Places to Visit Near Bangalore

Places to Visit Near Bangalore

Archita Saima | October 06, 2019 |

Bangalore is one of the most sought after places to work in India. It is the country's IT hub, also known as India's Silicon Valley. To be one of the most desirable places to live and work in, Bangalore has to be top-notch in everything, whether it is the facilities, social life options, food, nightlife and even travel. A lot of people see Bangalore as a place to just work, but it is a myth as there are many places around to spend your weekends at. To save you the trouble finding out about the places and spend hours planning a trip, we have everything sorted out for you. So just keep a notepad handy and dwell into what we have for you-


Nrityagram, as the name suggests nritya and gram, which mean dance and village, is India's first modern Gurukul for Indian classical dances. It was set up in 1990 by the Odissi dancer Protima Gauri. While establishing this modern gurukul which blends the style of an age-old gurukul, with the current times, the founder shared her ideas profoundly. Quoting her, "it is a community of dancers in a forsaken place amidst nature. A place where nothing exists, except dance. A place where you breathe, eat, sleep, dream, talk, imagine - dance. A place where all the five senses can be refined to perfection. A place where dancers drop negative qualities such as jealousy, small-mindedness, greed and malice to embrace their colleagues as sisters and support each other in their journey towards becoming dancers of merit". The best part about it is that it is so serene, calm and peaceful that it helps a lot on focussing on all the good things in life which are very essential for learning. 

Located 35 kms away from Bangalore, it is a must-visit for those who believe that our ancient education system can't work today and have complete faith in the modern education system. It teaches the core principles of learning, rather than the boring subjects itself. 

It is very easy to reach Nrityagram from Bangalore as it just 35 kms away from the city. A lot of cabs and taxis are available to take you to this beautiful place of learning. 

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Considered to be among the largest monolith hills in Asia, Savandurga is one of the excellent treks near Bangalore. Full of greenery, picturesque landscapes, dreamy sunsets and energizing sunrises, it is a complete adventure. This hill is also a part of the Deccan Plateau, rising to a height of 1226 m above sea level. The trek to the top of Savandurga is short but considered to be very interesting due to the very uneven terrain of the land. If you get hold of some experienced trekkers, you can even opt for a  night trekking, which is much more exciting as well as offbeat from regular treks, but at the same time, it is much more dangerous as well. It takes about an hour to reach the hilltop. It is best advised to start the trek at sunrise to get feel the best of weather. The view from the top is heavenly too. Even though there are not many eateries around, a lot of freshly picked up fruit from various farms are available to buy here. 

Only 48 kms from Bangalore, it is best to drive up to the starting point of the trek. Else, a lot of travel companies and private taxi companies are available too. 

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For a lot of Bollywood buffs, it would be like a dream come true to visit Ramnagara. It is the shooting location of one of the greatest Bollywood movies of all times, Sholay! Yes, these are the same hills where Gabbar and his men lived and gave us some of the most iconic dialogues to remember for our lifetimes. It is not the only thing this beautiful thing is known for, almost everybody has heard of the famous Mysore silk and this is the place which produces the silk to create that magic, thus earning the title of the 'Silk Town' or 'Silk City' locally. It is full of greenery and helps in reconnecting with nature. People have usually heard of wildlife sanctuaries, but Ramanagara has a slightly different version of it as it has a vulture sanctuary named Ramdevarabetta Vulture Sanctuary. It is home to many endangered species of vultures. Overall, it is a great place to spend your weekend at, a place full of natural bounties and a dramatic Bollywood connect!

Just 47 kms away from Bangalore, getting a cab or a taxi is the best way to reach here, if you cannot drive up.


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Nandi Hills

One of the most loved weekend getaways of the people of Bangalore, Nandi Hills has a very deep-rooted historical significance. It was the summer retreat for one of the greatest warriors of all time, Tipu Sultan. There's a fortress on the hills, known as the Nandi Fortress which was used by him. Today, it has become of the most exciting tourist destinations. Since it is at an elevation of 4851 feet above sea level, it always has very pleasant climatic conditions. There is always a soft wind blowing which refreshes minds instantly. Also, such a great elevation means great views as well. It offers great views of sunrises and sunsets and that is the time generally when a lot of people can be seen up here. Great for a day's trip, Nandi Hills is more like a blessing to escape monotonous lives for some time. 

