41 Places to Visit Near Kolkata

Sightseeing and shopping may go hand in hand in tourist hotspots, the perfect scenario can be seen in Kolkata with high end jute handicrafts which will lit the enthusiasm in you and your loved ones. Rickshaw ride along the city centers,  romantic dine in continental cuisines having a great time with your loved one,the mesmerizing street food,the literature events,iconic forts and colonial structures have made Kolkata as cultural,intellectual and artistic capital of India.

The tourist friendly atmosphere and loving people will always help you to have the pleasure of a lifetime.If you think you have completed your Kolkata bucket list, we can prove you all wrong by bringing in a treat for you in the neighbourhood of Kolkata city. It's high time that you enjoy your time outside Kolkata with your hearts out with a splendid experience .Here we have the best ones for you.

Here's our top picks for you to explore with in 1000 kms of distance from Kolkata.

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Directions from Kolkata to Chandannagar
Heritage Rivers and Lakes

Chandan Nagar is a small district in the interiors of West Bengal. Chandan Nagar has been ruled by three prominent reigns. It was initially ruled by the Nawabs, however, history doesn't have records of the Nawabs ruli...

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Directions from Kolkata to Raichak
Rivers and Lakes Heritage

Raichak is a community arranged in the South 24 Parganas locale of West Bengal. Acclaimed for its Fort which stands as a declaration to the past time, the peaceful town of Raichak gives pleasant perspectives on the Ga...

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Directions from Kolkata to Bardhaman
Heritage Religious

Bardhaman is a city and a municipality located in the state of West Bengal, India.  It is the biggest agricultural hub in the state, placed in what has been traditionally termed the "granary of Bengal". It is an influ...

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Directions from Kolkata to Navadvipa
Religious Rivers and Lakes

Nabadwip literally means nine islands and is an eastern town in the province of West Bengal and is near Bangladesh. Nabadwip, more than being celebrated as a traveler’s destination, is known for its various religious ...

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Directions from Kolkata to Sagardwip
Religious Beaches

Sagardwip, Sagar Island or more popularly known as Gangasagar, is a small island on the continental shelf of the Bay of Bengal. It lies 100 kilometres south of the city of Kolkata, on the Ganges delta. A very importan...

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Directions from Kolkata to Midnapore
Religious Heritage

Midnapore, locally known as Medinipur, is a town in the state of West Bengal. The place is situated on the banks of Kangsabati River and falls in the Pashcim Medinipur district. During summers, the place experiences e...

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Directions from Kolkata to Sundarbans
Wildlife Rivers and Lakes

The Sundarbans mangrove woodland forest is one of the biggest such timberlands on the planet that lies on the delta of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna Rivers on the Bay of Bengal. It is adjoining the outskirt of In...

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Directions from Kolkata to Bishnupur
Heritage Religious

Bishnupur is a town in the Bankura District of West Bengal and is situated at around 132 km from Kolkata. It is popular for its terracotta temples and Baluchari sarees. The town has a superb past that is reflected in ...

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Directions from Kolkata to Shankarpur

Placed in the East Medinipur District of West Bengal, India, Shankarpur is a window to the olden times being totally secluded from the city life. It is a beach village located 14 kilometres east of the popular beach t...

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Directions from Kolkata to Digha

Digha, one of the best coastal towns along the Bay of Bengal is famous for its beachside resorts, exquisite seafood cuisine and numerous beaches that are either calm and quiet or busy and bustling. The palm-lined sand...

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Directions from Kolkata to Santiniketan

A small town near Bolpur in Birbhun district of West Bengal, Santiniketan is home to the brilliant Indian poet and writer, Rabindra Nath Tagore. Known to few, the town is located at a distance of 80 kms from Kolkata....

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Directions from Kolkata to Bankura
Heritage Religious

With much authentic noteworthiness, Bankura is a town well known for its slopes and temples and a treat for adventure sports lovers, for example, trekkers and climbers. The locale can genuinely invest heavily in havin...

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Directions from Kolkata to Mukutmanipur
Rivers and Lakes

A mainstream end of the week escape for Kolkata local people, Mukutmanipur in the Bankura region of Kolkata is a peaceful town with rich green woods, clear blue water and green slopes in the background. Renowned for t...

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Directions from Kolkata to Murshidabad
Heritage Religious

Murshidabad, which was at first known as Maksudabad, is one of the greatest places of interest in West Bengal known for its chronicled significance that has seen a portion of the renowned Nawabs as the rulers of the s...

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Directions from Kolkata to Baripada
Religious Heritage

Baripada is a vital part of the Mayurbhanja region of Odisha and is honoured with a glorious natural magnificence. It is likewise the business focus of the region and furthermore a well-known traveller goal. The city ...

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Directions from Kolkata to Tarapith

Tarapith is a tiny hamlet of Sahapur Gram Panchayet, Margram Police Station found on the banks of River Dwarka in the state of West Bengal. It is settled in the flood plains amongst the green paddy fields. It resemble...

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Directions from Kolkata to Chandipur

Chandipur is a confined oceanside town of Baleshwar region put away securely on the coastline of Orissa. Chandipur is likewise privately known as Chandipur-on-ocean. In the event that nature's miracle entrances you, C...

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Directions from Kolkata to Purulia
Rivers and Lakes

Purulia is the westernmost district in the state of West Bengal. It is a fascinating destination bestowed with breathtaking natural appeal. Purulia is gradually growing famous amongst the tourists. The town is adequat...

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Directions from Kolkata to Jamshedpur

An industrial city developed around a steel plant, yet surprisingly blessed by nature. The Jamshedpur city might seem like a dry and exploited piece of land if you are to know about the industrial development that the...

