Best Camping Sites for this New Year!

Best Camping Sites for this New Year!

Archita Saima | October 31, 2019 |

New years are generally pictured as a loud and happening event with a lot of people visiting clubs, hotels and restaurants to celebrate the beginning of something very brand new. But this much social interaction is what some introverts are very much averse of. Not just introverts, there are a lot of people who want to welcome their new year in nature's lap away from most of the crowd. Thus, for them, we have the perfect solution, camping! The following are the best places to camp at this new year's and celebrate it in a much healthier and happier way. 


Rishikesh is known for its calmness and peaceful environment. It has attracted a lot of people from all over the globe for meditation which included the very famous band- The Beatles. Another activity Rishikesh is famous for is, riverside camping, Having the blessings of the holiest of the holy river Ganga, there are some amazing campsites in Rishikesh, some of which are operated by tourist agencies. Other than that, you can find some beautiful spot of yours as well and have your tent set up and enjoy the stay there while stargazing all night long with river Ganga on your side.

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Jaisalmer is the desert town of Rajasthan. This desert town, often known as the 'Golden City' for its golden buildings and golden sand is a very famous tourist destination in India. Since it is a desert town, it remains very hot during the summers, making winters the best time to visit this natural wonder. In winters it is one of the favourite activities of tourists to camp in the deserts for a night stargazing and experiencing living in the middle of absolutely nowhere. 

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Mussoorie is known as the 'Queen of the Hills' and rightly so because of its scattered hills, valleys, waterfalls and views of the peaks of Himalayas. It is a beautiful place to camp at with almost no pollution, fresh Himalayan Water, and some unknown wilderness. Mussoorie is the home of the famous writer Ruskin Bond, who in his stories has made sure that Mussoorie remains in everybody's memories forever. All the young readers who read Ruskin Bond in their childhood have wanted to visit Mussoorie at least once in their lifetimes and visiting this beautiful place on the onset of the new year will truly feel like a dream come true. 

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Solang Valley

Manali has been the ideal destination of all sorts of tourists in India. Whether it be newly-married couples on their honeymoons, a group of college friends, a family trip, Manali is loved by all. Well, the beautiful landscape of this place justifies these claims. Manali is blessed by God and this blessing can be reflected on the faces of the happy tourists here. A great and immensely beautiful place for camping, Manali in winters may sound discouraging, but the real beauty of the snowfalls, thick layers of vanilla-like snow everywhere can be felt in the winters only. Thus, to enjoy your new year's at a place which is extremely beautiful and well-known at a time when there is not much crowd is more or less a dream come true.

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For those who want to spend their new year's at a place away from their home and a lot of crowds, but not wanting to be alone, Anjuna is just the right place. Anjuna in Goa is a laid-back coastal village, which has lesser tourist footfall than the rest of the Goa. It makes it somewhat secluded, but also at the same time, it does have a few people around to not make you feel alone. And camping near a beach and hearing the waves crash at the shore is one of the most satisfying and soothing ever. So, to spend your new year's with one of the most precious things in the world, water, go head towards Anjuna. 

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Nainital is one of the most loved tourist destinations of India. It has been featured in a lot of movies, serials, TV Series, and even poems. The beauty of Nainital brings out the artist, poet and singer of every individual. There are a number of camping sites in this beautiful little town which can be chosen according to one's own wishes. Camping here in this romantic location with your loved one will enhance the charm of this place manifolds. After a night of camping, you can indulge here in any adventure sports as well. 

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What would be better for somebody who loves a fresh cup of coffee the first thing in the morning than waking up in a coffee garden itself? Chikmagalur has some of the best coffee estates in the country. It even exports coffee beans overseas. A great place to camp at, you will always feel surrounded by the best of nature here in Chikmagalur. A few tea-gardens can also be found here. A beautiful hill station, away from the hustle-bustle of the city, Chikmagalur is the perfect place to spend your new year at.

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Known for its tigers, Ranthambore National Park is a gem in the treasure of Rajasthan. Blessed with enriching flora and fauna, it is a great place to camp at. Night safaris in Ranthambore are very famous, thus giving another reason as to why a night should be spent here. Being a national park it has a lot of open space, thus making for an ideal camping spot. Lesser human gatherings make it very peaceful. Spending a night in a national park may sound daunting, but the experience of camping in Ranthambore, especially in winters when the weather is at its best, is an unparalleled experience altogether. 

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