About 65 kms from Bangalore it is a great idea to drive up to this place, or private cabs and taxis can be hired as well. Also, the nearest railway station from Nandi Hills is in Chikkaballapur, so a train ride is also possible.


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Some of the most religious sites in India are located at some great heights, like Vaishno Devi temple, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Amarnath etc. Shivagange, a religious place near Bangalore is no exception either. Shivagange is a mountain peak with a height of 804.8 meters or 2640.3 feet and Hindu pilgrimage centre, widely worshipped by the locals. A lot of people believe that from a distance this hillock looks like a shivling and is thus considered to be very sacred. The name of this place has an interesting story as well. It is a known fact that the river Ganga is associated with Lord Shiv closely. It is believed to come out from his hair locks and thus at many religious sites devoted to Lord Shiv, you might find the holy river nearby, or its tributaries. Here too there are many water spots along the ascend, and it is believed that this water belongs to river Ganga, thus the name 'Shivgange'. Apart from being a place of religious importance, it is also a beautiful place, full of natural bounties.

52 kms from Bangalore, it takes an hour to drive to this amazing place. If taking a train, the nearest station is in Tumkur, from where a cab can be taken.

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There a few places in the world which seem so surreal that their magic remains in our memories forever. Seeming to come straight out of your aesthetic Instagram feed, Bheemeshwari is one of those places which will help you in re-establishing your connection with nature which you lost ages ago. Known mostly for its adventure camps, Bheemeshwari is the place where our souls find solace. Mostly left untouched by the human population, the Cauvery/Kaveri river, which is one of the most important rivers down south can be found at its pristine best here. This is definitely a favourite among people who love water adventures. And when there are not many facilities available, that makes an adventure truly exciting. There are no hotels or lodges available. The only option to get shelter at night is staying in a camp. Very ideal for a one-day trip, it is one of the best places to give your adrenaline rush a test. 

102 kms from Bangalore, you can take a bus to reach here or hire a cab or taxi. But the best would be to drive up to here to enjoy the scenic route.

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Shivanasamudram is one of the most majestic falls India has. A mighty waterfall with gushing streams, its most striking feature is its unique structure. It comprises of many streams and some of them cascade down into a pool, while some form a rivulet kind of water body which is super curvy and looks stunning! After a good monsoon, this waterfall is at its full force seeming to break through anything in this world. One of the best day trips from Bangalore, this Kaveri/Cauvery fed waterfall is one of the best things you can witness in life. 

About 132 kms from Bangalore, you get to choose from self-driving, rented cabs and taxis, buses and even trains. The nearest railway station is in Madduru, which is 52 kms away from the waterfall.

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For a minute, when some youngsters google Lepakshi, they lose interest instantly on seeing pictures of temples and gods. But those who get past this urge of closing all the tabs on Lepakshi get intrigued quickly upon reading about it. Yes, what may seem like just a religious place to many on the surface, is a place full of fascinating architecture and a brilliant example of engineering of those days which might even put to shame today's marvels. It belonged to the Vijaynagar empire but after a battle, it was abandoned but its glory hasn't abandoned it yet. Not just the temples, even the pillars in this vicinity have a tale to tell. Very ideal for a one-day trip, especially for history buffs and architecture lovers, it is a must-visit.

120 kms from Bangalore, which takes about 2 hours 15 mins to drive and reach this place, there are options of state and private buses as well along with cabs and taxis.

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Known as the 'Niagra of India' it is one of the mightiest and biggest fall in terms of area in India. Its name has a story too, it has been derived from its appearance, which means- when water falls on rocks (Kal), it looks like smoke(Hoge). Located in the Dharmapuri District of Tamil Nadu, it is fed by the river Kaveri. Falling from a height of 700m, what makes it special is that it is not comprised of one or two streams, but an array of streams on opposite sides which cascade to form a big pool, more like a river which is used popularly for boating. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the area, it is a very beautiful place which teaches us that something so powerful, so dangerous can be so beautiful at the same time. 

