Top 10 Destinations in a budget for College students!

Top 10 Destinations in a budget for College students!

Sakshi Trivedi | July 23, 2019 |

The best part about being in college and being with college friends is ‘The College Trip’. Spending twenty-four hours together and exploring the new destination can be quite amusing. However, being a college student, the budget is a concerned issue. Planning a trip for a bunch of friends or the whole college gang, budget plays an important. 

Thus, here are ten destinations for college trips in a budget.  

1. Hampi

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Hampi, Karnataka’s ancient village has gathered a lot of prominence in the past few years. It has a lot of architectural marvels and religious places to visit. However, there’s another part to Hampi where hippies sojourn. A three-day trip to Hampi costs one around INR 3000-5000, depending upon one’s choices of stay, inclusive of the travel cost around INR 600.  

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2. Ganpatipule

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Ganpatipule is nestled coastal town in Konkan and is known for its beaches. The place is absolutely serene and a perfect destination for a trip for a long weekend. The stay costs range between INR 600-6000, but the rest is preferably cheap. The authentic Maharashtrian cuisine and the other sightseeing activities are absolutely reasonable.       

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3. Kodaikanal

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An instant getaway for college students of Chennai, Kodaikanal is a green lush hill station. The beautiful lakes, waterfalls and forested valleys can be rejuvenating. The lodging starts at INR 200 and above and the street food is extremely cheap. Kodaikanal is easy to visit via train or bus and the transit costs reasonable as well.

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4. Dalhousie

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Famously known as the ‘The Switzerland of Himachal Pradesh’, Dalhouse is a high altitude town with pine trees and colonial-era buildings. A famous trekking spot for the adventure enthusiasts, A three day trip to Dalhousie costs you around INR 6000. The costs include accommodation for INR 1000 per night and food for INR 600 per day. The major expenditure is in the transit which costs INR 2000, both the ways. 

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5. Mount Abu

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Mount Abu is a five-hour drive away from Ahemdabad is often visited by most of Gujaratis during winters. A small hill-station in Rajasthan, situated near Gujarat Border is famous for its cool climate and forested region around Aravali Hills. A three-day trip can be covered in INR 5000 and is an ideal location to unwind for college-going students.   

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6. Tarkarli

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Tarkarli is famous for its white-sand beaches, Scuba diving and Sindhudurg fort. The trip to Tarkarli is extremely feasible with Scuba diving costing INR 1500 and accommodation costs starting from INR 750 per day. Other activities like Parasailing and water sports will fetch some extra costs, however, the food and travel costs are minimum.        

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7. Pondicherry

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Pondicherry, the 19th-century French colony still live up to its stature, complemented by the beautiful Bay of Bengal sea on the other side. It is a quick yet equitable getaway for students from the state of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The costs start at INR 2000 and range up to INR 6000 for a trip of three days. Taking trains for transits or a personal vehicle like a car or a bike further reduce the cost and make the trip more enjoyable.    

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8. Alleppy

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Alleppy, known as the Venice of East, is a perfect place to unravel along the backwaters and the greener surroundings. The stay is quite cheaper ranging from INR 350 to INR 800, but if you want to experience living on a houseboat then the costs shoot up to INR 6000 for 1BHK including 3 meals. However, the tranquillity experienced in the lagoons and canals is priceless. 

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9. Shimla

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In order to experience snow-laden landscapes, you would have to spend some bills while visiting Shimla. Shimla is not as cheaper as it used to be and due to an abundance of tourists, the hotels, eateries and transportation facilities might cost you around INR 8000 for two days. But, the trip lives up to its costs and will prove to be worthy as the beauty of Shimla remains unparalleled to any other hill station.

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10. Gokarna

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You will find a lesser crowd in Gokarna than in Goa, but experience the same ambience of the beaches. The trip is easily doable in two-to-three days and will costs you around INR 3000 to INR 5000. While in Gokarna, seafood is to die for and the more money spent on food is the money best spent.  

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