Top 10 Trekking Destination in Munnar

Top 10 Trekking Destination in Munnar

Shriya Misra | November 11, 2019 |

Have you ever longed to hike through beautiful swathes of grasslands and enjoy the spirit of adventure? In that case a trip to the hilly heaven of Munnar with offbeat trails on the Western Ghats is just the thing for you. In ‘Gods Own Country’ the pleasant weather, tea plantations and its infinite bio diversity will leave you asking for more. The scenic regions and breathtaking views of Munnar are best enjoyed through hikes in and around the hill-station.  With trekking trails that are second to none, Munnar has something in store for one and all.

Mathikettan Shola National Park Trek 

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The Mathikettan Shola National Park located in Pallivasal, Munnar is laid with beautiful trails and a challenging yet exciting trekking route. The name of this park is derived from a Tamil phrase that literally translates to ‘confusing the mind’.  Locals credit it to individuals losing their way once they enter the dense forests. The trail goes through cardamom forests in santhanpara which is followed by a breathtaking cloud forest. Unique fauna like malabar giant squirrel, gaur and sambhar are found in the national park. Walking up and down the adventurous terrain, one seems to absorb the gorgeous artistry of nature. This trek offers a unique opportunity to experience the rainforests and natural grandeur of Munnar.  

Best time - April to September


Chokramudi – the highest peak of Munnar

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A trail in Munnar, suited for each one of you is the Chokarmundi peak trek. The picturesque trail to the highest peak of Munnar is majorly divided into four parts depending on the difficulty level- hola walk, the grass stroll, steep climb and the dangerous terrain. Since the latter levels of the trek are often confusing and dangerous, local support is usually opted by tourists. The altitude this trek places one at offers a view that is second to none and is undoubtedly worth the climb.  Lush green valleys with cardamom plantations leave one gazing at the panorama. Since the trek is long, it is advisable to carry lunch and ample water. The grand sceneries at Chokarmundi seem to wear of the weariness of the hike, making this an experience, one must not miss. 

Best time - December to February  


Meesapulimala Trek 

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An experience perfect for a group of friends or a family, the Meesapulimala Trek traces a trail to one of the highest peaks in Munnar. Located at an altitude of 8,661 feet, the trek through 8 hills passes through a shared border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Its name is credited to it resembling a tiger's face.  “Meesa,” means mustache, “puli,” means tiger and “mala,” means hill. An interesting site one would see numerous times through the trek is farmers at work in tea and spice plantations. The peak of the trek provides a majestic view of Meesapulimala. A beautiful walk through the mist, clouds, and fog. With a number of scenic views that trekkers can enjoy, the Meesapulimala Trek is one of the best treks in Munnar.  

Best time - September to May  

Top Station 

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Approximately 30kms from Munnar, and at an altitude of 2200m, Top station is a wonderful trekking destination. With multiple trekking routes and a breathtaking panoramic view of the Western Ghats, the trek is moderately difficult but well-marked. Covered with dense forests, endless woods and lush green grasslands, the trek can usually be completed in a single day. The most popular trail to Top Station begins from Kuranganj and is approximately 9 to 12km long. For nature enthusiasts, camping overnight is allowed on the trail. Top station is famous for the rare  Neelakurinji, which blooms once in 12 years. Trekkers may spot fauna like wild cats, barking deer and Indian guars while hiking in the trail. Low lying clouds, mist and strong wind accompanied by the varied flora and fauna add to the exciting experience here at the Top Station trek.  To create memories one can cherish for a lifetime, Top station is your go to trekking destination. 

Best time - April to May

Chithirapuram – The Most Beautiful Hill 

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A natural wonder, Chithirapuram houses cottages, tea plantations, palaces and lush green valleys. The quaint little hill town is one of the most serene trekking destinations. At a distance of roughly 13 kms from Munnar, the trek is of moderate difficulty. Endless tea plantations with a variety of flora like pepper, vanilla and guava, will make your experience more rewarding. The topography of the place offers numerous sceneries that one would love to gaze at or even capture. The heavenly Ramaswamy Dam waterfall will make your trek worth all of effort. Since the trail can be confusing at numerous points, it is recommended to have a local guide. A short trek which is the perfect haven for those seeking an adventure filled serene getaway. 