159 kms from Bangalore, you could take a car, a bus or even a train to reach Hogenakkal.

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Talakadu is one of the great examples of what happens to even the mightiest of the mighty with time. What once used to be a great kingdom, full of prosperity, wealth and power, today lies under huge layers of sand. Talakadu is a desert town, and what makes it interesting is that it lies on the bank of river Kaveri. It is believed that it had about 30 temples once, at its prime, today most of which are buried under the sand. The temples which were unearthed are mostly dedicated to Lord Shiv. It is thus also sometimes called the 'Kashi of the south'. These temples have beautiful carvings which show excellent craftsmanship. These are very detailed having a lot of intricacies. Sometimes it also seems that these carvings are depicting a story.

Apart from the temples, there are also a pair of falls out of which one is the Shivanasamudram Falls, and both of them are extremely beautiful and definitely worth a visit. 

About 130 kms from Bangalore, you could hire a cab/taxi, drive up to the place or take a bus.

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Good for a day's trip, Srirangapatna is a cultural town with great architectural marvels. It has an old town aura to it which attracts a lot of people all the time. It is quite interesting as well as it is a river island, shaped like an egg. It is quite an important pilgrim centre in Karnataka. It has temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiv and many more. Once, very prosperous it was the capital for many kingdoms, with great rulers such as Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. The place is also full of scenic beauty as well, it is a clean green and well-maintained town which is its key factor. 

About 126 kms from Bangalore, trains, buses and cabs are available from the city.

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BR Hills

The Biligirirangana Hills, popularly known as BR Hills is a popular tourist destination in Karnataka. A hill range situated in south-eastern Karnataka, bordering with Tamil Nadu, it is truly nature's abode. Not just scenic hills and glittering reservoirs, it has amazing wildlife as well. It has a protected reserve called the Biligiriranganatha Swamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary or BRT Wildlife Sanctuary simply under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. It was also declared as a tiger reserve by the Karnataka Government in 2011. A great home to some wonderful eco-systems, B R Hills should be on your bucket list if you are from Bangalore and planning to visit places nearby.

173 kms from Bangalore, you can find a bus to this place, a cab or a taxi.


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A great detour from the city, Yelagiri is a cute, quaint, peaceful little village near Vellore. Located in the Tirupattur district of Tamil Nadu, is goes as high as 1700 metres above Mean Sea Level. It is spread in an area of about 30 km sq. This beautiful hill station is surrounded by orchards, rose-gardens, and green valleys which increase its beauty. Yelagiri got its share of popularity during the colonial times when it was used as a summer retreat by the British. Since then it has been a loved hill station for the people nearby. From the top, you get beautiful views of the land below and also the sunrise and sunset. It is one of the best places near Bangalore to take a break, get connected with nature and blowing the steam off. 

Located 160 kms from Bangalore, you can drive to this place, take a taxi or a cab, or a bus. The nearest railway station is in Jolarpettai located just 21 kilometres away.

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Almost every Indian has seen the biggest key element of Shravanabelagola, the big statue of Lord Gommateshwar, maybe in news, in pictures or calendars, but has not realized where it is. Well, this familiar statue is in the town of Shravanabelagola, a very important Jain pilgrimage centre. Lord Gommateshwar or Bahubali, as the statue is called is one of the largest free-standing statues in the world. It is a 57 m tall monolithic sculpture, visible from quite a distance. It is also believed that the emperor Chandragupta Maurya had died here after he adopted Buddhism. A beautiful little town, it is more or less free from pollution, provides a clean and green environment and above all, it instils peace in the people who come here.

From Bangalore, people can take buses, cabs, taxis to reach Shravanabelagola, which is at a distance of 144 kms from Bangalore. Those who want a train ride can take a train up to Hassan, the nearest railway station, 45 kms away.