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Bokaro Steel City

Directions from Kolkata to Bokaro Steel City
Rivers and Lakes

Bokaro is a region having a place with the territory of Jharkhand which was framed in the year 1991. With a height of 210 m from the sea level, Bokaro is situated on the Chhotanagpur Plateau. The city is chiefly inclu...



Directions from Kolkata to Deoghar

This pilgrim city is called 'Deo'-'Ghar', The Adobe of God for housing the Baidyanathdham temple, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas in India. Tourists from around the world flock to this sacred place every year to be in ...

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Directions from Kolkata to Ramgarh
Hill Stations

Ramgarh is an ideal retreat for tourists who are searching for peacefulness and serenity, in the lap of nature. Packed with verdant apple, peach, pear and apricot plantations, Ramgarh, is a pleasant hill station situa...

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Directions from Kolkata to Ranchi

Ranchi is a year-round destination in Jharkhand, where one can enjoy the celebration of culture and religion as well as nature. A place gifted with the forests, lakes, majestic waterfalls, and a variety of flora and f...

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Directions from Kolkata to Agartala
Heritage Rivers and Lakes

Located only 2 kilometers away from the border of Bangladesh, Agartala is the capital city of the state of Tripura. It is one of the fastest developing cities in the country. It lies on the banks of the river Haora. ...

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Directions from Kolkata to Hazaribagh
Wildlife Hill Stations

Jharkhand's most valuable possession after coal and minerals is its abundant forests. The state is situated on the Chhota Nagpur plateau, giving it an elevation from sea-level of about 600 meters. One such place bless...

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Directions from Kolkata to Cuttack
Heritage Wildlife

Located on the delta framed by the Mahanadi and Kathjuri rivers, Cuttack is situated in the eastern Indian territory of Orissa around 30 km off from Bhubaneswar. The previous capital of Orissa and the most established...

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Directions from Kolkata to Bhubaneswar
Religious Rivers and Lakes

Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha, is a great town situated in the eastern piece of India. Located on the south-west bank of the majestic River Mahanadi, the city highlights astonishing architectures from the Ka...

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Directions from Kolkata to Baghmara

Located in Meghalaya, Baghmara isn't just wealthy in greenery, yet it is wrapped by lakes, waterways, slopes and each noteworthy component of nature. Flanked by the South Garo slopes and bolstered by the Simsang water...

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Directions from Kolkata to Dhauli

Dhauli, a beautiful getaway place in the close proximity of Odhisha. This town is known for its great ironical situation by being significant on one hand for the great Kalinga war between King Ashoka and Kalinga Kingd...

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Directions from Kolkata to Konark
Religious Heritage

On the Bay of Bengal coast lies an unexplored wonder of blessedness and divinity called Konark. A small town in the state of Odisha that offers its visitors serenity with a majestic tinge of exuberance. The name Konar...

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Directions from Kolkata to Puri
Religious Beaches

Puri is one of the holiest pilgrimage towns in India. One would know it better when called as Jagannath Puri. The Lord of the Universe is housed here and is honored as the spiritual city. It is one of the Char dhams (...

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Directions from Kolkata to Rajgir
Religious Heritage

Rajgir was originally known as Girivraj and is one of the first capitals of the Maghada empire. Under the rule of the Maghada dynasty, Rajgir was called as Rajgriha which literally means "the home of Royalty". Shishun...

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Directions from Kolkata to Nalanda
Heritage Religious

India is an abode of underrated tourist hubs, each of them offering unique experiences, having exquisite cultural backgrounds, with profound history attached. Some have a marvellous architecture which was light years ...

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Bodh Gaya

Directions from Kolkata to Bodh Gaya
Religious Heritage

Bodhgaya, which is the most important Buddhist pilgrimage site is located along the banks of Neranjana river in Bihar. Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree here. Pilgrims from all around the worl...

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Directions from Kolkata to Kailashahar
Heritage Religious

Once the royal capital of the Tripuran Kingdom, the footprints of history can be seen here. Other than its historic and cultural prestige, it is a well-known trekking destination that has tea estates spread all across...

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Directions from Kolkata to Unakoti

A prime place of interest in Tripura, Unakoti is an antiquated journey focus, pulling in visitors and devotees from distant locations abroad. Unakoti is the place India's legacy stores its carvings and figures of divi...

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Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary

Directions from Kolkata to Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary

Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary in Orissa, India is a mainstream vacationer goal that pulls in numerous tourist from distant locations even abroad. At this spot, you may trail creatures or visit the zone lodging gharials...

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Directions from Kolkata to Netarhat
Hill Stations

Netarhat is a hill station in the state of Jharkhand. It is located in the Latehar district. The place is also known as Queen of Chotanagpur and is the natural habitat of th primitive tribal community Asur. The place ...

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Cooch Behar

Directions from Kolkata to Cooch Behar

Cooch Behar, also known as Koch Bihar, is a city in the state of West Bengal. It falls in the Cooch Behar district. The place has been declared as a heritage city and is the maternal home of Maharani Gayatri Devi, the...

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Directions from Kolkata to Jalpaiguri

Infrequently would one be able to discover a spot like Jalpaiguri that is so possibly wealthy in the travel industry. Fierce waterways doing combating out of the precarious crevasses, the huge stretches of woods sprea...

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Directions from Kolkata to Mamit
Hill Stations

Mamit district is one of the eight districts in the state of Mizoram in India. In 1985 Mamit district became home to Dampa Tiger Reserve which covers a land of around 500 km. If you are looking forward to having a won...

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