Best time - April to June 

Thoovanam waterfalls Trek 

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A popular trekking trail in Munnar, the Thoovanam falls are the soul of Chinnar. Located inside the Chinnar wildlife sanctuary, the trail is constantly accompanied by the Chinnar river which adds to the beauty of the trek. A number of animals are often sighted whilst one is on the trail. Being one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Kerala, the breathtaking view at the end of the trek is highly rewarding. All the fatigue seems to wear away at the sight of the waterfall. The 3 hour long well guided tour, is a moderate level trek that one can cover enjoyably. Treetop and log houses are available in the sanctuary to add to the experience. This trek is picturesque, serene and undoubtedly an unmatched experience. 

Best time – December to February 


Letchmi Hills Trek

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What better way to explore Munnars Tea plantations that a trek through them? The Letchmi hills trek is one of the most magnificent treks with a 360-degree view of nature and all its splendor. The approximately 4-hour long trek is full of visual treats like the waters of the Idduku dam, lush green grasslands and exotic spice plantations. A special treat to the eyes is the widespread Shola Forest. The misty cover on the trail that meets you time and again on the trail is enjoyable. At the highest point of the trek at 1950 m, trekkers often find themselves awestruck by the alluring expanse of nature. On clear days the trek houses a beautiful surprise for the trekkers which is the breathtaking site of the Anamudi peak, which is the tallest peak in South India. 

Best time- March to May 


Pothamedu View Point 

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Roughly 4.5 kms from Munnar, the Pothamedu View Point is home to nature’s scenic beauty. Trekking through the tea, spice and cardamom plantations one seems to find their solace in natures lap.  The trek to the view point is relatively comfortable and the seemingly infinite expanse of beauty, makes the trek worthwhile. For those trekkers who have an eye for photography, this trail is one you must definitely experience. The view of Munnar from the view point houses a variety of flora and minute vehicles on the serpentine roads. On days when the sky is clear one can catch a glimpse of the Idduku Arch dam, around 60kms away and the Muthirapuzha river. Covered in blankets of green the trek offers a heavenly experience of peacefulness. 

Best time- August to May 


Yellapetty Estate

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A trek with the perfect night camp, the Yellapetty trek. With its peak at an altitude of 6420 feet, the trek is moderately difficult and is one of the tallest peaks in the region. With a splendid view of the neighboring areas of Tamil Nadu along with its tea and spice plantations, this trek will give you nature enthusiasts all you’ve been looking for.  The trail also offers a breathtaking view of the tea plantations of  Kolukkumalai, which are known to be the highest in the world. Midst the beautiful mountain ranges, the clouds float beneath your feet and the majestic expanse blows your mind away. This adventurous trek through the thick forests is also recommended for bird watching at rest stops and campsites. The Yellapetty estate offers an exciting night camp for an overnight stay. Camping midst the wilderness adds to this thrilling adventure. An impressive fun filled trek that is packed with adventure. 

Best time- January to March 


Anamudi Peak

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At approximately 20 kms from Munnar and at an altitude of 8842 feet, lies the highest peak in South India, the Anamudi Peak.  This famous trekking destination, located inside the Eravikulam national park is home to the endangered asian elephants, gaurs and tahrs. Dwarf bamboo, fragrant wintergreen, teak trees, blackwood etc are few of the exotic flora found here. The  2-3 days long trek is one that requires prior experience in trekking and permission from thr wildlife authority. For provision of food, guides. Accomadation and other facilities, the most convenient option is to hire a travel guide. Trekkers often find themselves lost in the serenity and the beautiful sights of flowing rivers and misty clouds. The Anamudi peak is a trekking destination one must definitely explore.

Best time- November to February 




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