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One of the poster boys for the most royal cities in India, Mysore is truly as royal as it can get. There is no description of Mysore possible without talking about the grand, royal and magnificent Mysore Palace. The striking palace is not just beautiful but is also a symbol of the religious diversity in India, and more importantly its unity in diversity! Known for its architectural style which is a blend of Hindu, Islamic, Gothic and Rajput styles, this beautiful palace checks off all the boxes. It has been a part of India's culture and history for a long time and is extremely valued for it. Every day thousands of tourists are flocked here to witness this amazing piece of architecture. Having some of the oldest markets, monuments and stories, Mysore pushes our imagination to feel what those old, golden days felt like.

Mysore is a very popular tourist destination so there are all sorts of connectivity to reach here from Bangalore which is at a distance of 144 kms. 

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Another religious town in this list is Puttaparthi which is a small town in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It was not so well-known before, but recently it has marked itself on the map because of the glory of Bhagwan Shri Sathya Sai Baba. Here some of the biggest devotees of Sai Baba have built an ashram named "Prashanti Nilayam", which means abode of peace. The devotees of Sai Baba come from all over the world come here to seek his blessings, to find their true calling in life, to look for the correct path and a lot of things. Keeping all of this in mind, this place which was once a village, today has many facilities at its doorsteps. If you are looking for a place to find solace, to think about your future, or even to give yourself some time,  this is just the right place for you.

Around 154 kms away from Bangalore, people can even take flights to Puttaparthi. Else, there are trains, buses and hired cabs available to reach this extremely spiritual land. 

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A popular hill station in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu, Yercaud is these days the hot favourite amongst nature lovers, trekkers, photographers etc. Jokingly it is also called poor man's Ooty because it is no less in beauty than Ooty, but is much cheaper than its famous counterpart. Yercaud is located at an altitude of 970 ft above sea level, with the highest altitude being 5970 ft above sea level, which is the Servarayan Temple. The views are extremely scenic here and can fill any man's heart with pleasure. It is also rich in wildlife and has a reserve forest to protect it. Great for a weekend trip, Yercaud is just the right place if what you want is a hill station with not much crowd, is peaceful, has beautiful views and pristine wildlife.

You can get buses for this 228 km journey from Bangalore to Yercaud. Else, you can drive up or get a private cab hired for this journey.

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Deriving its name from the Hasanamba temple, which is dedicated to Goddess Hassanamba, Hassan is considered to be the temple-architecture capital of Karnataka. And it is rightly thought so as the town has some of the most architecturally stunning temples ever. Even most of them are not as grand as some of the other temples of the country, their architecture shows sheer brilliance. It is mostly because Hassan the seat of the Hoysala Empire which at its peak ruled large parts of south India. It, later on, became a part of the highly reputable Vijaynagar empire. 

For this 182 km journey, you can opt for a bus or can get taxis hired. The best way would be to drive up to Hassan from Bangalore.

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One of the holiest and sacred cities of India, Chittoor is home to the Tirupati Balaji, one of the most important temples of India. The number of devotees which come to seek blessings from Tirupati Balaji is humungous, and their faith is rock solid. There are a few other temples as well apart from the Balaji temple, like Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple, Tirumala Venkateshwara Temple, and Sri Kalahasti temple. Apart from the temples, the city has got the blessings of mother nature as well. Lying on the banks of the Ponnai/Penna river, the city is full of natural beauty. It has a number of waterfalls and hills making it nature's delight. 

181 kms from Bangalore, you can find trains, buses and hired cars take you up to Chittoor. 


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Kabini today is used interchangeably for the river Kabini, the reservoir and the wildlife sanctuary. Well, these three are actually an integral part of each other and more or less complete each other. Kabini wildlife sanctuary is one of the richest in terms of wildlife. It was once a private hunting area for the British but today it has become one of the most loved tourist spots in the area. The Kabini reservoir is a very beautiful reservoir, its sight is such that it fills you up with goodness. A true delight for nature lovers who want to soothe their soul near water, which is the purest thing of all on this planet, or those who want to lose themselves in the wildlife, Kabini is just the right place.

There is no railway station in Kabini, which means this 210 km of the journey has to be covered by roadways. You can either get a bus or a private taxi, else you can drive up to Kabini. 

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