in the city of Tagore, you must visit Mandarmani Beach. 

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Those who wish to get soaked in the showers and witness the burgeoning landscape of Pondicherry must visit in the month of July. The French Architecture, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Promenade Beach maintain the city’s placidity. The winds are really fresh and rejuvenating with a strong scent of petrichor. Time has frozen in Pondy since 1954 and to feel the stillness, tourists pour in huge numbers.

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Stok Kangri

Stok Kangri, one of the most prominent peaks of Zanskar Range is visited by trekkers and backpackers largely in the month of July. Situated in Ladakh, Stok Kangri offers a picturesque view of snow-capped mountains and pinewood forests. Located at the height of 6000 feet, the climate during the July is fairly pleasant and the temperature varies between 10 to 20-degree Celsius.  Trekking through remote valleys and hidden mountains offer an unparalleled experience to the trekkers and nature enthusiasts.    

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